Oxygen Anaesthesia Mask

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Product Description:

Product Specification of Oxygen Anaesthesia Mask:

Soft cushion fit a wide range of patient faces.

Allowing user to easily adjust forehead support for personalized fit and comfort.

Preventing the possibility of cross contamination.

The 360° swivel elbow provides quick and easy tubing removal without taking the mask off.

Removable cushion provides easy cleaning or replacement.

Built-in ports are idealistic for pressure monitoring and oxygen supply.


1)    Oxygen Mask with 2.1m Tubing: Adult Standard/ Elongated, Pediatric Standard/ Elongated;

2)    Multi-vent Mask with 2.1m Tubing: Adult Standard/ Elongated, Pediatric Standard/ Elongated;

3)    Adjustable Venturi Mask, 24%/ 28%/ 31%/ 35%/ 40%/ 50%:Adult/ Pediatric Standard;

4)    Non-rebreather Oxygen Mask with 7ftTubing: Adult Standard/ Elongated, Pediatric Standard/ Elongated;

5)    Aerosol Mask: Adult Standard/ Elongated, Pediatric Standard/ Elongated;

6)    Tracheostomy Mask: Adult/ Pediatric;

7)    Air Cushion Mask: Neonate/ Infant/ Child/ Small Adult/ Medium Adult/ Large Adult/ Ultra Adult

8)    Capnography CO2 Sampling Mask with2.1m Tubing: Adult Standard/ Elongated, Pediatric Standard/ Elongated;

Packing Details of Oxygen Anaesthesia Mask:

PE Bag for Individual, Size 22cm*21cm;

Inner label, Size 12.5cm*8.5cm;

50pcs Per Outer Box, Size 36cm*28cm*26cm;


Oxygen Anaesthesia Mask

Oxygen Anaesthesia Mask



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Q:The main treatment principle of the patient after anesthesia in the case of respiratory depression
After the general anesthesia, the main reason for the treatment of respiratory depression is to maintain the respiratory tract in general, do a good job of auxiliary ventilator frequency of breathing the number of effective to improve the normal range of oxygen saturation
Q:Half anesthesia why electrocardiogram and ventilator
I do not know whether you mean "semi anesthesia" or "spinal anesthesia" or "epidural" such as non-general anesthesia anesthesia. But I must tell you that, no matter what kind of anesthesia, ECG must be monitored throughout the operation, which is for the sake of the safety of patients.
Q:What is the effect of a safety valve for breathing anesthesia and a pressure reducing valve?
If it is machine-controlled breathing, it does not matter, the general airway pressure will not exceed 30, anesthesia machine generally set the air pressure limit of 25, that is more than 25 of the gas automatically let go, will not produce lung injury to patients
Q:Use of anesthesia machine for pet inhalation anesthesia
(C) precautions 1, accurate weighing body weight; anesthetic dosage "rather less." 2, injection rate to master, start a little faster, when the beginning of anesthesia effect should be slowed down. 3, during surgery, such as anesthesia found shallow, but does not affect the operation of the operation may not add anesthetic. 4, dog anesthesia after the recovery is slow, sometimes up to 24 hours or so, after surgery should pay attention to observation, to help animals Turn over, once found to have respiratory suppression in a timely manner to take first aid measures.
Q:What is the risk of general anesthesia
After the "wake up", the patient must not allow anything after 6 hours, can only open .6 hours after the appropriate water, but depends on whether the patient has discomfort, such as dizziness, nausea, etc. If not, give Flow, small amount.
Q:Are there any risk of anesthesia in the elderly?
Elderly surgery anesthesia is a certain risk. The risk of anesthesia in the operation of shortness of breath, dyspnea, depression, cyanosis and other symptoms, or even death, so preoperative examination is very important.
Q:What are the periods of anesthesia?
When the surgery ends, the anesthesiologist will stop the use of narcotic drugs, the patient enters the anesthesia recovery period. With the patient's metabolism of narcotic drugs in the body, the concentration of narcotic drugs gradually reduced. When the concentration of narcotic drugs to a certain extent, the patient can restore spontaneous breathing, awareness will be sober, this time the anesthesiologist will pull out the tracheal tube, continue to give the patient mask oxygen, and remove the oral secretions. When the patient's spontaneous breathing is well recovered, the consciousness is completely awake, the ability to speak is good and the vital signs are smooth, that is, when the anesthesia is reached, the ward can be returned to the ward.
Q:Do you have an anesthesia for dogs?
In some second-tier cities, or small hospitals are still using low-cost, but not very stable injection anesthesia. Hope to help you
Q:The difference between inhalation anesthesia and intravenous anesthesia
Anesthesia subcutaneous anesthesia and general anesthesia, inhalation anesthesia and intravenous anesthesia are all general anesthesia,
Q:Cat breathing anesthesia has been awake, but how is it going
Let the doctor hit a needle to wake up the needle, eyes to eye drops, can not keep open to keep moist. Anesthesia is too deep.
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