Outdoor Wicker Sofa Set 4 Piece Palm Harbor

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Product Description:

Outdoor Wicker Sofa Set 4 Piece Palm Harbor

Outdoor Furniture Description

Set your ice cold beverage on the table and lounge around on our elegantly designed all-weather wicker loveseat. Finely crafted with intricately woven wicker over durable aluminum frames, this timeless wicker furniture provides lasting comfort and style. Let your worries fade away as you doze off in our UV/fade resistant cushions.

Outdoor Furniture Features

Aluminum Structure: Less likely to get rusty

Extra-thick Round PE Rattan: More Endurable and More Elegant in Design

Premium Quality Fabric with zipper, replaceable and washable

Outdoor Furniture Image

Outdoor Wicker Sofa Set 4 Piece Palm Harbor

Outdoor Wicker Sofa Set 4 Piece Palm Harbor

Outdoor Furniture Specification

What are the materials?

Our rattan furniture is woven by hand with environment-friendly PE rattan on strong powder-coated metal or aluminum structure with soft cushions and pillows. The cushions are usually replaceable and washable.

1)    PE Rattan/PVC Rattan/Poly Rattan/Synthetic Rattan: durable and UV and weather resistant

-- Round Rattan is usually more durable than flat rattan and more expensive.

-- Plenty of rattan colors are available for selection and the well-received colors are listed as follows: Changing Brown, Charcoal, Dark Brown, Cream, Beige, Grey, White, etc.

-- Rattan Size: Our common round rattan diameter: 2.4mm, 2.5mm, 2.9mm, 3mm, 3.3mm, etc. Our common flat rattan width: 6, 8, 10, 12 mm, etc.

2) Structure/Framework: Top Graded and powder-coated

--Strong metal structure is adopted if not asked. Aluminum structure can also be made at a higher cost. Aluminum structure is lighter in weight.

3) Cushions and pillows: water-proof and with zipper, replaceable and washable

-- Our common cushion thickness: 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 15mm, 18mm, etc.

Outdoor Wicker Sofa Set 4 Piece Palm Harbor

Outdoor Wicker Sofa Set 4 Piece Palm Harbor


Why choose you?

We have 10 years experience in producing office furniture and provide all services for your import. 

What is your minimum order quantity?

We have no minimum order quantity requirement for hand woven furniture.

What’s your payment term?

We generally accept telegraphic transfer, 50% down payment and the balance before delivery.

We also accept L/C at sight, D/P, western union, depending on your order amounts and pricing terms and credibility.

How long is your lead time?

Usually around 1 to 2 months. Samples and stocks are as fast as 1 work day to 1 week.

Do you accept customized design?

Yes, OEM is welcomed. We could make also your logo or with your hand tag and carton printing, etc.


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Q:Where to buy inexpensive/discounted sofa?
has a large inventory of discounted sofas of varying prices. What I especially like is the fact that you can read reviews of each one from people who have ordered and used these products.
Q:I just bought an 88 dodge van. Does anyone know how to recline the sofa?
Check behind the sofa for a lever that is usually in the center near the top.You may also check behind the sofa at the base near the floor on each side.If this is a custom made interior like for Recreational use. ( Conversion Van)The sofa was put in by a sublet company.Some sofas went down just by folding the back part of the sofa down by pulling on it.Just don't force it.Good Luck PS: Sometimes the back of the seat 'ratcheted' to it's different positions.
Q:How to remove oders and santisize a sofa bed matress?
well there is this stuff called odo ban it removes odors , ad kills germs , it says it is euclalyptus scented but it smells so good , we use it on our sofa ,and beds .. o can get this at wal mart it is cheaper than febreeze and works much better as well
Q:Are Microfiber Sofas worth buying?
This material is extremely durable, wears well, and cleans very easily and very well. It's a great choice if you have children or pets or are in the habit of eating/drinking on your sofa and expect the occasional spill. Usually a damp cloth works but even grimy and matted fabric can be cleaned up with the help of some fabric cleaner. The hand marking is inevitable because the material has a pile. There is no way to prevent this. Agreed it's not the best look but you can get rid of it by brushing the pile in one direction then look but don't touch!
Q:my cats are tearin up my sofa!?
You need plenty of scratching mats, not posts around the house and they come with catnip to attract them. My cats use them constantly. One has a thing for our door frames but is doing it less and less with more scratching mats around. Petco also offers a solution with a stick on substance that does not harm your furniture, etc. but will deter the cat from scratching it up. Ask you pet store for solutions. They have them.
Q:jack russell terrier and the sofa?
it won't confuse him ... let him on the furniture already, just train him to get down when you say and all will be fine ... my jack russell is allowed on my furniture but i have two friends who to not want her on their furniture with both myself and my dog respect that ... the dog does not even try to jump up on their furniture ... so they can learn some furniture is okay and some is not ... and i have never in over 30 years had a dominant dog and all of my pets have been allowed on all furniture from 8 weeks on ...
Q:Leather sofa got wet, is it ruined?
Bad luck Biro ink is a tough one to solve, Very artistic is she?? Yep there are solutions you can by in most supermarkets specific to biro ink but before you use it in earnest try it on the leather in an unobtrusive place ,some of those solvents can be very rough and may effect the surface of the leather if not the colour. You said you had tried cleaning solution did you mean a specialist leather cleaner? they are available from quality furniture stores or maybe upholsterers. Very best of luck and hid the pens or alternatively bind her hands.xx
Q:What kind of sofa do American people and European peole like respectively?
Everyone has different taste, some people don't even like sofas. I like large, soft couches, perfect for lounging infront of the tv. My uncle on the hand likes stiff rigid sofas and hates soft because he thinks it looks messy and it's uncomfortable.
Q:What is the most comfortable sofa sleeper?
The most confortable sleeper sofas are very expensive and built to last a long time. I would suggest something like this, much cheeper and can be folded up during the daytime to save space. cgi.OKorder.co.uk/Folding-Z-Bed_W0QQ...
Q:Will a light brown sofa set look good with the same light brown wall color?
Yes but instead of exactly the same color, it would be nice a shade darker or lighter. You can get a perfect match by going to a paint store and picking a few color chips in your color range, there will be lighter and darker versions on each color card. This will give a little more movement and interest, then since tan is neutral, you can pick almost any color as your accent color....good luck!

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