Passager Car Radial Tyre 175/70R13 LY166

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Product Description:

Size:175/70R22.5 LY166

Application:The tyre is used to Passager Car.

Pattern Characteristic:

1,Shark Fin Tread Pattern

2,The six horizontal steps equally distributed can effectively decomposs the pumping noise source,reduce noise,greatly promote the rigidity between the tread pattern blocks and eliminate sundries in the grooce.

3,Split Tyre Shoulder Block Design

4,Small Knurl Design on Side Wall of Groove

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Q:what is radial tyres?
A radial tire is a tyre which has been reinforced with cords of steel or strong textile materials. This is not however to be confused to with bias-ply tires. I'll explain the difference later. If tyres were made with just rubber, they would be too soft and flexible, hence reinforcement is required. Radial tyres were invented by Michelin in 1946, but due to their advantages, they are now the dominate design in automotive tyres. Difference in radial tyres and bias-ply tires is that the reinforcement cords in radial tyres are set up at 90 degrees, while bias-ply tires have cords at 45 degrees. The 90 degree set up provides better fuel economy by lowering the rolling resistance and durability of the tire.
Q:How long is the life of the car tires?
If it is according to the provisions of the tire manufacturers is three years 60,000 km
Q:What is the tire screw for each car?
Nissan car is 21 Land Rover is 21 Lincoln is 21 Ferrari and Bentley all kinds of imported cars == have not seen the real car to see the screw is how much I know seen imported cars I know that all the domestic car is a screw how much I know not interested in the import car see Too little too much
Q:Would you like to ask the car tires, is the screw clockwise or counterclockwise?
Will the car on the left side of the car wheel and the right side of the wheel thread is not the same. The left side of the wheel bolts are common right-hand thread, that is, clockwise rotation of the bolts and nuts for tightening, the left side of the car wheel for a long time to move forward, is counterclockwise rotation, the nut will not loose. The right wheel bolts are not commonly used in the left-hand thread, that is, counter-clockwise rotation of bolts and nuts for tightening, then the right side of the wheel wheel for a long time to move forward, clockwise rotation, making the nut has been tightened state, it is not easy to loose The
Q:How many kilometers of car tires are they changed?
Normal situation 6-8 million kilometers, for safety, the proposed 60,000 km for a time.
Height, width and rim/wheel size. Example 33-12.50-R15LT = 33 tall, 12.50 wide on a 15 wheel. LT = light truck.
Q:Does the car tire have an explosion-proof, anti-nail?
The current passenger tires are suitable for ordinary pavement road. If the road conditions are more complicated, please try to avoid, and pay attention to regularly check whether the tire nails and other damage, if the nail, please go to the local retail store as soon as possible to check and repair.
Q:How does the idle car tire be placed and maintained?
Idle car tire placement and maintenance should pay attention to the following aspects: (1) tires should be stored in a dry warehouse, to avoid sun and rain, not too much ventilation. Large-scale tire warehouse should be equipped with a thermometer and hygrometer, the temperature should be controlled at -10 ~ +30 ℃, relative humidity of 50% to 80% is appropriate. (2) Tires should be placed away from heat sources, power generation equipment and where ozone can be generated to prevent tires from accelerating. (3) tires can not be with flammable materials and oil, acid, alkali and other chemicals together. Avoid sunshine, moisture, high temperatures and chemicals. (4) Packed tires should be placed vertically on the shelves. Long-term placement of the tire should be rotated regularly to change the placement of its fulcrum, so as not to cause tire deformation. (5) Tires and wheels installed together, should be slightly inflated, so that the tire can withstand a certain pressure. (6) tires in custody, should be done in accordance with the production or storage time in batches, first-in first out, in order to use.
Q:Why is it easy to fall in the car tires?
In summer, tires made of rubber material withstand high temperature friction, and therefore easy to become fragile, prone to premature aging. So the season also do not have to maintain the tire. Tire maintenance work in the fall is the first time to add air pressure to keep it within the specified standard pressure range. It is recommended that the owner should check the air pressure and do not drive when the tire pressure is insufficient. It should also be careful to check if the tire has any other damage. In addition, if the tire surface wear serious, to timely replacement of new tires, repeated repair of the tire also try to replace. When the temperature drops rubber tires also become brittle, reducing the friction coefficient, easy to leak, Zhan Tire, even the replacement of new tires, but also often the tire surface pattern of debris clean up, check whether there are scratches, Drums.
Q:Car tires fill the leak
Sometimes, fill the tire, inflatable, and then repair the tire outside the water, you can see very small bubbling, the leakage is very slow, generally a dozen points, it is not leaked, because in your patch Of the place, due to tire tires pierced, there will be gaps in the middle, there will be a small amount of air inside, inflated air pressure after the extrusion, the formation of small bubbles. If the bubble is large, leaks, that is, did not make up.

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