Passager Car Radial Tyre ST235/85R16 LY188

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Product Description:

Size:ST235/85R16 LY188

Application:The tyre used to Passager Car.

Pattern Characteristic:

1,Overloed-using the reinforced polyyester cord on the body

2,Fuel-efficient-ow rolling resistance and anti-wear compound on the tread

3,Drainage-four straight lines in the middle

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Q:I need snow tires... Studded?
I'm rocking the Blizzak WS70s this year and I've been very happy with them. Studs are an old technology these days. In fact, non-studded snow tires are actually starting to out perform studded tires. Yup, it's the future and it's pretty cool. Last 5 years I've been using the Nokian Hakkapeliitta. That is a badass tire but can be rather expensive in the larger sizes. Either one is fine.
Q:Is there any crack in the car tires?
If the tires are aging (for example, there are countless small cracks in the tread or the bead of the tread that are about to hurt the carcass), it is necessary to replace the tire in time, no matter how long the tire is used and how much it is worn. use.
Q:Tire Pressure Question?
Lower your tire pressure to the factory recommended pressure. The higher your tire pressure the higher the chance to have a blowout, and the worse tread damage you do to the tire, which also increases the chance of having a tire failure. When you tire pressure is too high then the inside of your tire tread suffers more wear, when your tire is under inflated then the outside of the tire tread will suffer more damage. When you increase the weight in the truck you are increasing the pressure in your tires. All this damage is cumulative and eventually it will create a tire failure. You have been pushing your luck for a while now. It is true that you get better gas mileage with higher tire pressures, but it isn't worth the risk of having to repair or replace the tire and side blowouts cannot be fixed. Another danger you are suffering that you don't realize is that you are putting less tire tread on the road and so you have less control, in a rainy or other slick road condition you have a greater chance of losing control and causing an accident. Since you have been doing this for a while your chance of getting into an accident is only increasing.
Q:After the car tires are broken, what are the methods of tires? What is the principle of each?
1, hot fill: hot fill has been in a very long period of time by the majority of owners welcome, is considered the safest and most reliable tire repair method. 2, mushroom nails: mushroom nail the crown and cold film to play the same, can seal the inner liner; mushroom nail handle can be through the nail hole on the carcass rubber repair. 3, cold fill: cold fill is mainly through the cold film and glue to cover the original airtight layer on the hole, to achieve the purpose of repair. 4, outside the make-up tape: the use of soft tape, this tonic way convenient and quick, but only to repair the smaller hole nail hole; cold fill, the tape will be with the heat with heat and heat, Thereby preventing the gas inside the tire from leaking from the nail hole. 5, tonic inflatable one machine: tire filling machine one machine, you can quickly and easily repair the tire hole problem, especially for those who encountered in the road Zhan tires, but also respect for the jack, do not want to replace the female car owners.
Q:What is the life of the car tires?
May be by mileage and time two, first prevail. Mileage is about 50,000 km, according to the words of time is 5 years, but my car with less, are five years, that is no problem, so do not have to replace. The general pattern of wear out of the cordon, and must change, they look at the pattern of shallow, also changed it, anyway, is not worth much money, then it seems a lot of small cracks, and is too long must be replaced The Safety and life, more important than money, not to mention the ordinary four tires less than 2 thousand dollars.
Q:Investment in a car tire shop conditions?
Set up a tire service shop, or in the repair shop engaged in tire services, bear the brunt of the basic equipment is equipped with complete tools. A full-featured tire repair shop to take shape, in the big city the cost of the general in the 10 million to 150,000 yuan. In addition to jacks, tire wrenches, crowbar and tire pressure gauge and other necessary tools, but also need a good performance of the pump, in general, the price is about 700 ~ 1 200 yuan. If the main maintenance of large vehicles, should also be equipped with a wind gun, about 2 000 yuan. If only maintenance of small vehicles, tire dismantling machines and dynamic balancing machines are necessary equipment, the price of domestic general equipment is generally between 4 000 ~ 7 000 yuan. The lift is also a must-have, and it is best to have a second lift function for four-wheel positioning. There are two types of lighters that are used with the locator: one is a scissor lift and the other is a four-post lift. Whichever type, it is required to have a turntable and rear skateboard. If the tire shop area is small, the general election scissors sub-hoist more, but the price is more expensive. For the garage, the election four-column lift is relatively more, the price is cheaper.
Q:What should you pay attention to when using car tires?
Tire with the same vehicle should be equipped with the same specifications, structure, level and pattern tires; twins and equipment, also requires the same brand, in order to load, wear evenly; radial tire and oblique tire can not be mounted on the same axis, Can not be axle mounted radial tire, rear axle skew tire; rear axle skew tire, front axle with radial tires, will make the rear axle wear to speed up, resulting in insufficient steering or excessive steering, seriously affecting the operational stability of the vehicle , When the ground adhesion coefficient is low or the vehicle quickly turned, prone to the rear wheel from the ground or side slip and other dangerous; the same car tires to try to be consistent, different tire patterns, the performance of the vehicle have different effects; , The rear axle should use the same type of tread pattern; cargo vehicles usually use the vertical axis of the front axle, drive shaft selection of hybrid or horizontal pattern, which is conducive to the stability of the vehicle operation.
Q:Online shopping car tires how to identify good or bad
Second, we should try to choose some big brand tires. Now because tire manufacturers continue to increase the tire brand is also endless. When choosing tires, try to choose those who are familiar with the brand. So at least a lot of people have used to know how the quality of tires.
Q:What does twi mean on car tires?
Tire wear Indicator Tire wear indicator. The tires of the car tires to the mark. According to the wear of the tire to choose the time to change the tire, all tires in the pattern depth of 1.6 mm there are wear marks, where there are wear marks have a small bump, the boss called "tread wear mark" Boss next to the "tread wear mark" abbreviation "TWI", in the normal use of the premise, the tire wear to reach this raised place, it means the need to replace the tires.
Q:What are the meanings of car tires?
Tire is an important part of the car, there are more than 10 kinds of markers on the car tires, the correct identification of these markers on the tire matching, use, maintenance is very important for the protection of traffic safety and extend tire life is of great significance. Tire Specifications: Specifications are tire geometric parameters and physical properties of the logo data. Tire specifications are often used in a set of numbers, the previous number indicates the width of the tire section, and the latter number indicates the rim diameter in inches. The middle of the letter or symbol has a special meaning: "x" that high-pressure tire; "R", "Z" said radial tire; "a" that low-pressure tire. Level: level refers to the tire layer as a plastic layer of the number of layers, and the actual number of ply is not exactly the same, is an important indicator of tire strength. Level with the Chinese logo, such as 12 levels; with the English logo, such as "14P.R" that is 14 layers of pole. Cylindrical material: Some tires are individually marked, such as "nylon" (NYLON), generally marked after the level; the world's tire manufacturers marked in the specifications, with the first letter of the Chinese alphabet, such as 9: 00-20N , 7.50-20G, etc., N for nylon, G for steel, M for cotton, and R for rayon. Load and pressure: the general mark the maximum load and the corresponding pressure, the load to "kg" as a unit, the pressure that tire tire pressure, the unit is "kPa." Rim Size: Indicates the rim size that matches the tire. Easy to use.

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