PE Plastic Floor Protection Film Laminating Film

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Product Description:

PE Protective Film : 

High Clarity, Wearable on surface, durabiility, good bonding.  We are involved in providing clients with PET Thermal Laminating Film that has gained much popularity in the market. We offer the thermal PET films at competivive prices.


1 healthy lamination process
It is non-hazardous to health and safe to be used for being without toxic gases nor volatile content.
It is also safe during laminating process due to no solvent-based adhesive used.

Specification details:


PE protection film

Adhesive Type

Water base acrylic adhesive

Backing Material

Polypropylene Film (Opp film /Bopp film)




Clear, brown, white, red, blue, green, yellow, black, orange, etc.


4000m, 6000m



Core size

10" paper core

Printing service

Up to 4 colors

Adhesion to steel


Initial tack




Tensile strength

>120 Mpa


Each pc/package



Application condition

Normal temperature


1,high quality stretch

2,recyclable, environmental and safe

3,provide excellent protection for your product surface

4,there is low, medium, high or super high adhesive for your choosing

5,hot- temperature. Endurable and anti-AG-Ing




1.Stretch film is frequently used to wrap, stabilise and secure palletised goods, and it is ideal for bundling and

 unitizing a number of samll, individual, irregular shaped items into larger loads.

2.transparent films provide perfect clarity for scanning labels

3.Black films conceal shippments to defer theft and protect products from fading due to explosure to the sun


Q1. What is your MOQ?
Normally our MOQ for each size is 500KG

Q2. Can you offer free sample?
Yes, A4 sample for free.

Q3. What is your delivery time?
We deliver in 10-20days after receive the deposit.

Q4. Can you accept mixed products in one container?
Yes, we accept for sure.

PE Plastic Floor Protection Film Laminating Film

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Q:Are floor mats made of ordinary plastic sheeting?
Wood flooring, acceptance and use of standard requirements, in the mat below paving a layer of plastic film, seam overlapping 20mm, and tape seal, in the geothermal conditions, even if the tape is moisture degumming, it is difficult to influence the floor, can more effectively prevent the harm of moisture on the floor. Therefore, it is necessary to lay a plastic film in the geothermal environment.In addition, there is also the original pad overlap in 20mm joints, and tape sealing, although also can achieve similar waterproof effect, but the cushion thickness of 2mm or so, the overlap will have high low, easy to produce noise floor installation. The plastic film thickness is only about 0.1mm, although the overlap will not produce high or low, there is no impact on the pavement effect.
Q:Is it beneficial or harmful to wrap trees in plastic film?
Baling twine cloth tied membrane in some landscape is very beautiful environment, due to tie the film wrapped grass will affect the landscape effect, can tie the film wrapped grass after winding one layer of thick white stripes in the tree trunk and outside. This can be coordinated with the environment, to prevent summer film temperature is too high, but also conducive to trunk moisturizing survival.
Q:Rigid plastic film problems
Many PE film data, there are many PE film and printing bag friends, many of them are in the forefront of the operator, responsible for technology. Liquid has many PE particles, including low density, metallocene, linear and so on
Q:What's the difference between PE plastic film and PVC plastic film?
PE is polyethylene, that is, plastic wrap, that is, PE sprinkle. PVC is PVC, that's about plastic pipes. Which ones need to be used?.
Q:Why do you put plastic film on the paved road?
Cover with plastic film to prevent moisture from evaporating. If the moisture is too fast, evaporation will affect the curing of concrete, it will cause cracking, peeling and other phenomena, affecting the strength of concrete.
Q:Why should plastic film be compounded? What are the composite soft packing substrates?
Composite plastic soft packing commonly used are: transparent, color, black and white or color printing plastic composite film packaging, aluminum plastic composite film packaging, metal foil composite plastic film packaging, paper plastic film packaging.1) PE film, polyethylene, flexible packaging, more than 70% of the material is to use PE.2) BOPP film is biaxially oriented polypropylene, which is used in soft packaging3) PET films are polyester films used for printing and compounding4) CPP film, cast polypropylene film with heat sealing property5) PA film, that is, nylon film, barrier high6) PVDC film, barrier high, commonly used in sausage casings membrane7) PEN films are superior to PET in performance, but in view of price problems, there is no large-scale application.8) EVOH coextrusion film, through the EVOH and PE and PP and other coextrusion formed high barrier film9) aluminized film, high resistance film on the surface of PET, BOPP and CPP film.
Q:What PE plastic film?
PE film.There are many kinds, such as HDPE.MDPE.LDPE.LLDPE. Etc..Generally speaking, LDPE and LLDPE are used more in printing. Low density polyethylene
Q:What are the differences between geotextiles and geomembrane?
The main mechanism is a plastic film impermeable partition dam Water Leakage channel, with its large tensile strength under pressureadapt to dam deformation; and the non-woven fabric is also a kind of polymer material chemical short fiber, through acupuncture or thermal forming, with tensile strength and elongation is higher, it is combined with after the plastic film, not only increases the tensile strength and puncture resistance of plastic film, non-woven fabric and because rough surface, increases the friction coefficient of the contact surface, in favor of composite geomembrane and protection layer stability. At the same time, they have good resistance to bacteria and chemical action. They are not afraid of acid, alkali and salt corrosion.
Q:What is the working principle of the manual plastic bag sealing machine?
Principle and structure of plastic bag sealing machine:1. The machine is composed of frame, speed reducer, transmission mechanism, heating and cooling mechanism, sealing printing mechanism, conveying device and electrical and electronic control system.2, the power supply, the agencies began to work. Electric heating element is energized after heating, the heating block and rapid heating control system to adjust to the desired temperature; pressure wheel rotation; according to the needs of the cooling system on cooling; conveyor belt transfer, and by the speed control device can be adjusted to a desired speed.3, when equipped with the packaging of goods placed on the conveyor belt, sealing parts are automatically sent to the two bags in the operation of sealing tape and into the heating zone, heat sealing block through the belt transmission to the sealing part of the bag, the thin film heating molten soft, then through the cooling zone, the film surface temperature properly decreased then after a knurled wheel (or wheel rolling), so the sealing part on the plastic film sticking and pressing a reticulated pattern (or printed logo), and then by the guide rubber belt and conveyor belt will be sent packing bag sealed, complete sealing operation.
Q:Plastic film ink adhesion is not good, how should I do?
The coating cost is higher, suggestions from the formula solve performance solid ink film of the material itself, the domestic high-end brand Amy micro nano powder has developed an increased surface tension membrane material ST300 smooth powder, adding a certain amount of plastic film can not only reduce the cost and improve formula, multiple performance solid ink thin film materials, to help solve the problem of the plastics industry, such as opening, high temperature resistance, weatherability, transparency, abrasion resistance, which belongs to the national scientific research and new materials, plastics enterprises add suggestions.

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