Perforated Lay in Aluminium Ceiling

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1)Regulated shape
2)Beauty, elegance
3)Widen vision
4)Easy installation
5)Easy cleaning

1) Specification

Perforated Aluminium ceiling
Thickness :0.5-1.2mm
surface treatment:powder/roller coated

2) Product name: Perforated Aluminium ceiling

1. Material:Aluminum alloy,the grade of aluminum alloy can be selected according to the actual requirements

2. Surface treatment:Powder coated(ordinary powder,polyester),roller coated

3. Parameter  (Unit:mm)










4. 2 kinds of folding edges are available for every specification: Square, Bevel

5. Pore diameter:1.0,1.8mm,2.3mm,3.0mm.And it can be selected according to your requirements.

6. The main advantage of perforated ceiling board lies in sound-proof function.It can reach strong sound-adsorbing effect sticking non-woven fabrics.

7. The upper main keel and lower trigonal keed are tightly connected with cross structure,therefore,it boats of simple installation and disassembly with very even surface

8. Application:mainly used in project for big area, such as hotels,stores,office building, hospitals,railway stations,metro stations and so on.

9. Certificate:ISO9001:2008,Product Quality Certificate

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Q:Integral aluminum slabs hanging ceiling corners can be used to glue it
Tile wall directly with quick-drying transparent glass adhesive, installed after the board and then porcelain white glass filling ceramic tile and the edge of the gap just fine.
Q:How to install the warm wind Yuba aluminum plate on the ceiling
There are some differences between the requirements and methods of the mouth: 1.300 * 300 or 300 * 600 aluminum plate hanging ceiling: leave a 300 * 300 buckle plate position can not be installed. 2. Striped aluminum bar, it is best to install the buckle plate when the size of the opening of the Yuba, in the installation of the buckle when leaving a good installation hole in the hanging on the preparation of two than the ceiling of the main keel span more solid Of the wood, do install Yuba use. 3. Plastic gusset plate, basically the same as above 4. Waterproof gypsum board ceiling and sauna board ceiling, because to confirm the location of the keel, please also install the buckle when the Yuba installed hole size installed.
Q:Aluminum cords hanging ceiling, you can turn it?
Note the problem 5.1 ceiling uneven: the main keel installation when the boom leveling is not serious, resulting in the elevation of the ceiling is inconsistent; construction should be careful operation, check the hanging point of the degree of tightness, and pass the line check the height and flatness is consistent Design requirements and specification standards. 5.2 Light steel skeleton local node structure is unreasonable: ceiling light steel skeleton in the hole, lamp mouth, vents, etc., should be based on the corresponding node on the drawings configuration keel and connectors, so that the structure in line with the requirements of the drawings to ensure hanging The stiffness. 5.3 light steel skeleton hanging is not strong: the ceiling of the light steel skeleton should be hanging in the main structure, and should tighten the boom nut to control the fixed design elevation; roof within the pipeline, equipment parts shall not be hanging on the light steel skeleton. 5.4 cover panel block gap is not straight: cover panel specifications are deviated, the installation is not correct; construction attention to plate specifications, pull the line to find, when installed to ensure the formation of fixed straight. 5.5 pressure section, the pressure side is not tight not straight: the processing material specifications are inconsistent; use should be selected, the operation of the cable line after the fixed, pressure sticky. 5.6 box aluminum alloy ceiling to pay attention to the plate color, to prevent the uneven quality of the ills.
Q:How to remove aluminum ceilings
The first to use the first toilet to remove the other hand can buckle down
Q:What are the ceilings?
Gypsum board, aluminum veneer, aluminum-plastic plate, aluminum slab plate, aluminum grille, flexible ceilings, sheet,
Q:Nano-aluminum plate how much money a square meter
Look at the brand, nano is just a business gimmick only, the brand is also out of advertising. There is no national standard in emerging industries.
Q:Is my house decorated with aluminum slabs full house ceiling harmful to the human body?
As long as there is no obvious smell, aluminum buckle on the human body harm is relatively small.
Q:Integrated ceiling aluminum slab board know how much knowledge?
According to the source of the surface film can be divided into: domestic pearl lamination aluminum plate, imported pearl lamination aluminum plate, LG pearl coated aluminum slab plate (covered with aluminum slab plate in turn Future service life and performance and gradually increased)
Q:3DMAX kitchen ceiling in the aluminum plate with what map? I am a novice
Mainly aluminum texture, texture with you set
Q:How to buy aluminum buckle board can save money
Look at the thickness Many consumers exist to buy errors, that the thicker the more expensive aluminum plate. In fact, the thickness of household aluminum slab to 0.6 mm is enough. Because it is home aluminum plate will not exist too much board area of the problem, and aluminum buckle on the ceiling will not be a lot of heavy objects. Some businesses advocate its plate quality is good, the thickness of 0.8 mm, the first is the use of consumers without knowledge, seeking big and thick psychological; the second is to cover technical defects. If the use of raw materials is impure, but the quality of aluminum off the aluminum plate to do, but it is impossible to do very thin aluminum plate. The reason is that the quality of aluminum is not good, no way to even thin the board thin, so can only do thick. How to determine the thickness of aluminum plate when buying the most direct way is to see the product specifications, length, thickness and other information, for the product description has a general understanding. And then through the naked eye and feel to determine the thickness. Some products did not meet the required thickness, the manufacturers directly in the aluminum plate surface spray a layer of paint to make the thickness of the standard, consumers should be particularly carefully identified.

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