Passager Car Radial Tyre ST235/85R16 LY188

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Product Description:

Size:ST235/85R16 LY188

Application:The tyre used to Passager Car.

Pattern Characteristic:

1,Overloed-using the reinforced polyyester cord on the body

2,Fuel-efficient-ow rolling resistance and anti-wear compound on the tread

3,Drainage-four straight lines in the middle

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Q:How to distinguish the quality of car tires
Goodyear Michelin Henderson can also be
Q:PS how to car tires do car dynamic, there are filters?
Elliptical tool to circle the tire - filter - fuzzy - radial blur (rotation, size selected 45%) - filter - style - wind (choose "wind" pay attention to the direction of the wind), edit - Fade to the wind (to reduce the line to 40% to make it more natural)
Q:How to change the car tires.
First, please refer to the guidance of the tire manufacturer in the vehicle manufacturer's manual. If the vehicle is not described in the manual, you can follow the following recommendations: For the installation of new tires in terms of the four tires as old and new patterns and no direction, can be cross-transposition: right front <-> left; right back. If the four tires old and new as the pattern and direction, before and after the swap: right front <-> right after; left front <-> left. If the tires are old and new, the new tires after the wheel, the old tire front wheel, swap. Usually before and after the tire pressure is different, you adjust the tire should be adjusted by the location of the tire pressure. Our advice is: can not use the "from the tire" because it may be a security issue at any time!
Q:Why do cars make tires with rubber?
Rubber is divided into two kinds of natural rubber and synthetic rubber, these two rubber are used in different locations of the tire, tire performance requirements of different locations are too different, in general, is the comprehensive chemical properties of rubber and curing technology applications;
Q:What is the profit of the car tire shop?
But also, but worse than a few years ago, what is not good to do, mainly by personal business, to win over customers, the service is better, and now the tire profit, small models of about 30 large models around 100
Q:Car tires have anyway, what are the patterns and how should they be installed?
And some have not, for example, Dunlop LM703 regardless of positive and negative, and Dunlop's VE301 is a single guide can only turn the direction of the arrow, Dunlop's SPORT01 is asymmetrical, when installed inside the points, OUTSIDE is outside the INSIDE is inside
Q:Tyres Technical construction?
Tyres have been in existence since wheel were first manufactured. Iron tyres protected wooden wheels. Railway wheels still have steel tyres for that purpose - you only have to change the tyre when they wear, not the entire wheel. Pneumatic tyres were invented by Robert William Thomson in 1847 but the first practical ones were made by John Boyd Dunlop 40 years later. It is fair to say that John Dunlop was the main pioneer of pneumatic tyres. Robert Thomson was restricted by the lack of suitable rubber and developed solid rubber tyres instead. So he was the pioneer of rubber tyres.
Q:auto tires?
Mark said it perfect. There isn't a expiration date but cracking and dry rott is most definitely a sign to chance. The date is the last four numbers. The first two of the last four indicates the week and the last four indicates what year. The media does indeed love this topic as to where someone is always to blame. Good Luck!
Q:What is the standard for car tires?
The tires are rounded elastomeric rubber products that are grounded on various vehicles or mechanically assembled. Usually installed on a metal rim, can support the body, cushion the impact of the outside world, to achieve contact with the road and to ensure that the vehicle's tire is often used in complex and harsh conditions, it is driving a variety of deformation, load, High and low temperature effect, it must have a high bearing capacity, traction performance, buffer performance. At the same time, also requires high wear resistance and flex resistance, as well as low rolling resistance and heat generation. Half of the world's consumption of rubber for tire production, visible tire consumption of rubber capacity.
Q:What is the aspect ratio of car tires?
Refers to the ratio of the height and width of the tire cross section

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