PE Plastic Film Blowing Machine Blown Film Machine

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Blown Film Machine,Film Blowing Machine,Pe Film Blowing Machine,Plastic Film Machine,blowing machine

produce plastic film with bag making machine can produce T-shirt bag, shopping bag, plastic bag. With CE


It is used for blowing the various plastic film of low density polyethylene (LDPE), high density polyethylene (HDPE) and linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) etc, which is widely used for packing liquid industrial products garment and textile, etc. And printing lamination.


  1. main motor and take-up motor are controlled by inverter

  2. by pneumatic cylinder system to adjust the gap of take-up roller and embossing roller

  3. equipped with A-FORM wooden board to make the gusset

  4. material of screw and barrel: 38CrMoAlA Polished with Niterided Treatment
    hardness of heat treatment: screw HV≥740, barrel HV≥900
    depth of hardening:0.6-0.7mm
    brittleness grade: ≤2 grade

  5. Gear box: Surface heat quenching and tempering/auto. Oil lubricated

  6. Die material: steel 45#/surface treatment of flow channel: hard chrome- plating  

  7. Digital display temperature controller

Machine with following devices:
Motor produced in Shanghai
Inverter brand: China brand
Screw and barrel material: use good material, which has strong hardness
Rotary die head Double rewinder
Film gusset device
Lifting take-up unit
Meter counter
Embossing roller on take up
Banana roller
Main motor and take-up unit motor are controlled by inverter

suitable materialHDPE, LDPE, LLDPE
Max. film width800mm,
film thickness  (LDPE)0.02-0.15mm
Max. extrusion output40-60kg/hr
screw diameterΦ 50mm
screw l/d length30: 1
screw materialSACM-645/38 CRMOALA
cylinder materialSACM-645/38 CRMOALA      
cylinder cooling250w*2
Main motor18.5kw
gear box model146
temperature control for6 zones
die size(ldpe) with rotary die head60mm, 100mm  for HDPE
200mm For LDPE
air ring1 set
air blower3kw
pinch roller900mm
height adjust type500mm
take up speed10-80 m/min
take up motor1.1kw
typedouble rewinder
winding motor5 n.m X3pcs
winding speed10-80 m/min
cover dimension (LXWXH)5.0*2.2*4.3M

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