Outdoor PE Wicker/Rattan Sofa CMAX-YHA123

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Material: Rattan/Wicker,Cold Rolled Steel Style: Modern Usage: Outdoor & Garden
Color: White,Red,Green,Yellow,Black,Purple,Blue,Orange,Grey,Ivory,Other Structure: Unfolded Customized: Customized
Height Adjustable: Unadjustable

Product Description:

[Product Details]

Outdoor PE Wicker/Rattan Sofa CMAX-YHA123


1. Synthetic PE rattan with steel frame 

2. UV-protection, all-weather, colorfast, waterproof, easy to clean, removable slipcovers for machine washing

3. Certificate: SGS & CE 

4. Warranty: 7 year frame warranty, 2 year warranty on all other parts (under normal using).




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Outdoor PE Wicker/Rattan Sofa CMAX-YHA123

Outdoor PE Wicker/Rattan Sofa CMAX-YHA123

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[Packing & Shipping]

 1. Furniture Packing: bubble bags or PE foam paper rapped up the whole furniture, export cartons outside

 2. Cushion Packing: PE bags

 3. Fittings Packing: PE bags, non-woven fabrics 

 4. Special Packing: Wooden Bracket, Steel Bracket and other options available.



1.What is your payment term?

   - T/T; 

   - L/C at sight;

   - Western Union (conditional, please contact us for more details)

   - Alipay (conditional, please contact us for more details)

   - OneTouch

 2. What is the warranty?

     7 year frame warranty, 2 year warranty on all other parts (under normal using).

 3. How to maintain the rattan furniture?

     - Wipe to clean the rattan;

    - Keep away from sharp objects (keys, knives, sharp metal pieces, ects) and fire(fire, flame, cigarette, ects);

    - Cover removes easily for machine washing, additional covers are available for change.

    - Maximum weight capacity is a suggested figure. 

 4. Can you make the product according to our requests?

       Yes. We can do customized designs, including dimensions, colors, shapes, different rattan materials,      frame materials, ects.

 5. Can you accept mixed items order?

     Yes. please send the items you are interested in to us.

 6. What is the MOQ?

      No MOQ required.

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Q:How can I safely clean my cotton sofa?
Caution: If your cotton fabric is Haitian cotton, do not use water or any water-based cleaner. It would cause a permanent stain. (I speak from sad experience. Too late I read the care tag!)
Q:Mismatched sofa?
Buy covers
Q:how do i arrange a sectional sofa?
However they fit comfortably to have a good seating area. You can fit them together or seperately. Usually the curved sofa goes in a corner or on the corner where the dining room and living room come together. Make sure you have good walking space.
Q:Is my puppy ok jumping off the sofa?
I am not sure what a springador is....a size and weight and body type profile would be more helpful. Made up breeds can look like one or the other. That said, do you want a dog that is going to be on the furniture when he grows up and gets however large his type of mutt (he is a mutt, no matter what name you make up to call him) will get? Some people think its cute when the puppy is on the bed, but then when the puppy grows up to be an 80lb dog jumping on your bed it is no longer cute. So decide if you want him on the furniture for the rest of his life. For ME personally I do not mind small dogs (under 10 lbs) on the furniture, but I would not want a large dog on my furniture, it gets hard to keep clean, drool, hair, smell, and some dogs like to chew furniture, but that is all personal preference! Be careful with him jumping off your sofa, I also have no idea how high your sofa is, if he is landing on hard tile or a soft rug, all these things make a difference on the danger level! In all likelihood he is not going to hurt himself, but keep in mind that he will think I can jump off anything I can get on and that IS dangerous! I have see people's dogs jump off REALLY high things and injure themselves. Make sure he also understands that just because he can jump that high it does not mean it is ok for him to go anywhere he can jump. My Papillion can jump onto my kitchen table if she wants to - but she does not because she knows that is a no-no so think about those types of things as well when training your new dog. Good luck!
Q:Is it a couch or a sofa?
They BOTH are considered the same thing ... I think it's all in how you were taught. Both are proper, but I, personally, like to call it a SOFA ... sounds more sophisticated! Most furniture advertisements call it a Sofa ... have you ever heard of a place selling a Couch Loveseat? I haven't ... they always refer to it as a Sofa Loveseat.
Q:hi im decorating my living room at present and i feel my floor doesnt match with my sofa?
I okorder.com/ Hope this Helps
Q:Looking for a decent Sofa?
I would definitely go with a leather sofa. Leather sets are durable, adjust to body temperature and easy to maintain. Leather outlasts fabric by far, so that is your best option. Be careful when buying leather, ask for 100% genuine leather all around the set. What that means is, the back and sides should also be leather, not leather match, leatherette, or anything like that. Also, make sure you ask for at least top grain leather, you don't want split leather or buffalo leather.
Q:i just got my SOFA ID (STATUS OF FORCES AGREEMENT) do i need a stamp or just the ID to go to GERMANY???
The SOFA stamp identifies you as being part of the military. It does NOT allow you to arbitrarily enter a foreign country. All you need to enter Germany is your passport. Keep your SOFA stamp in/with your passport. You may be asked for it but I doubt it. I've had mine for 3 years, and have never been asked for it. My wife has had hers for the last 20 and never been asked for it. Enjoy Germany. I know that I am.
Q:how can i get away from a sofa and love seat combo?
Don't worry about matching the sofa with a love seat. If you love the sofa and want to incorporate your wing chair, consider an armless chaise in the same fabric as your sofa, color conducive to the wing chair. If you need the extra seating for occasional parties, then an armless chaise would suffice since it can accommodate 3 people seated lengthwise. If you need the seating for a large family, you may opt for another sofa, facing each to the other, coffee table in the middle (depends on the scale and function of your room).
Q:Who has bought a new sofa for the Royal Wedding?
No one buys a new sofa just for a one time royal wedding,i am sure.

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