Outdoor Solar Ground Light With 2 Bright Leds By Professional Manufacturer

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General Introduction

Outdoor Solar Ground Light With 2 Bright Leds


1. Garden 

2. Lawn 

3. Fence 

4. Park 

5. Pathway




Solar panel

0.6W, polycrystalline

Rechargeable battery

2*AAA 1.2V 600mAh Ni-Mh Battery


2*0.3W white LED, 40lm, 

Lighting mode

Bright and soft light


Aluminum Alloys + Stainless Steel

Solar charging time


Lighting time


Product size




*Great for Lighting Up Garden and Yard in the Dark

*Super Bright LEDS

*Rechargeable Battey Included

*Lasts Up to 8 Hours After Full Charge

*Inciudes Ground Stake for Easy Installation

*Maintenance Free

*Easy Assembly

*Use is free of charge


Quality Control


Material inspection: a group of 5 people to cheeking incoming material quality

Semi-finished products inspection : a group of 7 people to ensure working capability. Such as Illumination, appearance......

Finished Product Inspection:  property test,  waterproof test, inspecting package



YINRU have two workshops:PCB workshop and Assembly plant.

Assembly plant have 17 product lines. Workshop directors assignes everyday work tasks.

Below pictures are our company's production plants,we have enough production lines to guarantee 

both quality and quantity to complete your requirements.



Haviing a majority kinds of samples, such as solar garden lawn light, solar courtyard light, solar fence

light, solar floating ball......


Meeting Room

Every Friday afternoon, General manager and each department heads convene a meeting in the  

meeting room, summarizing the progress of the previous week and assigning next week's work. 

We work through the conference promptly resolve problems in the work and strengthen coordination of every department. 


Factory information

1.Covers an area of 14552 square meters

2.Total has four buildings: office building,assembly building, warehouse, dormitory building

3.With 200-350 workers

4.Have two workshop and three warehouse

5.Sales team: 7 persons

6.R&D staff: 6 persons

7.Production capacity: 20,000pcs per day


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We will reply your email or fax within 24 hours 

You can call us at any time if there is any question on our production.

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Q:The advantages and disadvantages of LED and solar garden lamps
Solar garden lamp, the shortest life is the battery, about 4-6 years to change the battery (the current battery technology can only achieve this life), solar energy have a great advantage is more environmentally friendly, solar systems are now relatively mature, can choose natural products beneficial to some is responsible for yourself.
Q:How many watts of energy saving lamp are suitable for the three meter courtyard lamp? How many watts of LED?
The courtyard needs a brighter light, energy-saving lamps to light 65W, LED need to see the light effect is the brightness of the LED lamp, some 20W will be able to meet your needs, personal recommendation LED lamp, although the cost will be expensive, but a lot of electricity a year, the cost on the back, life is still very long. Good, do not often change so much trouble
Q:What's the size of the courtyard lamp?
Just apply the courtyard lamp installation is a list. The earth electrode is listed in a separate list. The hospital should be in the lamp base construction drawings, by the civil remember.
Q:What are the types of LED garden light source?
The system is composed of solar panel, bracket, lamp post, lamp holder, special bulb, accumulator, battery box and cage. The lamp cap is colorful, chic and elegant, and can be used for dressing and lighting in courtyards, parks, playgrounds and other places.
Q:What are the suitable places for patio lamps? What are the materials required for the patio lamp?
Courtyard lamp material: steel lamp body, the whole high quality hot-dip galvanizing, electrostatic spraying processing, no rust, aging resistance, smooth surface. The light source is metal halide lamp, energy-saving lamp and LED.
Q:How much ballast does the LED 15W lamp belt need?
The key is the light effect of LED. Light effect LED beads are currently available from 40LM/W~100LM/W, see what you buy. Incandescent light effect is about 10LM/W, LED whole lamp, if it is cheap Zhongshan goods, it is estimated that 30-40LM/W, okay, you can go to the 60-70LM/W, PHILPS light Expo in the sample displayed, you can go to 90LM...The LED lamp uses a constant current source, not a ballast, and the output power of the constant current source should be greater than 100W, and the specific value depends on the setting
Q:Which brand is good for the patio lamp?
Check the lights solar controller and battery is lit, if not bright, then look at the connecting line controller and battery is not off, if the connection line is normal, the voltage with a multimeter to check the battery, if the battery voltage is normal, the controller, the replacement of a controller see is not normal use.
Q:What is the distance between 4 meters courtyard light?
This is related to your degree of illumination, generally between 5-15M, this by your own choice, you feel good on the line, but the general 10-15M this distance is good, not black, and not dense ~!
Q:How to install the garden lamp?
Led garden lamp in the industry, its service life is very good, even longer than the traditional courtyard lamp usage time, although the LED garden lamp and traditional courtyard lamp is connected to electricity, but the LED garden lamp has a good energy saving effect, and its size is small, easy to control the advantages of the courtyard lamp is easy to use.
Q:What is the usual height of garden lights?
2.5 meters -5 meters, usually about 3.5 meters, much production, but also relatively symmetrical, beautiful.

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