PE-RT/PP/PPR/PE/PB Plastic Pipe Production Line

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PE-RT/PP/PPR/PE/PB Plastic Pipe Production Line

PE-RT/PP/PPR/PE plastic pipe production line

PE-RT pipe is widely used for water supply and floor heat pipe; Its personality of heat-resistant is the best among PPR,PEX-AL-PEX pipe. Its widely used all over the world now;

This plastic pipe making machine can produce PP-R,PE,PP also;The design adopt the world advanced technology with the actual application was developed. Its whole structure is novel,easy operation,high degree of automation,the continuous production is stable and reliable,high production. Mainly used as water service and floor heating supply.

The common used diameter is 20mm; Also have special requirement 25mm,32mm;

Constitute of production line:

1. extruder:


2. vacuum autoloader

1 set

3. hopper plastic dryer

1 set

4. color band extruder

1 set

5. Mould


6. Vacuum calibration unit

1 set

7,Cooling Tank

1 set

8. Hauling-off machine

1 set

9. winding machine or stacker

1 set

10. Electric controlling parts

1 set

11.Spare parts

Specification of PPR/PP/PE pipe:




Pipe specification(mm)



Main Extruder Type



Assistant Extruder Type






Line Speed(m\min)



Installed Power(kw)



Overall dim(m)



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Q:The problem of plastic gear processing 20
This problem, we have the right to speak, first of all, the plastic material relative to steel are quite soft, so the heating problem, processing on hobbing machine, the heat can be ignored, and, in the gear processing machine will have cooling facilities, to cool the workpiece. So this question, Louzhu worry too much.Also, plastic gears, casting molding, but also useful blank after cutting and forming, and this steel and gear is no big process difference......
Q:I want to open a small factory dealing with plastic bags.
The first said equipment 1 blowing machine 2 printing machine 3 bag making machine 4 mill material if want to make your own words also need about 27000 granulating machine, film blowing machine, printing machine if printing a color around 10 thousand, if 2 more than 20000 more than 20000 color printing, bag making machine semi-automatic, fully automatic ranging from 4-5 million, 3500 mill more than 20000, granulator, raw materials are polyethylene, if the price of raw materials is a new material price 11000 tons, if it is recycled about 7000 of us production of complete sets of equipment
Q:What are the methods of forming plastic products introduced in this course?
4 、 injection moldingInjection molding is often used in thermoplastics. It is similar to extrusion molding. The difference is that the molten plastic enters the closed mold through the nozzle and solidifies in the mold to produce the product. Multi production small package boxes, daily necessities, special-shaped parts, etc., it can also be used for lively plastic processing5, blow moldingBlow molding is often used in thermoplastics. This is the molten plastic in the mold, under the compressed air pressure, the plastic blow up, close to the mold surface. It is produced by punching and demoulding. It also produces many kinds of hollow packing containers, and also produces films, sheets and so on
Q:Plastic PS with ABS and other mixed processing?
OPP: oriented polypropylene (film)PP: PolypropyleneIt's a semi crystalline thermoplastic. With high impact resistance, strong mechanical properties, resistance to a variety of organic solvents and acid base corrosion. It is widely used in industry and is one of the common polymer materials. Australian coins are also made from polypropylene
Q:What kind of equipment does the plastic bottle crush processing plant need?
The initial processing of plastic bottles requires crushing machines or crushing washing machines, sheet cleaning machines, and drying machines.Plastic mill refers to the crushing of various kinds of plastic and rubber, such as plastics, profiles, tubes, rods, threads, films, waste rubber products. The pellets can be directly extruded for production.
Q:Hello, small plastic processing plants need what equipment, how much the price, how to process, the size of the site, thank you
You are the granulation, injection molding, blow molding or, or rotational, or plastic, plastic processing type not too much ah, clear color
Q:How to open a plastic bag factory 10
The width, thickness and color of the machine can be adjustedThe majority of raw materials is the nearest purchase, can from us into the Hebei Ningjin canal Xingtai plastic industrial zone, we will teach you the technology. We have a lot of bags around here, so you can come over and have a look.If you have time, come and visit our factoryHebei Ningjin Fuda machinery
Q:How much does it cost to process disposable plastic bags?
Ruian pine machinery factory production of such machinery is probably 19 to 220 thousand of the way, Taiwan produced more expensive, most of the price is more than 300 thousand bar,
Q:Environmental impact of foam plastics reprocessing
When people are exposed to vinyl chloride, there will be a wrist, finger edema, skin sclerosis and other symptoms may also occur splenomegaly and liver injury disease. In our country, the ultra-thin plastic bags we use almost all come from the reuse of waste plastics. They are produced by small businesses or family workshops. The raw materials used in these factories are waste plastic barrels, pots, disposable syringes, etc.. Production, first used machinery to crush the raw material of plastic particles, plastic particles and then placed in a pool cleaning (called disinfection), check out the sun, and then the mechanical pressure it film, made of a variety of plastic bags. Every meal, many people use plastic bags of food, they do not know this behavior, not only harmful to the environment, but also harm their own bodies.Make the soil environment worse, and seriously affect the growth of crops. The degradation time of plastic products used in China usually takes at least 200 years. Waste plastic, plastic bags in the field long residue in Tanaka, will affect the absorption of water and nutrient of crops, inhibit the growth and development of crops, resulting in crop production. If the animal eats plastic film, it can cause the digestive tract disease and even death of the livestock.
Q:The difference between plastic parts design and mechanical design. Five
The difference between plastic parts design and mechanical design:1: Material: mechanical design is mainly involved in metal materials, plastic is non-metallic, the performance is very different.2, standard: plastic parts with a metal parts of different implementation standards, accuracy is relatively poor, with the relative precision, tolerance range selection is different, marking basically the same, slightly characteristic.3: Connection: plastic parts connection and metal parts connection, compared with its characteristics, generally used: card, buckle connection, insert connection, thread connection, deformation, connection, etc..4 and other: the most important parameters in the design of plastic parts are shrinkage calculation and deformation control, as well as the determination of taper and slope parameters for injection molding.

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