Outdoor White Rattan Sofa Furniture

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1) Dia12mm big round Synthetic PE rattan is with UV resistant and water-proof.

2) Aluminum frame is with powder coating.

3) 5cm-6cm thickness cushion, waterproof and colorfast cushion.

4) Coffee table with glass (according to the photo), 5-8mm thickness tempered glass.


1) Manual work--hand-weave.

2) Professional design, various colors are available.

3) Rustless aluminum frame.

4) Rust proof, insect prevention, stale proof, anti-high temperature.

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Q:How do you get grease marks/oil stains from a leather sofa?
Try scrubbing the stains with shaving cream. Then wipe with a clean wet cloth. Shaving cream is nothing but whipped soap that rinses off easily. The last thing you want to use on your sofa is overly sudsy soap. You'll never get the suds out. Any brand of shaving cream works, as long as it's the typical white foamy kind. The gels don't work. -
Q:Has anyone ever had the wrong Ikea sofa delivered?
Not the wrong one, but the sofa we got deliverd was too big to come through the front room doors.... So it had to go back to store and we orderd a new one, We had the money refunded in 3 days to my card. was so sad to see the big yellow van leave with my sofa still on it
Q:Modeling under SOFA stamp?
Stuff that my lazy brother eats and gets everywhere in the floor. Random stuff. and that i discovered a $20 dollar bill one time. And my favourite t-shirt that became into all properly folded so i assume it fell off the luxurious of the ironing pile. and that i discovered a variety of social gathering toothpicks with the swords. Pirates of the Caribbean action picture cost ticket. airborne dirt and mud bunnies A sock that i think of is my brothers you at the instant made me choose to seem. generally crap that basically finally ends up there.
Q:futon vs sofa bed?
Sofa beds are quite easy to use and depending on price are quite comfortable. Futons come in a variety of looks from a dorm room plain to a real sofa look and also depend on what you pay to get the comfort. Both require spending a little more to get comfort and style. They both require bedding. You don't actually sleep on the futon mattress. It still needs sheets so it would take the same amount of make up time. You still need to protect the futon base cushion. Try both sofa beds and futons in the stores in the different price levels. You will note the difference in a higher quality piece.
Q:what should i put behind my sofa?
A sofa table, a book shelf that is the length and height of the couch, a cedar chest.
Q:Making sofa covers on my own?
Check out the Singer and Waverly sites. I purchased books from both companies in the past with complete instructions for upholstery, slipcovers, decorative pillows, draperies, etc.
Q:Does my 14 yr old step daughter deserve to be punished for wetting our new sofa?
No as it was an accident. The fact she's tried cleaning the sofa shows shes tried to make up for the accident and shes probably totally embarrassed about her problem anyway. That's far more than most teens would do. Theres lots of parents would envy you. Think of those with teens who go out and get drunk and then throw up all over the house and then swear at you when you talk to them about cleaning it up. Your stepdaughter may have a wetting problem but compared to some teens she sounds an angel.
Q:Where can I find a sofa slipcover for a 'pillow arm' sofa?
If you don't sew you may be out of luck. It would be difficult to even make a cover for a leather sofa that wouldn't slip and slide off. Most covers are made to cling to a fabric-covered piece of furniture and will cling to other fabrics; leather, no. There is leather stain you could apply that would cover messy food stains, but it sounds like wear and tear is your basic problem. I am a brave person and have tried fixing things that no one else would even consider. If you can find a practical fabric you'd like to use for a cover, you can measure the sofa and cut the fabric to fit the various sections and glue the back, front, and arms on and sew fabric to fit the cushions. If you don't sew, you could have someone sew cushion covers for you; you could surely cut, measure and glue on the rest yourself. All it takes is courage - ask the women of Iran about courage - we don't need to worry about being shot if we try something different - what have you got to lose? You didn't want to use the furniture the way it is - go at it - you have my blessing.
Q:how can i get away from a sofa and love seat combo?
Don't worry about matching the sofa with a love seat. If you love the sofa and want to incorporate your wing chair, consider an armless chaise in the same fabric as your sofa, color conducive to the wing chair. If you need the extra seating for occasional parties, then an armless chaise would suffice since it can accommodate 3 people seated lengthwise. If you need the seating for a large family, you may opt for another sofa, facing each to the other, coffee table in the middle (depends on the scale and function of your room).
Q:how to make a kitty to sleep on her bed or the sofa!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
You can't make a cat do anything it does not want to. If you do not want the cat sleeping on your bed, you will have to lock it out of your bedroom. Cats are the boss of you! Dogs have owners. Cats have staff.

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