PC Series Hammer Crusher Hot Sales for Mining Industry

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PC Series Hammer Crusher Hot Sales for Mining Industry

General Information

Hammer crusher is a crushing machine to crush medium hardness and brittle rocks and ores to smaller pieces by repeated blows of high speed rotating hammers.

Materials for used hammer crusher 

Hammer crusher is suitable for grinding many kinds of medium hardness and brittle materials, such as limestone,coke, coal, calcite, marble, kaoline, gesso, barite etc.



Max  Material-in Size

Material-out Size 


Motor   Power

Machine  Weight


























Features and benefits of used hammer crusher 

1.The discharging particle size is adjustable, for a certain grain size, you can get the qualified particle size just by one time crushing. 
2.Carbon structural steel frame, high manganese steel bearing chock, superior alloy steel shaft.

3.Lining plates and impact plates are made of casting high manganese steel with hardening treatment.

4.Hammer rack and hammer bore are made of carburizing high manganese steel with heat treatment.

5.Hammer heads adopt new multielement composite casting high chromium manganese steel. 

Working principle of roll crusher:

When the hammer crusher is working, the hammers rotate at a high speed, the materials fed into the crushing cavity are impacted to smaller parts by hammers and impact boards, the qualified particles are expelled through screens at the bottom of the crusher of a selected size, the unqualified parts will be crushed again till to the qualified size.

Structure of roll crusher:

PC Series Hammer Crusher Hot Sales for Mining Industry

Other types of Crusher:

Stone Crusher:

PC Series Hammer Crusher Hot Sales for Mining Industry

PE Series Jaw Crusher:

PC Series Hammer Crusher Hot Sales for Mining Industry

Roller Crusher:

PC Series Hammer Crusher Hot Sales for Mining Industry



1. Delivery time

   We guarantee that your crusher will be ready within 45 days after receipt of your down payment.

2. Warranty 

    We provide one year warranty for every crusher.

3. what kinds of service can be provided to customers

    Many thanks for your trust , we can provide you with proposal chart for complete production lines ,
   spot inspection and operator traning according to your demands and the conditions of applied spot , we can help you 
   choose the right equipments ,drilling rig ,loader ,trucks ,excavators and so on .

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Q:What is called counterattack broken stone?
Counter breaking stone refers to the use of counterattack crusher for stone crushing process. Counter breakers are commonly used in counter breakers, counter strike sand mills and so on. These devices can be used in many stone production lines to perform ore crushing. Oh, I hope it works for you!
Q:Which crusher is better for granite crushing?
If broken, choose the jaw crusher, two broken words, see the finished product requirements
Q:Crusher equipment installation skills
The specific installation steps of the crusher can be divided into the following steps: firstly before installing the crusher, should first be machine pit from the crusher discharge port to pit equipment installed. Then install the discharge chute under the crusher base. If it is required to check the foundation concrete foundation, the depth of the hole clearance hole of debris, placed according to the position of anchor bolts, and placed two on the basis of wedge in each hole. If the height of the wedge iron is not enough, the flat iron can be added under the wedge pad iron. The installation should pay attention to sign assembly factory. The installation should be clean all the parts with the combination or dust on the surface of the coating and protection, and eliminate the defects in the process of transportation. The installation of all parts of the surface must be coated with lubricating oil, the fixed surface with dry oil, coated with thin oil activities. Such as machine to clean oil bearing net applications place long time after clean, and according to the specification requirements to fill grease. At the time of installation, should pay attention to the protection of the friction surface, use clean oil and cotton swab surface do not, in easily dirty and scratch with protective plate or clean canvas cover. Therefore the installation should be strictly according to the assembly technical requirements for assembly. Each axis on both sides of the bearing, the level deviation shall not exceed 0.1mm/m. At the time of installation, you can install in accordance with the above steps, even if no previous contact with the crusher installation work, there are tips from the above, the installation of the crusher is no longer a problem.
Q:How to choose the proper cone crusher
According to the manufacturer's qualification; if a company to produce high quality cone crusher machine, it must have professional qualifications, advanced production technology and equipment, professional technical personnel and has a certain scale of production.
Q:How does the impact crusher maintain? How long does it take to maintain it?
Before starting the sand machine, it is necessary to check the whirling chamber of the equipment, whether the door is closed or not, and prevent the material from rushing out of the vortex chamber to observe the danger. In the boot device, should pay attention to open order equipment sand production line, should first open the discharging device, then the sand making machine, finally open feeder, and sand making machine must start load until the sand making machine normal operation after the opening in the feeder, however the equipment shutdown sequence and the sequence is completely the opposite. In order to reduce wear sand making equipment, strict demands on the feed particles, prohibition is greater than a specified material into the sand making machine, otherwise, will cause the impeller imbalance and excessive wear, and even affect the normal operation of the sand making machine, when discharging equipment to stop operation, and should stop feeding. Otherwise, will damage the impeller and the motor burned.
Q:What is the working principle of the pop top crusher? What are the specifications and models?
Cans of crusher many models, are generally distinguished according to the amount of processing, it can get rich crusher, models HF-600, HF-800, HF-900, HF-1000, HF-1300A, HF-1300B, HF-1600A, HF-1600B, HF-2000A and HF-2000B, which do not know you can ask me
Q:Ask for help, stone, I used a broken plug-in
Sand and stone should be used to repair roads. It is recommended that you use the PFL vertical hammer composite crusher, which can be used as stone for crushing and making sand, and for repairing expressways, this crusher is often used.
Q:What is a slot crusher?
The grinding roller is tightly pressed on the grinding ring under the influence of centrifugal force, so when the grinding roll and the grinding ring are worn to a certain thickness, the yield and fineness of the finished product are not influenced, and the counterattack is broken. The replacement cycle of grinding roll and grinding ring is long, so that the wearing parts of centrifugal crusher can be removed and the replacement cycle is short. The machine is in the airflow winnowing fan - mill shell - cyclone - fan internal circulating flow operation, so the ratio of high-speed centrifugal pulverizer and less dust, clean operation and no environmental pollution.
Q:How to choose the crushing method of ore
The magnitude of the resistance to external forces in the process of ore breaking is known as the degree of ore fragmentation. The value depends mainly on the structural characteristics of minerals and the crystalline morphology of minerals, and is a reference standard to measure the fragmentation of ores.In the production process, the main factor affecting the degree of ore fragmentation is the hardness of the ore itself.
Q:Why is the crusher easy to wear the stripper plate?
When the hardness of the ore is the same, the larger the size of the ore into the crushing cavity, the more serious the wear of the liner. If the crusher feeding device is installed improperly, or into the crushing chamber materials too much, will lead to uneven feeding, crushing cavity material blockage fault, the liner unilateral excessive force, increase of ore cutting wear liner, the liner badly damaged.

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