Passager Car Radial Tyre 205/50ZR16 LY266

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Product Description:

Size: 205/50ZR16 LY266

Application:The tyre is used to Passager Car.

Pattern Characteristic:

1,Shark Fin Tread Pattern

2,The six horizontal steps equally distributed can effectively decomposs the pumping noise source,reduce noise,greatly promote the rigidity between the tread pattern blocks and eliminate sundries in the grooce.

3,Split Tyre Shoulder Block Design

4,Small Knurl Design on Side Wall of Groove

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Q:How does the car tire model distinguish?
Tire Specifications: Specifications are tire geometric parameters and physical properties of the logo data. Tire specifications are often used in a set of numbers, the previous number indicates the width of the tire section, and the latter number indicates the rim diameter in inches. The middle of the letter or symbol has a special meaning: "x" that high-pressure tire; "R", "Z" said radial tire; "a" that low-pressure tire. Level: level refers to the tire rubber layer of the public layer of the number of layers, and the actual number of ply is not exactly the same, is an important indicator of tire strength. Level with the Chinese logo, such as 12 levels; with the English logo, such as 〃 14P. R 〃 that is 14 layers of pole. Cylindrical material: Some tires are individually marked, such as "nylon" (NYLON), generally marked after the level; the world's tire manufacturers marked in the specifications, the first letter with the Chinese alphabet, such as 9.00-20N, 7.50 -20G and so on, N is nylon, G is steel, M is cotton, and R is rayon. Load and pressure: generally marked the maximum load and the corresponding pressure, the load to "kg" as a unit, the pressure that tire tire pressure, the unit is "kPa." Rim Size: Indicates the rim size that matches the tire. Easy to use, such as "standard rim 5.00F". Balance mark: made of colored rubber mark shape, printed on the sidewall, indicating the lightest tires here, the assembly should be on the valve to ensure the balance of the entire tire. Rolling direction: the tread pattern on the running of the drainage non-slip particularly critical, so the pattern of asymmetric off-road vehicle tires commonly used arrows assembly assembly direction to ensure the design of adhesion, anti-skid and other properties.
Q:How to maintain the best tire tires?
Use the appropriate tire pressure The automobile factory has special provisions on the tire pressure, please follow the mark, do not exceed the maximum value. Tire tire pressure is too low or too high will affect the tire's own life and fuel consumption. Tire pressure is too high will focus on the body in the tread center, resulting in rapid wear center tread. And tire pressure is too low to make the tire grounding area is not uniform, wear increased, increase the rolling resistance, increase fuel consumption. Around the tire pressure to be consistent. When the side of the tire pressure is too low, driving, braking the vehicle will be on the side of the deviation. Also note that the same axle on the two tires should be exactly the same pattern specifications, different manufacturers, different patterns of tires can not be used for both front wheels, or there will be deviation phenomenon.
Q:Does the car tire have an explosion-proof, anti-nail?
The current passenger tires are suitable for ordinary pavement road. If the road conditions are more complicated, please try to avoid, and pay attention to regularly check whether the tire nails and other damage, if the nail, please go to the local retail store as soon as possible to check and repair.
Q:Dangers of Old Tires?
With tires, you do get what you pay for. I always spent the most money I could afford on tires and shocks. If the tires are old, say older than 10 years, examine them for drying out and excessive wear. I would refrain from high speeds as the excessive heat can result in a possible blowout. Recently, news reports told us that some tires in the warehouses from years ago were displaying symptoms of dry rot ON THE SHELF!. Check with the specific manufacturer by e mail or regular mail (so you have documentation should the need arise). Good luck
Q:What is the car tires tied to a nail? Pull or not
The wheels can not be pulled. As the tires are vacuum tires, so even if the tie nails, it will not immediately leak, but the time is prolonged, the gas will slowly leak. The nails into the tires are not. Pull the nail is like a knife, a pull, blood on the splinters to flow, only stop, unless ready to blood transfusion and hemostasis tools. This metaphor may be a bit too far, but the truth is the same. In the absence of maintenance tools and maintenance techniques under the premise of self-pulling nails that do not leak the tire may immediately leak, leading to the car can not open, you need to change their own hands or drag the car to the repair shop. And not pull the nails, you can also slowly open the car to the repair shop.
Q:What is the difference between an external tonic and a tires?
The inside is stronger than the outside, but the inside must be clean.
Q:Tyre pressure help?no manual?
That's WAY too much air. Always check the pressures when the tires are cool. Check the door post on the driver's side just under the latch mechanism. You'll find the tire pressures from the manufacturer. Don't deter from that.
Q:How much is a car tires?
See how much you buy tires, tires generally 400-800 tires. Tires generally have more than 1000 tires.
Q:How is the car tires and hubs connected?
Rubber part with the steel ring, the car is directly put up, with a turban machine installed, the gas hit a foot on the tight. There is a side of the ring of the cart is removable, the general set after, and then on the ring, and then add a lock ring, ring on the lock. Some of the car's large-size tire ring is fixed with bolts.
Q:Tire sizes for my 67 mustang?
tires are now rated as follows (tread with in mm)/(ratio of side wall hight to tread width in%)(r standing for radial)(rim hight in inches) example a 195/55r15 has a tread width if 195mm a side wall hight of 55% of 195mm (or 107.25mm) and a rim size of 15". if you have a 14" time the last number in the tires size must be 14 (not 13 and not 15) if you want wider tires on the back then the front then get tires for the back where the first number is higher and the second number is smaller (to keep the overall diamiter of the tire the same) lets say you have 14" rims you will probibly want a 195/75r14 for the front and a 225/65r14 for the back (these sizes may not be avalible I am just giving and example) for all seasons try to get mastercraft tires they are pretty good in the snow and rain. just dont go for th echeapest tires.

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