P3.91 indoor rantal led display,die casting cabinet

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China main port
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3 m²
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1000 m²/month

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Product Description:

LED   specification:
NO.ColorChip brandWavelengthView AnglePlace of origin
Cabinet   specification:
2Pixel pitch3.91mm4.81mm6.25mm
3Pixel configuration1R1G1B1R1G1B1R1G1B
4LED typeSMD2121 BlackSMD2121 BlackSMD 3528
5Module size250mm*250mm250mm*250mm250mm*250mm
6Module resolution64*6452*5240*40
7Panel resolution(WXH)128*128104*10480*80
8Density65,536 dots/43264 dots/25,600 dots/
9Brightness1500 NIT1300 NIT1600 NIT
10Scan method1/161/131/10
11Best view distance4m5m6.5m
12Max. power consumption 550 W/m²480 W/m²520 W/m²
13Ave. power consumption 240 W/m²210 W/m²220 W/m²
14Weight6.5 KG/title6.5 KG/title6.5   KG/title
16Cabinet size500(W)*500(H)mm
17Grey scale4096 level
18Colors68.7 billion
19Refresh rate1400Hz
20View angleHorizontal: 140°,   Vertical: 140°
21Color temperature6500K
22Frame frequency60Hz
23Out of control pixel rate<1/10000
24MTBF>5000 hours
25Lifespan50000 hours
26Control modeSynchronous display with control PC by DVI
27Working voltageAC 90~240v 50-60Hz
28Control distanceEthernet cable: 100m,   Multi-mode optical fiber: 500m, Singel-mode optical fiber: 20km
29Operation temperature-20°C - +50°C
30Operation Humdity10% to 80%
31Protection levelIndoor use only

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Q:LED display a board dark light how is it?
Measure the power supply module voltage low, adjust the fine-tuning (power module close to the indicator light at the fine) to make the voltage to the standard.
Q:LED outdoor display which part of the composition
Outdoor, LED display, as the future of outdoor display advertising media new favorite, widely used in finance, taxation, industry and commerce, post and telecommunications, sports, advertising, factories and mines enterprises, transportation, education systems, stations, docks, airports, shopping malls, hospitals,
Q:16: 9LED What is the approximate size of the display?
Ie the effective screen is the diagonal size representation. And the aspect ratio of 16: 9 is that we say widescreen, the unit is inches. From this we can calculate the scale factor. (The old TV used in the ratio of 4: 3 also we said the narrow screen)
Q:Production of LED display the basic raw materials which ah?
Circuit board, light-emitting diode, 138,245D, 4953, driver IC, capacitor, resistance, mask, bottom shell, bracket, magnetic column, waterproof glue, waterproof pad, pin, cable, power cord, power supply , Box, steel structure, control system (synchronous receiving card, send card, adapter board; asynchronous card)
Q:Led display what format can be displayed
a graphic editing, zoom, scroll, animation and other functions can display a variety of computer information, graphics, images and Two, three-dimensional computer animation, can be superimposed text • broadcast system with multimedia software, you can flexibly enter and broadcast a variety of information • a variety of Chinese fonts and fonts to choose from, but also enter the English, Spanish, French , German, Greek, Russian, Japanese and other languages • There are a variety of ways to broadcast,
Q:Comparison between LED display and DLP splicing
high Brightness, low power consumption, long life, low heat, environmental protection and other advantages, the comprehensive use of the sound, light, electricity, maps, text, is all-round, perfect display of information end products.
Q:LED display screen appears black? How to solve?
Of course, the above is basically caused by the hardware, then the software is the most likely is the computer suddenly poisoned, the solution is to financial security mode, and then a full anti-virus on the computer, and then use 360 security guards to repair the system
Q:LED display power can not be displayed properly
Make sure that all hardware, including the control system, is fully powered up. (+ 5V, do not reverse, then wrong)
Q:How do I choose the dot pitch of the LED display?
Installation classification: lifting, hanging, seat, inlay, rotating bracket hanging;
Q:What is the thickness of the led display?
The thickness of less than 75mm, with the aluminum. Can also be thinner but the material is not easy to find.

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