Peripheral Pump

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Peripheral Pump

The pump is with peripheral impellercontaining numerous radial blades in its edge. Water is threw outwards bycentrifugal motion caused by the impeller. Then the water rotates with theimpeller, generate high pressure. These pumps have a compact size and are veryeconomical.They have various appearances and motor shells to the differentoperating requirements

Pump body:Cast Iron


Motor:Closed, Externally ventilated

Insulation class:B(Class F if required)

Protection class: IP44/IP55

Duty:Continuously rated

Mechanical seal:Φ12 ceramicsteatite/graphite

Shaft:Carbon steel AISI 1045(Stainlesssteel AISI 420 if requied)

The normal power standard is220v,50HZ,single phase

Three phase 220v/380v, 50HZ, 220V/460V,60HZ

Single phase 230V, 240V, 127V,110V,115V/60HZ

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Q:Water pump cost??????????
It costs between $50.00 - $ 70.00 This is from Oreilly auto parts. You can try autozone it might be cheaper there.
Q:Pumping water Problem?
calculate the amount of water U start with by computing volume of cone: V = 1/3πr²h {r = 4', h = 10'} V = 0.333π(4)²(10) = 167.55 ft³ calculate the amount of water remaining in cone after pumping is done: V = 0.333π(2)²(5) = 20.944 ft³ calculate the volume of water pumped: 167.55 - 20.944 = 146.6 ft³ 1 ft³ of water weighs 62.4 lb, calculate weight of water removed: 146.6(62.4) = 9148 lbs The Center of Mass of the water in the cone (when h = 10') is at 1/4 of 10 ft = 2.5 ft high The Center of Mass of the water in the cone (when h = 5') is at 1/4 of 5 ft = 1.25 ft height The Center of C.of M. change = 1.25 + (2.5 - 1.25)/2 = 1.25+0.625 = 1.875 ft If we consider that the Center of Mass of the water removed was at 1.875 ft, All the water removed was then lifted an average of 10 - 1.875 = 8.125 ft Work done = W = (9148)(8.125) = 74,300 ft-lbs ANS
Q:Trouble with Cam Seals and Water Pump! Help!!?
I used to work for a dealer, they price by the book, even if they are already in there.... so if say you want to replace your alternator and your belts, they look up what labor is on the alternator, and then look up what labor on the belts is and add them together, even though youd have to pull the belts to change the alternator anyways. So basically you get charged for labor twice under this system. A different shop should be able to do this cheaper. If your water pump is out you should be overheating...... If youre doing the timing belt though, you probably want to look into those cam seals, if they leak on your timing belt they will weaken the belt and maybe make it break, which is really bad if you have an interferance engine (meaning if the pistons are up and the valves are down they will hit, usually breaking/bending the valves). The dealer should know if its an interferance engine or not, or you could do a quick internet search. If the belt has never been replaced i would definately recommend doing it though. Whatever you end up doing though, i would get a second opinion from a non dealer. At toyota they would charge more for lexus parts than toyota parts, even though it was the same part with a different part number... you may be in the same sort of boat with the audi.
Q:1991 Alfa Romeo water pump?
About $130.00 for the water pump (first link below). As for the difficulty, take a look at the second link for a good thread on replacing the water pump on the 164.
Q:best stop leak for water pump?
There is no such thing in the automotive world.
Q:What kind of water pump should I get?
Q:QDX is a submersible pump. What does "X" mean?
Q submersible pumpsD single-phase motorX downdraft
Q:Air Locked Water Pump?
Sounds to me, like the pressure needs to be drained out of your storage tank..............good luck and have a nice new year.
Q:How do you build a water pump?
A very simple and old design for a water pump is called the ball-chain or bucket-chain pump. A google search should show you what they are. Building one should be fairly straightforward and simple.
Q:Yang Chengtai big, the pump power is too small, the water pump will be bad?
No, only when the operation of the low lift point is super power (burning motor), high lift point operation, low efficiency, small amount of water, or even no water. For example, a nominal 10 meters pump, flow rate of 10 square / hour. The actual lift 15 meters, the water pump is small or no water. The actual head is 5 meters, traffic may 20 square / hour, this time may exceed current, the motor may burn.

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