P3.91 indoor rantal led display,die casting cabinet

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China main port
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3 m²
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1000 m²/month

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LED   specification:
NO.ColorChip brandWavelengthView AnglePlace of origin
Cabinet   specification:
2Pixel pitch3.91mm4.81mm6.25mm
3Pixel configuration1R1G1B1R1G1B1R1G1B
4LED typeSMD2121 BlackSMD2121 BlackSMD 3528
5Module size250mm*250mm250mm*250mm250mm*250mm
6Module resolution64*6452*5240*40
7Panel resolution(WXH)128*128104*10480*80
8Density65,536 dots/43264 dots/25,600 dots/
9Brightness1500 NIT1300 NIT1600 NIT
10Scan method1/161/131/10
11Best view distance4m5m6.5m
12Max. power consumption 550 W/m²480 W/m²520 W/m²
13Ave. power consumption 240 W/m²210 W/m²220 W/m²
14Weight6.5 KG/title6.5 KG/title6.5   KG/title
16Cabinet size500(W)*500(H)mm
17Grey scale4096 level
18Colors68.7 billion
19Refresh rate1400Hz
20View angleHorizontal: 140°,   Vertical: 140°
21Color temperature6500K
22Frame frequency60Hz
23Out of control pixel rate<1/10000
24MTBF>5000 hours
25Lifespan50000 hours
26Control modeSynchronous display with control PC by DVI
27Working voltageAC 90~240v 50-60Hz
28Control distanceEthernet cable: 100m,   Multi-mode optical fiber: 500m, Singel-mode optical fiber: 20km
29Operation temperature-20°C - +50°C
30Operation Humdity10% to 80%
31Protection levelIndoor use only

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Q:Led display brightness is not enough because of what are the reasons
Display screen software which can adjust the brightness of the display. If you use the time for a long time, there are reasons for light failure, it is recommended to consider replacement
Q:Is the TV screen good for the LCD or the LCD?
In contrast, LED can easily do the regional regulation (which can be a certain degree of LCD light leakage problems, but can only be mitigated, theoretically almost impossible to achieve the traditional CRT CRT TV contrast), and life Longer (CCFL tube work for a few years there will be a decline in brightness or start the difficult phenomenon, need to be replaced.
Q:What is the difference between an LED display and an LCD monitor?
LCD LCD liquid crystal display LCD full name, mainly TFT, UFB, TFD, STN and other types of liquid crystal display.
Q:LED electronic display and P have anything to do
P generally represents the pixel pitch, and P followed by the value of the two mainly refers to the distance between the pixels, usually called the point spacing. And the smaller the value of this point spacing, the higher the unit pixel, the more clear the display screen.
Q:How to identify the quality of led display quality
Masks, kit problems: the mask of the ink and consistency of the direct impact of the display led display, if the ink is good, led the quality of light, basically shows that there is not much problem.
Q:LED display screen appears black? How to solve?
Of course, the above is basically caused by the hardware, then the software is the most likely is the computer suddenly poisoned, the solution is to financial security mode, and then a full anti-virus on the computer, and then use 360 security guards to repair the system
Q:Led display and led lighting What is the difference?
D display and led lighting are two LED as a light source. The main difference between the two is: to achieve different functions. Led display is the use of dot matrix module, through the red, green and blue combination of three colors using the control system to achieve text, video, pictures and other content display. Led lighting is the main pursuit of brightness and white balance.
Q:16: 9LED What is the approximate size of the display?
Ie the effective screen is the diagonal size representation. And the aspect ratio of 16: 9 is that we say widescreen, the unit is inches. From this we can calculate the scale factor. (The old TV used in the ratio of 4: 3 also we said the narrow screen)
Q:Led display support what video format
LED display support video format depends mainly on the LED display control software, generally supports a variety of formats of graphics and text pieces: TXT, DOC, RTF, AVI, JPEG, MOV, MPEG, DAT, VOB, BMP, JPG, TIFF, GIF, FLI, FLC, RMVB
Q:LED display a board dark light how is it?
With a multimeter to measure whether the normal voltage of the unit board, and then measure the power module voltage output is normal, if not, then determine the power module bad.

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