outdoor wpc eco deck

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Minimum Order Quantity:1000 MetersUnit:mLoading Port:China Main Port
Supply Ability:20000 Kilograms per Day 24HoursPayment Terms:TT or LC

Product Description:

Introduction of WPC Decking

1. Green ecological, Innovative technology, Lifestyle

2. Elegant nature wood grain texture and touch, with wood scent

3. Elegant and detailed shape design

4. Resistant to cracking and splitting

5. Water-proof, moldy-proof, prevents rotting and moisture, anti-acid, alkali and pest resistance

6. Environmental friendly, fully recyclable and no other hazard chemical

7. Safe to use for many years

8. No painting, no glue, free maintenance

9. Anti-slip, less crack and warp, barefoot friendly

10. Good weatherability, suitable from -40°C to +60°C

11.Easy to process install and clean

12.UV resistance, Fade resistant Durable

13.Dimension stability against moisture and temperature

14. High quality with competitive price.

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Q:3dmax how to change the direction of the floor grain
1. Open the scene and render it in the perspective. 2. Find the floor map, right mouse button rotated 90 degrees clockwise. 3. To return to the scene, the floor texture orientation has changed and rendered in the perspective for validation.
Q:Know nothing about ceramic floor tile.?
If you do not know anything about tile you probably should not try and take on the work yourself until you at least talk with someone who can advise you on what might work best in your situation. That being said, next time you are in a Lowe's or Home Depot ask the folks in the flooring area what they would recommend for you. They can show you how to put the tile down and what supplies you will need to complete the work. I was in a Lowe's just last week and watched a demonstration for putting down the 12 square tiles. Ask some of your friends or co-workers about. I bet someone will either know how to, or know someone who knows how to lay the tile. If the tile is not put down correctly it will all have to be removed and done again so make sure you or whoever does put the tile down knows what they are doing.
Q:What is best to clean laminate floors??
Just damp mop. they are pretty good about cleaning up.
Q:stripping floors?
use the stripping chemical. It breaks down the wax. put the solution down and let it work and use your black pad. make sure you rinse the floor very well.
Q:Removal of Acid Stains from the floor.?
Flooring is one of the important aspect which add beauty to your home/building. Marble makes a luxurious material for floors, walls, countertops and mantels. This porous material tends to absorb stains from liquids and oils that have come in contact with it. Certain liquids, such as juice or wine, may contain certain acids that, once absorbed, leave an unsightly and harmful stain in the marble. Applying a poultice treatment will pull the stain back out of the pores of the marble and remove the stain. This low-maintenance treatment will restore your marble surface to its original shine. Good Luck...
Q:How to install the cabinet on an antistatic floor
Usually placed directly on the floor, if there is a need for fixed, then there are two ways, the floor hole with a fixed bar in the floor under the floor, or on the floor out of the appropriate size of the hole, through the bracket or base with the ground The
Q:MV a band in the basement to sing a group of people dancing in the last dance to the floor of the last song
Q:Pain a ceramic floor?
Use floor leveling compound to smooth it out and put down self stick floor tile. I have done this twice now in two different houses with great success.
Q:sloping floors?
99% of the time, its foundation problems.The other 1% is either it was always like that due to poor craftsmanship or part of the wood structure has been damaged at some point in time.
Q:For disinfection, often with 84 disinfectant wash the floor, will damage the wood floor / floor tiles?
84 disinfectant is a sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) -based highly efficient disinfectant, a certain degree of corrosion, often use will have some damage. (1) 84 disinfectant in the visible light is easy to release toxic chlorine, so when cleaning the floor, with plastic gloves, window ventilation, so as not to cause damage to the nervous system. (2) 84 other safe use of disinfectant is 1, disinfecting utensils: with the original liquid in accordance with the ratio of 1: 9 watered (half basin of water into the 6 cover), the need for disinfection of the device placed in a diluted liquid Soak for 20 minutes. 2, fruits, vegetables: with the amount of liquid in accordance with the 1:29 watered (half a bucket of water into the 4 cover), will need to disinfect the fruits and vegetables in the diluted liquid soaked in 20 minutes after the water over the net (Not recommended to use, fruits and vegetables, vegetables, fruits and vegetables can be used for the disinfection, or more water rinse several times). 3, the general surface (toilet, toilet, ground, etc.) and public places environment (sewers, ditches, trash cans, etc.): with the amount of liquid in accordance with the 1:29 Duishui (half a bucket of water into the 4 cover) Minutes or rags, mop scrub, or spray with plastic pots. 4, fabric (towels, clothing, especially color clothing do not use): with the original liquid in accordance with the ratio of 1:29 Duishui (half a bucket of water into the 4 cover), soak for 20 minutes after the water over the net.

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