PE-RT/PP/PPR/PE/PB Plastic Pipe Production Line

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PE-RT/PP/PPR/PE/PB Plastic Pipe Production Line

PE-RT/PP/PPR/PE plastic pipe production line

PE-RT pipe is widely used for water supply and floor heat pipe; Its personality of heat-resistant is the best among PPR,PEX-AL-PEX pipe. Its widely used all over the world now;

This plastic pipe making machine can produce PP-R,PE,PP also;The design adopt the world advanced technology with the actual application was developed. Its whole structure is novel,easy operation,high degree of automation,the continuous production is stable and reliable,high production. Mainly used as water service and floor heating supply.

The common used diameter is 20mm; Also have special requirement 25mm,32mm;

Constitute of production line:

1. extruder:


2. vacuum autoloader

1 set

3. hopper plastic dryer

1 set

4. color band extruder

1 set

5. Mould


6. Vacuum calibration unit

1 set

7,Cooling Tank

1 set

8. Hauling-off machine

1 set

9. winding machine or stacker

1 set

10. Electric controlling parts

1 set

11.Spare parts

Specification of PPR/PP/PE pipe:




Pipe specification(mm)



Main Extruder Type



Assistant Extruder Type






Line Speed(m\min)



Installed Power(kw)



Overall dim(m)



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Q:What plastic has good machinability? Just get on the lathe.
Use a nylon bar on the lathe. Hardness, pressure resistance, abrasion resistance, and higher tensile strength. English name Monomer, casting, nylon, Chinese name monomer casting nylon, with bar material, sheet material. Cheap one kilogram, ten yuan probably. Search the plastic net for yourself.
Q:What kind of machinery does a plastic product factory need?
Processing from waste to products: plastic cleaning machine, plastic crusher and granulator, these three machines processed waste plastics into plastic particles.Then the plastic particles processed into plastic products: mixing machine, film blowing machine, and then add to bag printing film printing machine, the printed plastic bags made in different types of bag making machine, bag making machine, plastic bags of different cold cutbag machine with flat pocket and vest bag, bag making machine only do vest bag. Then, if the garbage bag is a garbage bag with a roll, you must use a winding bag machine, not even roll, one by one according to the maximum width of the bag size cold cutting bag machine.Note: film blowing machine, bag machine, press machine according to the maximum width of your bag to match. The general standard size is: 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm and other models. The bigger the size, the higher the price
Q:Where do engineering plastics processing best?
Organic glass rods and plates, PTFE rod material, nylon rod, PVC sheet and other mechanical processing performance is good.
Q:Where are home plastic products, plastic products for daily use, plastic products processing, plastic products, mold
You are looking for people to give you the processing mold, is it, then you go to the hook online to find ah, above doing this factory a lot
Q:I just built a small plastic bucket processing plant equipment
Hello, where are you? We can talk about it. I do domestic trade,
Q:What kind of equipment does the plastic product factory need?
Like universal printer, you can achieve this effect. In some plastic shell, plastic, plastic stationery and other top brands.
Q:PPO plastic mold commonly used steel processing?
Application range6 polyphenylene ether is high strength engineering plastics development 60s of this century, it has high mechanical strength and creep resistance; excellent electrical properties, high temperature to 120 DEG C, and in a wide temperature range, stable size, mechanical properties and electrical properties change little; absorption of water vapor is very small. Cooking. Widely used in electronic, electrical components, medical equipment, cameras and office equipment, and so onCommon problem7 injection molding process characteristics and process parameters of modified polyphenylene oxidePolyphenylene oxide (also known as: polyphenylene oxide) [PPO] has good chemical stability, low creep, aging resistance, and it is not easy to burn. Because of its good water resistance, polyphenylene oxide is widely used as an engineering plastic.The major disadvantages of polyphenylene oxide are: poor flowability of melt, difficulty in forming process, tendency of cross linking, expensive price, easy stress cracking and unstable impact strength.
Q:What milling cutters are used for processing plastics?
Because the plastic properties and different thermal conductivity of metal and wood, plastics, thermal expansion coefficient, low elastic modulus, when the fixture or tool pressure is too large, easy to cause deformation, cutting heat melting, and easy adhesion on the cutter.
Q:How can we deal with the pollution of waste plastic particles?
According to the Huacheng machinery senior experts, the current problems like water plastic particles in the machining process can be improved through the method of building see sedimentation tank, water can be reused. The odor problem Huacheng machinery experts tell us, within the industry there is a technique to dispose of smoke and smell. This is a great progress of waste plastics recycling industry.To solve the difficult problem of plastic pollution in the process of granulation, you can be more assured of practitioners engaged in processing. Through investigations now waste plastic particles of the market space is still very great development prospect is good.
Q:I would like to ask you how to produce plastic products, the need for mold, but also the need for large machinery, thank you all
Depending on what you do, different products have different requirements. Plastic products are injection molding, extrusion, injection blowing, extrusion and blowing equipment.

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