PC Series Hammer Crusher Hot Sales for Mining Industry

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PC Series Hammer Crusher Hot Sales for Mining Industry

General Information

Hammer crusher is a crushing machine to crush medium hardness and brittle rocks and ores to smaller pieces by repeated blows of high speed rotating hammers.

Materials for used hammer crusher 

Hammer crusher is suitable for grinding many kinds of medium hardness and brittle materials, such as limestone,coke, coal, calcite, marble, kaoline, gesso, barite etc.



Max  Material-in Size

Material-out Size 


Motor   Power

Machine  Weight


























Features and benefits of used hammer crusher 

1.The discharging particle size is adjustable, for a certain grain size, you can get the qualified particle size just by one time crushing. 
2.Carbon structural steel frame, high manganese steel bearing chock, superior alloy steel shaft.

3.Lining plates and impact plates are made of casting high manganese steel with hardening treatment.

4.Hammer rack and hammer bore are made of carburizing high manganese steel with heat treatment.

5.Hammer heads adopt new multielement composite casting high chromium manganese steel. 

Working principle of roll crusher:

When the hammer crusher is working, the hammers rotate at a high speed, the materials fed into the crushing cavity are impacted to smaller parts by hammers and impact boards, the qualified particles are expelled through screens at the bottom of the crusher of a selected size, the unqualified parts will be crushed again till to the qualified size.

Structure of roll crusher:

PC Series Hammer Crusher Hot Sales for Mining Industry

Other types of Crusher:

Stone Crusher:

PC Series Hammer Crusher Hot Sales for Mining Industry

PE Series Jaw Crusher:

PC Series Hammer Crusher Hot Sales for Mining Industry

Roller Crusher:

PC Series Hammer Crusher Hot Sales for Mining Industry



1. Delivery time

   We guarantee that your crusher will be ready within 45 days after receipt of your down payment.

2. Warranty 

    We provide one year warranty for every crusher.

3. what kinds of service can be provided to customers

    Many thanks for your trust , we can provide you with proposal chart for complete production lines ,
   spot inspection and operator traning according to your demands and the conditions of applied spot , we can help you 
   choose the right equipments ,drilling rig ,loader ,trucks ,excavators and so on .

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Q:How to choose a bicycle crusher
Determine matching power. The hammer crusher and bicycle crusher are calculated by 6.4 - 10.5 times (small value when crushing, big value when broken), and the roller crusher is measured by experimental method. Usually the length of each 100mm pair is required, and the required power is 1.1 - 1.5kw.
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Q:The difference between wood double shaft crusher and wood crusher
The principle and structure are different
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Q:What is the best Can Crusher motor used ?
Are you crushing individual cans or making a block of cans 1 cubic foot when things are done? Suggestion, get one can and put it on a piece of plywood and put another piece on top. Then stack weights on the top piece of wood until the can crushes. Take the area of the can and divide it into weight. This will give you a number in pounds/ square inch that you need for force for one can. Next, most crushers use a mechanical advantage of some sort due to the expense of motors. And they also use hydraulics to crush the cans. Like two plates of steel with a hydraulic cylinder at one end in back of the steel plate. Kinda like a log spliter. You can use hydraulics or some kind of other mechanical advantage like a block and tackle. Get a small 120V motor and look at its power and then rig the mechanical advantage to get you the power needed in pounds/in2 to crush the can. Another idea is to get the jack out of the car and use it between two plates to crush cans. Or buy a bottle jack.
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