PET Bottle Shrink Machine

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Product Description:

Equipment profile:

Concise and beautiful appearance, novel structure, unique, easy maintenance. Electronic sensing film conveying, the stability of membrane, the quick change film.
Using constant temperature type sealing and cutting knife, the sealing strength 3 times for cold thermal cutting knife, uniform smooth seal, service life is 80 times of the cold sealing heat sealing knife
Frequency control of motor speed transport agencies, transmission synchronization precision, reliable transmission
Shrinkage chamber adopts circulation wind technology, reasonable structure, heat insulation, high temperature control precision, shrinkable packaging effect is better.
During the product forward conveying process, it can automatically group the product into package,so as to save time enhance packing efficiency.
The ideal model of middle & high-speed heat-shrinking packager is the first choice in the domestic market. Simple operation, convenient maintenance.

Technical parameters:


BS Series Full Auto Hot Shrinking Package Machine


Suitable for the high-speed packing requirements of drinks (pure water, beverage, fruit juice, and milk product). The ideal model of middle & high-speed heat-shrinking packager is the first choice in the domestic market

Combination property

Equipment Effectiveness

Can automatically control the shrinkage and the sealing and cutting temperature,can be adjusted as required

Adopts tap design, also suitable for different bottle diameter and combination of packing

Adopts constant temperature type sealing and cutting knives anointing Dupont Teflon,To ensure the quality of incision

Equipped with Siemens contactor and hayley's frequency converter

Equipped with Krones shrinkage chamber wind circulation structure

Equipped with photoelectric sensor of Autonics

Operation and maintenance

Using OMRON PLC touch screen and programmable, operation more convenient

The integration of design, support high efficiency, continuous operation

The main parts detail:


Using technology


Constant temperature type sealing and cutting knives

Teflon anti-sticking coating


PLC controller(Automatic control of the core components)



variable-frequence governor



All air cylinder/air valve(Core components mechanical action)



Close to the electronic switch



Touch screen






Regulator device



Motor protector



Shrinking machine mesh conveyor belt


DUPONT Teflon fibre

Intermediate relay



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