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Minimum Order Quantity:1000 MetersUnit:mLoading Port:China Main Port
Supply Ability:20000 Kilograms per Day 24HoursPayment Terms:TT or LC

Product Description:

Introduction of WPC Decking

1. Green ecological, Innovative technology, Lifestyle

2. Elegant nature wood grain texture and touch, with wood scent

3. Elegant and detailed shape design

4. Resistant to cracking and splitting

5. Water-proof, moldy-proof, prevents rotting and moisture, anti-acid, alkali and pest resistance

6. Environmental friendly, fully recyclable and no other hazard chemical

7. Safe to use for many years

8. No painting, no glue, free maintenance

9. Anti-slip, less crack and warp, barefoot friendly

10. Good weatherability, suitable from -40°C to +60°C

11.Easy to process install and clean

12.UV resistance, Fade resistant Durable

13.Dimension stability against moisture and temperature

14. High quality with competitive price.

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Q:What is the high cost of floor and floor tiles? The Or the same price which is good?
Most of the floor tiles than the floor expensive, high cost, the construction than the floor more complex, but durable, easy to clean, of course, see where you use
Q:Combinatorics-Floor and Ceiling Problem?
If x=2k, k∈ℤ, ceiling[(2x + 1) / 2)] - ceiling[(2x + 1) / 4] + floor[(2x + 1) / 4] = = ceiling[2k + 1/ 2] - ceiling[k + 1/4] + floor[k + 1/4] = = (2k+1) - (k+1) + k = 2k = x = floor(x) = ceiling(x). ---------- If x=2k+1, k∈ℤ, ceiling[(2x + 1) / 2)] - ceiling[(2x + 1) / 4] + floor[(2x + 1) / 4] = = ceiling[2k + 1] - ceiling[k + 1/2] + floor[k + 1/2] = = (2k+1) - (k+1) + k = 2k = x = floor(x) = ceiling(x). ---------- If 2k < x ≤ 2k+1/2, k∈ℤ, = 2k+1/2 < (2x+1)/2 = x+1/2 ≤ 2k+1 = ceiling[(2x+1)/2] = 2k+1 and k+1/4 < (2x+1)/4 = x/2+1/4 ≤ k+1/2 = ceiling[(2x+1)/4] = k+1 floor[(2x+1)/4] = k Then ceiling[(2x + 1) / 2)] - ceiling[(2x + 1) / 4] + floor[(2x + 1) / 4] = = (2k+1) - (k+1) + k = 2k = floor(x). ---------- If 2k+1/2 < x < 2k+1, k∈ℤ, = 2k+1 < (2x+1)/2 = x+1/2 < 2k+3/2 = ceiling[(2x+1)/2] = 2k+2 and k+1/2 < (2x+1)/4 = x/2+1/4 < k+3/4 = ceiling[(2x+1)/4] = k+1 floor[(2x+1)/4] = k Then ceiling[(2x + 1) / 2)] - ceiling[(2x + 1) / 4] + floor[(2x + 1) / 4] = = (2k+2) - (k+1) + k = 2k+1 = ceiling(x). ---------- If 2k+1 < x ≤ 2k+3/2, k∈ℤ, = 2k+3/2 < (2x+1)/2 = x+1/2 ≤ 2k+2 = ceiling[(2x+1)/2] = 2k+2 and k+3/2 < (2x+1)/4 = x/2+1/4 ≤ k+1 = ceiling[(2x+1)/4] = k+1 floor[(2x+1)/4] = k Then ceiling[(2x + 1) / 2)] - ceiling[(2x + 1) / 4] + floor[(2x + 1) / 4] = = (2k+2) - (k+1) + k = 2k+1 = floor(x). ---------- If 2k+3/2 < x < 2k+2, k∈ℤ, = 2k+2 < (2x+1)/2 = x+1/2 < 2k+5/2 = ceiling[(2x+1)/2] = 2k+3 and k+1 < (2x+1)/4 = x/2+1/4 < k+5/4 = ceiling[(2x+1)/4] = k+2 floor[(2x+1)/4] = k+1 Then ceiling[(2x + 1) / 2)] - ceiling[(2x + 1) / 4] + floor[(2x + 1) / 4] = = (2k+3) - (k+2) + (k+1) = 2k+2 = floor(x).
Q:Home pvc floor price is generally how much
PVC flooring is a safe non-toxic waterproof anti-slip flame retardant new technology light ground pavement materials, also belong to recyclable materials, (this is very important), if the price is expected to use recycled materials, a five-story structure , 1PVC base layer, 2 glass fiber layer (play a stable role), 3 printing layer (PVC non-slip is the printing layer here credit), 4 wear layer (very critical, life expectancy to see wear layer), 5uv layer (Anti-bacterial and light is mainly uv layer of credit) quality mainly to see the thickness and home improvement PVC floor, the general price (material 45-180), the market selling the thickness of the general 2.0-3.0 between millimeters Kazakhstan, wear layer For the 0.08 to 0.15 is also between the millimeters (⊙ o ⊙) Oh, the more wear-resistant layer the more expensive the price, of course, the longer life, the installation of this piece is best to use professional construction team construction, after all, Rely on the construction of Well. The overall price should be more than 80 in order to worry about the quality of some. Of course, the market there are some 60-70 are doing, it is best not to use, after all, a penny goods, home improvement is to live a long time, the province so little, later by their own pay, wish You are lucky
Q:Would you like to be able to shop with stone flooring?
Stone floor is PVC sheet flooring, so from the material point of view, it is closer to the tiles, single from the thermal performance point of view, but it is slightly worse than the composite floor, as to whether it is suitable for heating, from the following two aspects Analysis: 1. If the water is installed to warm, then the impact on the floor is not great, choose stone floor is possible. Just the beginning of the time, the floor will be hot some slow, so the temperature of the whole room are up after, there is not much difference. 2. If you are equipped with electric heating, then have to see whether the family has been someone. If someone at home, to warm long-term operation at a higher temperature, then what the floor floor are the same. But if no one day only go back at night to increase the temperature to warm, then you should choose a good thermal conductivity of the floor, reducing the temperature adjustment caused by the loss of heat. Stone floor of the impact of warm heat in the 10% to 30%, is not conducive to energy conservation, and stone floor of the cooling effect is not very obvious. Therefore, the floor is warm can be paved stone floor, but from the perspective of economic and environmental protection to start the case, it is not recommended that we use stone floor.
Q:Formaldehyde standards for flooring
GB is the E1 standard environmental standard formaldehyde emission is less than 1.5 mg
Q:Can the wood flooring often use water?
Your habit is the most important, "is the people with the floor, not dare to bogey yaojue bad but only for the floor of the service", do not get anti. Especially in their own home, even more so. If you live with her mother, need to consider later. If the mother is a tolerant old lady, may wish to sprinkle Jiao, coax her, that is it. On the contrary, if she is a rigid person, there is no need to worry about trivia, please an hour to work, spend two money, also fills.
Q:Peel & Stick Vinyl Floor TIles?
We have used vinyl tiles over sheet flooring with great success in some of our rental apartments. I always use denatured alcohol to prep the floor. I also use a vinyl adhesive to stick the tiles down. Buy a trowel with the smallest notch to spread the adhesive. I have found that the higher priced tiles shrink the least over time. If you plan your layout to avoid having small pieces of tile on one side, the results will be better. I have also been finding some really good deals on laminate flooring. It is more difficult to install, but it is almost indestructable when kept dry. I also saw a job where vinyl tiles were installed in a garage floor - cars were actually on the vinyl tile floor. Looked good. I just wonder how long it will last...
Q:How to clean up the concrete on the floor of the new house
Wear rubber gloves. Keep the room well ventilated. Clean the cement with a clean lantern. Wait a few minutes after wiping with a scouring pad. And then remember to clean the surface of the tiles with clean water.
Q:laying pergo over oak floor?
Home Depot carrys a flooring called Allure. It looks like wood but its vinyl and really cheap. Installs over just about anything and unlike Pergo its moisture proof. Its super easy to install too. This would probably be cheapest but I would really look into getting the real wood floors refinished, you will be SO much happier with real wood.
Q:Can I practice ballet on a polished cement floor?
Oh God NO!!!!!!! Don't ever practice on cement. You will destroy your knees , feet and joints. You need a sprung or floating floor to not get injured. The floor needs to have some give. Even a standard hardwood floor in a home will give you tendinitis if danced on for any helpful amount of time. That is why pre-professional dancers take daily classes over practice at home because 1) they don't want to be injured. 2) in class they get corrections from their teacher that they cannot get at home and 3) the cost of putting in a sprung or floating floor in your home is very expensive and you need the ceiling height to do this as well. Much cheaper and better to just add more ballet classes.

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