PBH Series SMD Power Inductor

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Product Description:

1. pbh series smd power inductor

2. Rated current: 1-10A  

3. Inductance0.5~6000uH


5. competitive price



1.SMD Power Inductor

2.Magnetic shieled surface mount inductor with high current rabing low D.C resistance

3.Excellent terminal strength

4.Packed in embossed carrier tape and can beused by automatic mounting machine.

5.Various hogh power inductors are superior to be high saturation for suiface mounting.



Power supplu for VTR,OA equipment Digital camera, LCD television set notebook PC,

portable communication equip,ents, DC/DC converters, etc.

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Q:A 25.0-mH inductor, a 2.00-μF capacitor, and a certain resistor are connected in series across an ac voltage s?
C. 184 ohms.
Q:Potential energy of a capacitor and inductor at t 1 second.?
The angular velocity (omega) here sqrt(1/LC) sqrt(1/(1x10^-6*1) 1000 rad/s Q0 10^x10^-6C Now the charge on a capacitor in an LC oscillator q Q0*cos(omega*t) 10.x10^-6*cos(1000*1) 5.62x10^-6C So the energy q^2/2C (5.62x10^-6)^2/(2*1x10^-6) 1.58x10^-5J Now the current i -omega*Q0*sin(omega*t) -1000*10x10^-6*sin(1000) -0.00827A Energy in an inductor 1/2*l*i^2 1/2*1.0*(0.00827)^2 3.42x10^-5J
Q:Inductor question????????????????
L 0.001 N²r² / (228r + 254l) where L is the inductance in henrys, r is the coil radius in metres, l is the coil length in metres (0.8r) and N is the number of turns. This formula applies at 'low' frequencies. At frequencies high enough for skin effect to occur a correction of up to about -2% is made. Old school version in Imperal measurement is La²n²/(9a+10l) a and l are in inches/
Q:what is the relationship between voltage and current for resistor,capacitor and inductor?
Ohm's law applies to electrical circuits; it states that the current through a conductor between two points is directly proportional to the potential difference or voltage across the two points, and inversely proportional to the resistance between them. Or simply V I*R Note that Ohm's law apply only to ohmic materials i.e. Materials which obey ohm's law. Not all materials follow this V I*R relationship.
Q:can anyone explain the bahaviour of an inductor?
An electrical inductor is a component that, typcially, has a wound coil of wire and an iron core. When the electricity is first turned on in any wire, an electrical field is created. If you want a strong electric field you can use a coil where you have lots of wires in a small space. An electric field creates a magnetic field. The use of an iron core concentrates the magnetic feild, creating an electro magnet. When the electricity is turned off, there is stored energy in the magnetic field. The collapsing magnetic field creates its own electrical current in the wire of the coil. On a more basic level, a changing magnetic feild will induce an electrical feild (and therefore an electric current) in anything that conducts electricity that is close enough to feel the changing feild. For the electrical behavior of LC circuits, inductance/capacitance circuits, look up info on electrical engineering. good luck
Q:A 90 mH inductor, a 60 uF Capacitor, a 6 Ohm resistor and a 60 uF Capacitor are connected in series,find: Zt?
X of 60uF 1 /2pi fC 37.894 Ohm (0 - j37.894) Ohm X of 90mH 2pi fL 39.584 (0 + j39.584) Ohm R 6 Ohm (6 + j0) Ohm Zt R + XL - 2XC (6 - j36.2) Ohm 36.7 |-_80.7` I am a little shaky on keeping up with the angles from here on so I desinated the angles as I don't know. Maybe it will give you an idea on how to proceed. i V/Z 141.4213V/36.7 Ohm 3.8534 Amps |_?` V of L (i)*(XL) (3.8534A)*(39.584 Ohm) 152.535 V |_?` V of L in rectangular form [152.535 cos |_?` + j152.535 sin |_?`] Volts
Q:AM Radio Reciever?
One triode tube could be related to type a RF detector . Then build it as an common AM receiver that in the time of uncomplicated terms could be utilized interior 5 miles from AM station. This circuit demands to apply extreme impedance 10K ohms head set which isn't able to acquire nowaday. FM band radio on no account could be outfitted with one triode even 2.
Q:Inductors in series parallel?
treat them as they where resistors sum them up when in series .parallel them when in parallel
Q:First order circuit with two inductors help urgent?
2 inductors or capacitors in seires or parallel can be converted to a single equivalent devices. Inductors combine just like resistor in series or parallel. Capacitors combine the reverse way resistors do. In parallel, CtC1+C2. In series CC1 C2/(C1+C2)
Q:Using resistors instead of inductors in an audio amp crossover circuit?
Crossover Inductors
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