Parallel Cluster Overhead Insulated Cable

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Parallel Cluster Overhead Insulated Cable


Product Introduction

Parallel cluster overhead insulated cable (hereinafter referred to as: parallel bundle conductor) is the national electric power company of rural power grid construction in the "tenth five-year plan of science and technology popularization and application of products.Our company draw lessons from foreign science and technology personnel application of wire beam, through the design and improvement of process and structure, research and development success, to fill the gaps in the product.
Low voltage power supply circuit reactance of the impedance, capacitive reactance and impedance.Parallel bundle conductor adopts three-phase four-wire power supply, make the match degree of three-phase unbalanced load fell to minimum, decrease the neutral line current, thereby reducing the resistance loss.Due to the use of close symmetrical division structure, lower the inductance of the wire, increase the line between the dielectric constant, electric capacity increased, make the circuit reactance slash, eventually achieve the goal of capacity loss.
Because the wires into cluster shape combination, and political force a single multiply, reduce single-phase break accident.In the wind, frost, etc when the tension between parallel insulation is not pressure, improve safety coefficient, the lightning protection, preventing electricity-stolen, prevent leakage effect obviously improved significantly.Due to its combination can be disruptive branch jumper easy, convenient varactor combination.According to the zero line identification, the phase sequence identification is clear, to prevent the fault phase sequence.Parallel bundle conductor line, reduce the tower, the cross arm and porcelain, save a lot of metal.Due to the insulation can decrease the height of tower, from trees, buildings, the influence of such a complex environment can be equipped completely save pole along the wall, low engineering cost.Also compared with the single line, the construction is simple, save work time, reduce the construction cost.Compared with the conventional pattern of overhead bare wires parallel bundle conductor has a low operating cost, long-term benefit is obvious advantage

Product Main Properties and Features:
Line loss is low, line loss.suggestions between 5-10%.
Saving time and labor for construction is convenient, and reduce the cost of installation.
Composite tensile force strong resistance, high safety, preventing electricity-stolen, prevent leakage.
Low engineering cost, reduce the pole, cross arm and porcelain, to reduce the pole height.

Products Adopt Standard:
Mixer GB12527-90 rated voltage up to and including 1 kv overhead insulated cable.
Mixer state power company acquired work "parallel cluster overhead insulated cable choose technical conditions"

Product Categories
According to the conductor material points: parallel cluster overhead insulated cable has two kinds of copper, aluminum core.
According to the insulation points: parallel cluster overhead insulated cable with weather resistance of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene (PE) and crosslinking polyethylene of three kinds of insulation.
According to the structural type points: parallel cluster overhead insulated cable type well (BS1), star (BS2) type (BS3) three kinds of peace.

Products to pay:
My company according to customer requirements, to ensure timely delivery, and provide customer satisfaction of products and services.Parallel bundle conductor delivery length according to the agreement, both sides according to the customer request provide special hardware is complete.
Note: (1) the conductor: copper or aluminum (2) the connection bar: PVC or PE or (3) insulation: PVC or PE or
Parallel cluster type, name, specification of the wire, some conclusions and cross section




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