PBH Series SMD Power Inductor

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Product Description:

1. pbh series smd power inductor

2. Rated current: 1-10A  

3. Inductance0.5~6000uH


5. competitive price



1.SMD Power Inductor

2.Magnetic shieled surface mount inductor with high current rabing low D.C resistance

3.Excellent terminal strength

4.Packed in embossed carrier tape and can beused by automatic mounting machine.

5.Various hogh power inductors are superior to be high saturation for suiface mounting.



Power supplu for VTR,OA equipment Digital camera, LCD television set notebook PC,

portable communication equip,ents, DC/DC converters, etc.

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Q:What is an inductor and what do you think its resistance should be ?
An inductor is a device that stores energy in a magnetic field. This can be a wire bent to be the shape of a coil. It has a feature called inductance which is separate from its resistance. Its resistance is simply the resistance of the wire used to make it - which is very low and ideally zero.
Q:An LC circuit consists of a capacitor, C 1.72 μF, and an inductor, L 5.32 mH. The capacitor is fully charg?
Here is an earlier Answer to the same Question: .
Q:At what frequency will a 75.0 mH inductor have a reactance of 800 Omega ?
The reactance of an inductor (X of L) is expressed in Ohms rather than Omega. (X of L) 2pi fL 800 (6.2832)*(f)*(.075) f 800/.47124 1697.64 Hz ~ 1698 Hz
Q:A 4.40-mH inductor is connected to an ac voltage source of 149.5 V rms. If the rms current in the circuit is 0?
Inductive Reactance Xʟ 2πfL X E/I 149.5 / 0.880 149.5 / 0.880 2πf(4.4e-3) solve for f
Q:(a) If an inductor carrying a 1.60 A current stores an energy of 0.250 mJ, what is its inductance?
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Q:where can i buy an inductor with 1 million henries?
You can't buy an inductor with a value of 1 million henries. It would be huge and extremely heavy.
Q:A 2.50 inductor is connected in series with a dc battery of negligible?
L 2.5*10^-3 H R 760 Ω This will produce a very short time constant T L / R 3.2895 * 10^-6 s The current is i Imax * (1 - e^(-t/T)) When i 0.5*Imax 0.5 1 - e^(-t/T) e^(-t/T) 1 - 0.5 0.5 -t / T ln(0.5) -0.69315 t --0.69315 * 3.2895*10^-6 s 2.28*10^-6 s 2.28 μs Emax 0.5*L*Imax^2 When E 0.5*Emax i^2 / Imax^2 0.5 so i Imax / sqrt(2) 0.7071*Imax 0.7071 1 - e^(-t/T) e^(-t/T) 1 - 0.7071 0.2929 -t / T ln(0.2929) -1.228 t --1.228 * 3.2895*10^-6 s 4.04*10^-6 s 4.04 μs
Q:a series LR circuit of a 2.0H inductor with negligible internal resistance, a 100 ohm resistor, a switch, and?
I imagine that the maximum power would be at the point where the inductor stops restricting the flow in which case it's just a typical resistive circuit: 9V divided by 100 R 0.01 amps 10mA. I may be wrong, it's been a while since I've done electronics.
Q:How do I calculate the inductance of an iron core torroid inductor?
Inductance is given by Luo ur N^2 Ae/le where uo4 pi E-7, urrelative permeability, Nnumber of turns, Ae is cross sectional area of core [m^2], lelength of core [m].
Q:An inductor has a 59.6-Ω reactance when connected to a 60.0-Hz source?
XL(1) 2π fL 59.6 Ω L 59.6/2π 60 0.158 H XL(2) 2π*46.0*158 45.67 Ω XL(2) V/A A V/XL(2) 115/46.67 ► 2.25 A
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Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000

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