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Product Description:

Specifications of Geomembrane

 1) Thickness : 0.15mm - 4.0mm.

 2) Width : Within 8 m (1m-8m).

 3) Length : 50m-100m/roll (as request).

 4) Material : HDPE,( LDPE, LLDPE, PVC, EVA ).

 5) Color : Black , white , red , blue , or as required.

 6) Optional surface : Textued(one or two side) or smooth surface.

 7) The biggest geomembrane liner manufacturer/factory in China for many years .


Geomembrane specifications  


 1) Thickness : 0.15mm - 4.0mm.

 2) Width : Within 8 m (1m-8m).

 3) Length : 50m-100m/roll (as request).

 4) Material : HDPE,( LDPE, LLDPE, PVC, EVA ).

 5) Color : Black , white , red , blue , or as required.

 6) Optional surface : Textued(one or two side) or smooth surface.

 7) The biggest geomembrane liner manufacturer/factory in China for many years .


HDPE geomenbrane Features  


Good mechanical properties, high tear strength, deformation and adaptable, puncture resistance, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet-resistant, Anti oil and salt, pH, anti-corrosion, high temperature-resistant, non-toxic, long service life. water, drainage, seepage, the good effect of moisture, width, thickness of the full range of specifications and low cost, simple construction. 


HDPE Geomembrane Applications  


1) Environmental protection, sanitation (such as solid waste landfills, sewage treatment plants, power plants Chi-conditioning, industrial, hospital solid waste, etc.) .

2) Water (such as rivers, lakes and reservoirs of the anti-dam, plugging, reinforcement of the canal seepage, the vertical wall of the heart, slope protection, etc.).

3) Municipal Engineering (subway, on the ground floor of the building, planted roof, the roof garden of anti-seepage, sewage pipes lining, etc.). 

4) Landscape (man-made lake, river, reservoir, golf courses reservoirs of the substrate, slope protection, green lawn of the waterproof moisture, etc.). 

5) Petrochemical (chemical plants, oil refineries, gas storage tanks of the anti-chemical reaction tanks, sedimentation tanks of the lining, etc.). 

6) Mining (washing and pool heap leaching, the ash-field, dissolved, precipitation, the yard, the tailings seepage substrates, etc.) .


HDPE geomembrane technical index  




              Test Value


1.0 mm

1.25 mm

1.5 mm

2.0 mm

2.5 mm



Minimum Density(g/cm³)




Tensile Property

Strength at yield,N/mm








Strength at break ,N/mm








Elongation at yield,%


Elongation at break,%



Tear Resistance   N









Puncture Resistance  N









Stress Crack Resistance, hrs



Carbon Black Content, %


Carbon Black Dispersion

1  or  2


Standard OTI  Min


High Pressure OTI  Min



Impact Cold Crack at -70°C 



Water vapor permeability

 (gNaN/cm2 .s.Pa)



Dimensional Stability (%) 


Gemembrane Show:








- Q1: Can you provide a sample for us?   

  A:Yes,We can send free samples,but customer need to pay the freight.

 HDPE Geomembrane Price

- Q2: What is your minimum order quantity?

   A:The minimum order quantity is 5000 ,but it is negotiable.

 HDPE Geomembrane Price

- Q3:What is your payment terms?

  A: T/T,Western Union,Paypal,L/C...

 HDPE Geomembrane Price

- Q4:What is your delivery time?

   A:Production time usually costs 2-20 days.  

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Q:What are the characteristics of the three layers of protective film of PET film?
The characteristics are as follows: 1. The product has high light transmittance, and is environmental-friendly, non-toxic and has no smell; 2. The surface of the product has no electrostatic material migration; 3 Excelent anti-static effect and the properities are durable and stable.
Q:What is the cost of membrane structure?
membrane structure shed modeling complex determines the cost, generally around 800 yuan, shed membrane structure characteristics: Shed material is using the imported building materials structure. The shed framwork, surface processing is using imported marine primer, olefine acid polyurethane finishing coat. 1 durable: Due to the high strength of the film material, coupled with a pull technology application, it is incomparable to the shed membrane structure resisting the wind and rain with other common awning. Some shed is using the permanent film material, and it can be used for thirty or forty years. Especially in severe stormy weather, membrane structure is motionless, without any injures. 2 art: In addition to general canopy having the incompared function of practicality, durability and preventing rain and wind outside, the awning membrane structure is a sculpture, a piece of artwork, giving people the beauty of the visual enjoyment. The soft, curve, a combination of softness and hardness, its rich style, the spotless, brighten the eye of people, long aftertaste. 3.the economy Studies have shown that vehicles park for a long term in open-air, and the performance loss is fast as twice as the cars parking in the shed. The use of membrane structure canopy is more truly cares for your car, and it can slow down the aging rate of your car. From an economic perspective, the small investment is greatly extend the life of your car. 4. transmittance: Good transmittance (light transmittance is 20%). In the sunlight it does not produce yellowing, fogging,and poor light transmission. 5. Weather fastness: Surface layer has co-extruded UV protection, prevent the resin fatigue yellowing caused by solar ultraviolet. Surface co-extruded layer has a chemical absorption
Q:The difference between diamond films and diamond-like films where?
Very simple, low pressure or atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method synthetic diamond film. But the structure of the DLC film in nature has two crystalline elemental forms: Tetrahedron sp3C-C bonded diamond crystals and Triangle or lamellar sp2C-C bonded graphite crystals. Presence or absence of other forms of amorphous carbon, white carbon (composed spl key) and the like. The reason why many carbon can form crystalline or amorphous carbon, they mainly exsit in the form of three chemical bonds. Sp l, sp2 and sp3. Diamond-like carbon material is carbon. October 2007 an amorphous metastable state structure whose chemical bond is mainly sp2 and sp3. Since the diamond-like carbon material properties is similar to diamond material.soit is called diamond-like carbon. it is generally believed that Sp3 bonds has the higher content. the film is more hard and compact, the higher the resistivity, closer to properties of diamond. the division is based on whether the film contains hydrogen. hydrogenated amorphous carbon films (a-C: H film, typically comprising 50% of hydrogen), hydrogen-free amorphous carbon (a-C film), tetrahedral non-hydrogen carbon (ta-C film). generally the former diamond film is produced by a chemical vapor deposition (CVD). the latter two is produced by physical vapor deposition (PVD).
Q:Is non-woven composite geomembrane same to geomembrane?
the mixed application of geotextile and geomembrane reaches the engineering requirements. Firstly, introduce geotextile: Geotextile is a kind of new construction materials in civil engineering, silk or short fiber are paved in nets through equippments and technology, then the needle puncture technology will make fabrics interwoven together, making the fabric standardization, making the fabric soft, full, thick, hard and satisfy the thickness requirements, short fiber geotextile or short fiber geotextile's tear-resistance strength is higher than short fiber. fiber is soft and has certain tear-resistance ability. main function: Filtration, drainage, reinforcement function specification 100 grams per square meter, 800 grams per square meter, it's main material polyester fiber has excellent water permeability, filtration, durability and ability to adapt to deformation, and surface drainage capacity. geomembrane plastic film as seepage-proof base material, the seepage-proof performance of non-woven composite soil engineering impermeable material, two cloths and membranes mainly depends on the seepage-proof performance of plastic film. geomembrane is a kind of flexible material polymeride basic material, high waterproof material proportion, good extensibility,high adaptability to the deformation, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, frost resistance.
Q:Which kind of the mobile phone screen protector cleaning solution is better?
Washing the screen protector does not require any special cleanout fluid. . . You need not spend the money to stick the film, the wet tissue in general supermarket can fully meet your needs, and it contains a small amount of alcohol which can clean out the greasy dirt and dust on your mobile phone film. Or you can use the anti-static cloth to wipe, and then use the scotch tape to clean out. At last, you can stick the film. Basically, you can use the clear liquid detergent, but not too much.
Q:What is the diatomite craft?
The purpose of diatomite beneficiation is to remove the impurities including mud, debris, iron and aluminum to realize enrichment of diatom. General method is gravity milling, divided into dry and wet types. Dry separation is to remove gangue with air separator or remove organics, volatile matter and water with rotating dryer, mainly used for high grade ore. While wet separation is to remove larger density gangue impurities with hydrocyclone, mainly used for low grade ore;
Q:How to use the circulating water wet film humidifier?
.Wet film humidifier is mainly composed of wet film. The core components of the humidification system is Celdek, a evaporated medium. Its material is made by mixing special chemical raw materials and plant fiber or glass fiber and of good moisture absorption and wet stiffness. The principle of humidification by wet film: When the water in the tank is transported to the top of the humidifier, the water is sprayed evenly on the top of the wet film. The water will penetrate the wet film material and flow down, wetting the all the layers inside the wet film and absorbed by the wet film material. In this way, a evem water film is formed. When the dry winds go through wet film material, dry air will largely contact with the moist wet film so as to creat greate water evaporation. A large number of water molecules are carried into the space that needs humidification by wind, increasing humidity and thereby achieving the purpose of humidification. Currently there are four kinds of materials for wet film humidifier, namely, the organic wet film, inorganic glass fiber wet film, metal aluminium alloy wet film and metal stainless steel wet film.
Q:Is electrothermal film heater waterproof?
The electrothermal film is waterproof, the working performance is normal with no leakage after being soaked in water for 48 hours. So it can be used in wet environment, but insulation waterproof treatment on connecting and clipping parts should be well prepared. I am now using silicon crystal electrothermal film of Gree. But I think that it is better avoid contacting with water, because there are wires under the silicon crystal plates. It will be short out when contacting with water, it's dangerous.
Q:Will it warm up in summer if I use geomembrane to breed ricefield eels? How many pounds per square can geomembrane breed ricefield eel?
It will affect more or less.
Q:What is the geomembrane

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