Paito Wicker Corner Sofa

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American style salon sofa set
Aluminum frame+PE rattan wicker hand weaving
UV resistant 3000Hours
Green products

single sofa 70*72*74 cm

Double sofa  136*72*74 cm

Element: 1set=2 single sofa +1double sofa +1coffee table+1end table

Loading quantity: 40sets/40HQ container


A.Frame: aluminum frame with high quality powder coating.

B.Rattan: 3000hours UV-Resistant,Weatherproof,waterproof and colourfast.

C. Cushion: USA fireproofing standard,water resistant polyester fabric,high desity foam,removable and washable cover.

D. Tempered glass: clear,forested,silk-screen.

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Q:What is the difference between sofa and so far (how to read)?
Sofa the emphasis is on the first syllable eg. SO-fa. So far you accent the second syllabe so-FAH (extend the final syllable)
Q:How do you thoroughly disinfect a leather sofa?
Call a leather company or a store that sells leather furniture and explain your situation to them. They can give you probably good advise!
Q:How do I fix my sagging sofa?
The springs probable need to be retied or replaced. I would not reupholster it unless it was absolutely necessary..if you must do it use the same kind of fabric that is on it now. It sounds like a really beautiful piece!
Q:Can I Paint A Black Leather Sofa White?
How To Paint Leather Furniture
Q:what should i put behind my sofa?
A sofa table, a book shelf that is the length and height of the couch, a cedar chest.
Q:DO all sofa sleepers pulll out and turn into a bed?
If it's called a 'sleeper sofa' or 'sofa bed' then yes, it pulls out into a bed. Or turns into a bed in some manner. Otherwise it would just be called a sofa.
Q:Puppies + leather sofas. Help!?
I have a 15 years old yellow retriever and he still eats leathers. He ate my leather boots, tones of belts, my new purse, my husband hat and wallet. I always wanted a sofa leather, but I am really afraid that when I get home I will find wholes every where, so I heard that there is a spray that you spray on leathers, shoes and whatever dogs like to eat and the smell makes then not wanting to eat it. It is non-toxic and safe to animals; just have an unpleasant smell that dogs can't stand. You can find it at a pet store. The product is order less to us, but it has a bad smell to them. If you don't want to find a surprise in home you could try it. I have no idea of the name, but I am pretty sure that the person who works at the pet store knows it.
Q:what type of mattress for a sofa bed?
It says the Thickness: 7 1/8 That is typically too thick and will not fold back down into the sofa. Traditionally sofa beds are known for not being very comfy. To thin, so you cannot build it with enough padding or coils. You may want to use the existing mattress and just add a topper too it for comfort.
Q:My fat friend broke my sofa. How do I fix it?
get some new t-nuts and replace the ones in the couch also check the floor joist under the couch to make sure his fat *** didn't break them aswell
Q:Cleaning Leather Sofa?
Step1 Dust your leather couch with a feather duster or clean dry cloth on a regular basis. Crumbs or pieces of food and dirt can get rubbed into the leather, creating unsightly scratches. Step2 Purchase a good leather cleaner and rub it into the couch in even circular motions. Make sure the couch is free of anything that could scratch it while you clean. Step3 Follow with a leather condition that works much like a car wax. Polish the couch with the conditioner, let it dry and buff to a clean shone. Step4 Wipe spills as soon as they happen. Use a damp cloth to blot spills. Then blot dry very lightly with another clean cloth. Step5 Try homemade leather cleaning tips. Some people recommend inexpensive leather cleaning processes, like baking soda or salt. If you experiment, first try it on a small corner in the back of the couch, in case your particular brand of leather does not react well to the treatment. Step6 Stick to the recommended manufacturer's cleaner. Many leather furniture companies produce and sell their own brand of cleaner and conditioner. To stay safe and guarantee a positive outcome to your cleaning job, use proven cleaning products that are designed to work best with your furniture. **************************** Tips : Never use a hairdryer or other electrical dryer on a leather sofa. Do not use saddle soap on a leather couch, as it is too harsh for furniture. Do not let spills or water to dry; they can penetrate the dye in the leather and leave a spot.

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