Ozone Free Quartz Tubes

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Packaging & Delivery of Ozone Free Quartz Tubes


Packaging Detail: CARTON CASE
Delivery Detail: 4-7 DAYS



Specifications of Ozone Free Quartz Tubes


clear quartz tube doped with Ti. Has a strong ability to prevent dense UV radiation but release no ozone

Ozone-free quartz tubing.clear,cut surface slig-ht purple.The product blocks wavelength<220nm,while transmit over 70% in 253.7nm.Good for all kinds of germcidal lamps.


Physical Properties ofOzone Free Quartz Tubes


Density  20 kg.m-3 (×103) 2.2
Coefficient of expansion  25-300  -1 (×10-6) 0.56
Softening point     1630
Annealing point    1180
Strain point        1070
Youngs modulus    Pa 7.3×105

Spectral Transmission at 1.0mm Thickness
Nm 185 220 230-280 550 590 780
% 0 0 ≥85 ≥90 ≥92 ≥92

properties: IP 105,clear quartz tube doped with Ti. Has a strong ability to prevent dense UV radiation but release no ozone 
application: It is used for heating tube and has a strong function of decoration




Ozone Free Quartz Tubes

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Q:How many degrees can a quartz tube vacuum package be?
The softening point of high temperature quartz glass is 1730 degrees Celsius, 1200 degrees Celsius can be used in a long time, the highest temperature of 1450 degrees Celsius for a short time
Q:What are the hazards of the quartz tube electric heater?
It's helpful to put a few basins of flowers that can absorb harmful gases at home. I hope the above answer will help you
Q:The quartz tube that has just changed into the sterilizing cabinet will soon burn out. Why?
If the original is easy to burn out the quartz tube into the original position of the old pipe after a sudden burn, and the original old tube position of the original new tube this very durable -- certainly is what resistance capacitance is bad, it is only to open the closed area carefully.
Q:What is the working principle of the electric heater of the quartz tube? Is the heating wire made of ordinary electric stove?
It is formed on the surface of insulator by thermal decomposition or magnetron sputtering or evaporation by special electronic paste at high temperature
Q:Why can quartz glass heating tubes be heated?
The quartz tube expansion coefficients are very small, not burst into the water immediately after heating. It is used in heating equipment, in order to make the intermediate electric wire electric heat emitted by the radiation can be fully out, there is a quartz tube, it is the heat emitted by the electric heating wire with radiation, so use the opal quartz tube do electric heating tube, because it is white, inside of the electric heating wire is not easy to see, in fact there is a heating wire. A transparent quartz tube with an ultraviolet characteristic, so ultraviolet germicidal lamp with good transparent quartz tube processing.
Q:Which is better, light wave oven or induction cooker, for cooking or cooking?
Light wave furnace is also called light wave microwave oven. The biggest difference between it and ordinary microwave oven lies in its heating mode. The ordinary microwave oven, the inner barbecue pipe, generally uses the copper tube or the quartz tube. It is difficult to cool the copper tube after heating, which leads to scalding. The heat effect of the quartz tube is not very high.
Q:How can the quartz glass tube be butted with stainless steel?
The temperature is not high, the use of epoxy resin or silicone rubber adhesion, high temperature should use inorganic high temperature glue (copper oxide + phosphoric acid), the requirements are not high, you can directly cooperate with.
Q:Disinfection cabinet light wave or quartz tube good?
Ordinary quartz heating will burst in water, while light wave will not burst in water, so as to improve its safety
Q:Why import quartz tube (fused quartz tube) high accuracy, is the processing process there is a difference?
Do not know the diameter of this ellipse, the domestic is 3/1000, it is not imported, small craft is the same, but there are still high-end difference, the domestic still can not catch upIf the experiment you require is so high, it's only imported
Q:The difference between a quartz tube and a halogen tube
The difference between a quartz tube and a halogen tube:Quartz tube is a kind of special industrial technology glass made of silicon dioxide. It is a very good basic material. Quartz glass has a series of excellent physical and chemical properties for electric fire bucket, electric heating stove, electric heater, heating up.
our company is a specialized manufacturer of all kinds of halogen lamps, such as infrared ray halogen lamps for heater series, J type series, JC type series and metal halid lamps.

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