P.O Direct Cement of Manufactures

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China Main Port
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TT or LC
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3000 Metric Tons m.t.
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2600,000 Metric Tons per Month m.t./month

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Product Description:

Introduction of P.O Direct Cement Of Manufactures

Color: Grey

Main Raw Material: Silicate

Type: Ordinary Silicate Cement

Hardening Feature: Rapid Hardening

Heat of Hydration: Low-Heat

Strength Grade(Mpa): 32.5-62.5

direct cement of manufactures


P.O Direct Cement Of Manufactures

1. Standard: national standards (GB175-2007)


2. Our product range: P.C32.5/32.5R,  P.O42.5/42.5R,52.5 ordinary portland cement


Packing of P.O Direct Cement Of Manufactures


1. 2MT jumbo bag


2. 50kg per bag then 40 bags into a 2MT sling bag


3. 50kg bag



The typical performance during using:


1. Steady and high quality, low fluctuate, and rich in strength grade.


2. Good workability and adaptability with additives.


3. Long term steady in color, wide used in the construction of modest color building.


4. Low bleeding, be applicable to produce concrete.


5. Freeze-proof, abrasion resistance.


6. Steady solidity ratio, the volumetric shrinkage basically reach to balance at one-year age, up to the high standard of international and domestic.


7. Meanwhile, its low slump loss meets the need of the long distance delivery of concrete-mixer.






1. Pay attention to store, and avoid moisture.


2. Cannot mix different type cement together.


3. To select certain type and grade cement reasonablly.


4. Stick to pre-testing of concrete.


5. To carry out specility testing, work out the best mix ratio.


We supply all kinds of cement, please just feel free to contact us.


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Q:I want to do building business business sand cement stones. The (Need to add) What equipment needs to invest about how many predecessors advice about how business can do well.
Forklift 50 good application, and now the transport equipment are relatively large, first of all better equipment ah. Excavators, venues, inventory, working capital, at least 100 million.
Q:White cement accidentally wash clothes how to do, how can we remove, thank you
Mixed with cement or cement? Cleaning method is different White cement will be able to play a lot of go down, and then washed very easy Mixed with the sand of the cement can also be dry and then let go of the surface of the floating sand, after cleaning The most troublesome is the ordinary cement, in the semi-dry do not dry things off the surface, and then completely dry hand rubbing clothes, the cloth gap in the cement rubbing and then wash But the black is too much trouble, it is possible that the cement has eaten the color, then only hard wash
Q:i think i have a allergy to the to the dentists cement?
Modern dentists usually use methal arcylate cement. Allergies to arcylates are extremely rare, but rare does not mean non-existent. So it is possible that you are indeed allergic to the cement. An allergist physician can probably test you to see if that is your problem. In the old days, before arcyclates, dentists sometimes used zinc phosphate as a cement. You might talk to your dentist to see if he can get that to use on you. (It might help if your dentist is older. I suspect many recent graduates have never even heard of alternatives to arcylate cement.) If that doesn't work, check in your area to see if there are any dentists who hold out as being natural, homeopathic, or similar terms. They may offer alternative treatments and alternative cementing compounds.
Q:How do i remove cement board from the top of ceramic tile?
Cement board may be glued or screwed down with tapco screws, if screwed you may be able to unscrew it if glued you could chip it off, but that ceramic floor won't be in good shape, so installation of new floor will be necessary and that's your choice.
Q:What is use to dissolve cement?
Sorry to tell you, cement doesn't dissolve. Someone's going to have to get in there with a hammer and chisel, which will probably break the toilet as well as the concrete. Call the guys who were there and did this to you, and have them remedy the situation.
Q:Cement bird bath has sprung a leak?
You can either buy an epoxy filler or coat the problem areas with thinset cement with latex additives for flexibility. Hydraulic cement will work very well also but you have to work extremely quickly with it because it sets up right away. They sell the cement in small containers if you don't need too much. All of the products mentioned will be in or near the paint department at Home Depot or Lowe's.
Q:whats cement? 10 points?
very complex product...much more so than you seem to expect. See the wiki below
Q:Can we use quarry dust instead of sand for cement mix for brick laying, plastering or concrete?
Ideally what you want to have is a wide range of aggragate sizes for the best concrete, with a good variation in sizes from small to large. It seems to me that if you took the quarry dust and mixed it towther with a latex fortifier and portland cement you could make a good thinset mortar, which would be better suited for thinner applications and small cracks and joints.
Q:how and where can we purchase cement clinker?
Cement Clinker is an intermediate product of cement production. Specifically it is the rocky material that came out of the kiln and cooled. The next step would be to grind it in the finish mill to produce cement. The best place to get it is from a cement producing plant.
Q:how does sediment compact or cement into sedimentary rocks?
Just speaking to sediments in general. Sediments become sedimentary rocks by one of two mechanisms -- cementation and compression. Cements “glue” one particle to another and commonly include: (1) calcite (CaCO3) (2) silica (SiO2) (3) limonite (Fe2O3) (4) hematite (Fe2O3.xH2O) Water flowing through certain sediments becomes supersaturated with calcite or silica. When this water evaporates, these dissolved minerals precipitate around the grains through which they flow. Over time, the precipitation of these cements overlaps, binding one grain to another. But the case of hematite and limonite cements is a little different. Iron occurs in solution in its ferrous (Fe+2) state. When ferrous iron encounters oxygen, it oxidizes into its ferric (Fe+3) state, which is insoluble. This ferric iron precipitates, coating the grains through which it flows with either hematite or limonite. It coats the grains, eventually binding one grain to the next. Sedimentary rocks commonly cemented include conglomerates, sandstones, evaporates, ironstones, as well as some limestones, some cherts, and some phosphorites. This process of cementation involves heat that allowed these fluids to exist and flow, but not so much as to cause a metamorphic rock to be created. Compression involves finer grained sediments. Clay, organic matter, lime mud, and phosphorite mud, once buried, are subjected to progressively more overburden. The thickness of these layers is significantly reduced as water is “squeezed” out. These fine particles have very high surface areas and surface charges causing these grains attach to one another. In addition, surface irregularities become intertwined, holding grains together. Sedimentary rocks that are formed from sediments by compression include shale and coal as well as some limestones, some cherts, and some phosphorites.
Guiding by 'science and technology, people-oriented, quality first, win-win cooperation'philosophy, for years, the company cooperate with Owens Corning, Onduline, Goldnet, Dow Chemical and other well-known building Materials enterprises at home and abroad. At the same time, adopting more famous brand, better environmental protection and energy-saving products, and more efficient services to meet customers' requirements.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Guangxi,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2010
Annual Output Value Below US$1 Million
Main Markets 50.00% Africa
30.00% Mid East
10.00% South Asia
5.00% Eastern Asia
5.00% South America
Company Certifications Certificate of Satified Building Material Brand;Certificate of Name Brand in China;Certificate of Good Quality Products of 2012;Certificate of Utility Model Patent

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port
Export Percentage 1% - 10%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 1-2 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size:
No. of Production Lines
Contract Manufacturing
Product Price Range