Passager Car Radial Tyre P265/6517 LY788

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Product Description:

Size:P265/6517 LY788

Application:The tyre is used to deluxe car

Pattern Characteristic:

1,The strong rib in the middle makes sure the stabllity when runing

2,Samll lug design can reduce the nolse greatly and offer best gripperfomance on wet road conditions

3,Big block on the shoulder offer more stabllity widle turning in high speed the design can bring more fun to driver.

4,Four straight lines offer the good drainage perfomance

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Q:Tire tires
First, the tires must be removed from the rim, the professional tire dealer after the inspection and then decide whether to repair.
Q:How about a nail in a car tires?
First, the tires must be removed from the rim, the professional tire dealer after the inspection and then decide whether to repair.
Q:How long does the car tire pressure check?
1. Daily tire maintenance, it is recommended to carry out a monthly air pressure check, adjust; 2. Every time on the highway before driving, the need for air pressure inspection, and remove the tread groove trench and other debris, to avoid failure to ensure safety; 3. When the vehicle has a deviation phenomenon, there may be caused by insufficient air pressure, it is recommended to check the air pressure;
Q:What is the standard for car tires?
Tire type and specification: International standard tire code, expressed in millimeters as a percentage of section height and flatness, followed by: tire type code, rim diameter (inch), load index (permitting bearing quality code), promise With speed code. For example: 175 / 70R 14 77H 175 represents the tire width is 175MM, 70 means that the flatness of the tire cross section is 70%, that is, the cross section height is 70% of the width, the rim diameter is 14 inches, the load index 77, the allowable vehicle speed is H level
Q:good tires ?
I don't know who makes Kelly Tires but more than likely it's owned by a major brand tire manufacturer since most are.
Q:General trolley ordinary car tires were punctured can continue to open it, up to how far can run?
Because the lack of air pressure, will lead to excessive damage to the tire carcass, tire carcass excessive buckling will produce high heat, the inner airtight layer of rubber will be burned into dark spots, and rubber and carcass cord fabric stripping, more serious, The rubber will be high heat burning, resulting in melting, sustained high heat so that the internal structure of the tire was seriously damaged. If the tire continues to drive in the case of reduced strength will eventually lead to tire damage, more serious will lead to puncture, bringing security risks.
Q:tire size difference?
they should be just a little narrower and a tiny bit taller(60 series) it should be an issue at all. your car is rear wheel drive so it doesnt have to have same size tires front and rear just same size on each axel. (55's on front 60's on rear). but you may notice a small handling difference with the taller narrower tires.
Q:What are the meanings of car tires?
175 means that the tire width 70R is the hub radius 14 is the tire layer
Q:Chaoyang car tires good?
A few days ago, consumer advocates played a group of domestic and international tire Competition, as if it is Chaoyang tire SA37 series win foreign brands tires. The quality of domestic tires is good, that is fine with rice fat compared to almost a little bit. But does not affect safety. Cost-effective.
Q:Will the tire tires in the running tire cause a puncture?
In the driving, the car tire leak will not lead to immediately puncture.

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