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Forklift industrial Tyre
8.25-15 28*9-15 8.25-12 7.00-12 7.00-9 6.50-10 6.00-9
5.00-8 16*6-8 18*7-8 21*8-9 23*9-10
10-16.5 12-16.5
1. China Top5 bias tyre factory
2. We manufacture a wide of bias tyres: Produce OTR, IND, TBB, AGR, IMP, full range BIAS Tyres
3.19 years' manufacturing experience.
4. Certificates: CCC ISO DOT. Make sure of perfect quality.
6. We give each customer personalized, professional, and dedicated service.
7. From order to delivery to after sales service, our devoted team of experienced sales professionals is always available to give prompt replies and service.
8. We believe in: We Qualify Your Work!

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Q:The role of the Alaska sled dogs, personality, and the like
They require a lot of interactive exercises with their owners and incorporate proper training into movement and play. Because of their nature of intelligence, for the first time in the password you want to let them know what to do, but after the first two will lose interest, they want to repeat fixed action, is a particularly challenging thing to host. The basic training of the sled dogs in Alaska should begin 6 or more months before they can see who is the real master. If you don't want an adult Alaska sled dog to go to your bed, then forbid them to do so when they're still young. After all, training a puppy is much easier than training a dog weighing more than 40 kilograms. Diet: consult your diet when you first bring your Alaska sled dog home. Some people are accustomed to casual feeding, but it is not suitable for it because it will eat the food you put in your bowl at the first time. This transition diet will bring a lot of harm to the body. Feeding puppies three times a day is enough. Most parents have doubts about how long their dogs will eat. Studies have shown that puppies fed too long may increase the risk of hip dysplasia. Some breeders begin to feed dogs and dogs in less than 18 months of their own dogs, which can cause a dog's gastrointestinal system to develop poorly.
Q:How often will the new car be inflated??
It's usually oxygen, and the advanced cars in the 4S repair shop seem to be nitrogen, which is said to be more stable and less corrosive to the tires.
Q:How much is the tire pressure 350kPa?
Usually, the tire manufacturer will mark the tire's barometric value on the tire, so many riders will determine the value when they inflate the tires. In fact, it is wrong to do so. Because each car's weight is different, if the same size of the tire use a standard pressure, which of course will not be suitable for each car. So it's wrong to inflate in accordance with the pressure on the tire.The correct method is to inflate according to the air pressure specified in the vehicle manual. In general, this standard pressure will be affixed to the tank cover or the door to open the B column in the form of stickers. That car is best to typhoon Rimula in the car on the pump LG500, portable, good performance, air pressure lighting can easily fix the daily traffic once the abnormal tire pressure, tire and so do not worry
Q:Ask a movie about sled dogs
Blocked their way forward, not to say, a few people's lives are also seriously threatened. But, in view of the increasingly fierce snow storm, the players can only be forced to abandon their companions along the way to help them - sled dogs, let them flee for their lives. The abandoned sled dog desperately to escape the rope to escape from the avalanche, in order to survive, they struggled to depend on each other, together to resist the cold snow at the same time, but also to fill the stomach to fight with the bulky seals. At this point, the eight sled dogs, like the good brothers of life and death, support each other. The expedition's three men returned safely to base, but the sled dogs struggled with the ice and snow. Finally, but arrived in conscience, three people decided at the same time, no matter how braved the danger, to save their loyal partners out beneath the bitter snows......
Q:Is the gas of the car good enough or just plain enough?
The tire pressure is too high, not only undermine the ride comfort, but also because the footprint of tire is reduced, the unit area of the ground pressure, the crown central wear; cord in the carcass by excessive stress, when the car drove past the obstacles, because can not bear the load is very easy to break. The most frightening thing is the decline in driving stability, deterioration of driving conditions, increased driver fatigue, resulting in mental stress, and braking is one of the reasons for the lack of braking power.
Q:Car tire inflation question: what's the difference between regular air and nitrogen filling?
1. to improve the stability of the tyre and comfort is almost double of inert gas nitrogen atoms, chemical nature of inert gas molecules than oxygen molecules, not easy to deformation of thermal expansion and contraction, small amplitude, the penetration of tire wall speed more slowly than air about 30 ~ 40%, to maintain the stable tire pressure, improve stability the tyre, ensure driving comfort; nitrogen low conductivity is equivalent to ordinary audio, air 1/5, the use of nitrogen can effectively reduce tire noise, improve the degree of quiet running.
Q:Is the Alaska sled afraid of heat?How many degrees is not enough?
Alaska sled dogs have been living in the frigid zone of the northern hemisphere for generations and are naturally full of thick, thick, long hair that protects against the cold. Therefore, the innate fear of cold. But fear the heat. In the environment of high temperature and humidity, Alaska dogs can easily get heatstroke when their body heat is difficult to emit. Therefore, should avoid activities in the sun, the kennel should be located in the shade, hot weather should often for dogs to cold bath.
Q:How can I fill a new tire without inflating it?
Hello, tell you a good way, in the rim of the tire, a ring of hydrogen, with a lighter point, it all up, and then inflatable, you can, but pay attention to safety
Q:What do Alaska sled dogs eat?
Feeding times vary according to individual differences in weaning puppies, and feeding 4~6 times daily is the most appropriate. Weaning foods should be small and easy to digest. Rest assured to feed the dog with milk powder: if you feed it too much milk, it may cause indigestion, diarrhea, indigestion of the puppy should be appropriate amount of small feeding. And the dog with the same composition as dog milk can be fed a lot to the dog with milk powder.In addition, when you buy a puppy from a pet shop, you'd better ask the professional about the feeding times and the type of food available for the puppy.A little increase in the amount of weaning food, and puppies can be weaned at about 50 days of birth.
Q:The trouble of an inflated tire without a pneumatic tire
There is a tremendous progress in the development of pneumatic tire on the tire in history, to bring comfort at the same time, also brought inflation, tire, tire and other new troubles.Pneumatic tire is closed with rubber pressure air, the air is compressed, air molecules produce repulsive force generated elastic characteristics of inflatable cushion performance and low rolling resistance tires superior so far no other tire can go beyond. Air molecules are very small and run out of cracks in rubber molecules, so pneumatic tires often need air. Pneumatic tire is easy to nail, glass and other sharp objects punctured, sometimes need to tire, tire is very troublesome. If it is a lightweight bicycle tires, push the tire easily, if the electric bicycle, motorcycle tires heavy flat push tyre, it pushed up, walk 1 kilometers, I am afraid to be tired out. If the car tires were then can't do anything.

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