Outdoor PE Wicker/Rattan Sofa CMAX-YHA102

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Material: Rattan/Wicker,Cold Rolled Steel Style: Modern Usage: Outdoor & Garden
Color: White,Red,Green,Yellow,Black,Purple,Blue,Orange,Grey,Ivory,Other Structure: Unfolded Customized: Customized
Height Adjustable: Unadjustable

Product Description:

[Product Details]

Outdoor PE Wicker/Rattan Sofa CMAX-YHA102


1. Synthetic PE rattan with steel frame 

2. UV-protection, all-weather, colorfast, waterproof, easy to clean, removable slipcovers for machine washing

3. Certificate: SGS & CE 

4. Warranty: 7 year frame warranty, 2 year warranty on all other parts (under normal using).






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Outdoor PE Wicker/Rattan Sofa CMAX-YHA102

Outdoor PE Wicker/Rattan Sofa CMAX-YHA102

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1. A manufacturer: take everything under control.

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[Packing & Shipping]

 1. Furniture Packing: bubble bags or PE foam paper rapped up the whole furniture, export cartons outside

 2. Cushion Packing: PE bags

 3. Fittings Packing: PE bags, non-woven fabrics 

 4. Special Packing: Wooden Bracket, Steel Bracket and other options available.



1.What is your payment term?

   - T/T; 

   - L/C at sight;

   - Western Union (conditional, please contact us for more details)

   - Alipay (conditional, please contact us for more details)

   - OneTouch

 2. What is the warranty?

     7 year frame warranty, 2 year warranty on all other parts (under normal using).

 3. How to maintain the rattan furniture?

     - Wipe to clean the rattan;

    - Keep away from sharp objects (keys, knives, sharp metal pieces, ects) and fire(fire, flame, cigarette, ects);

    - Cover removes easily for machine washing, additional covers are available for change.

    - Maximum weight capacity is a suggested figure. 

 4. Can you make the product according to our requests?

       Yes. We can do customized designs, including dimensions, colors, shapes, different rattan materials,      frame materials, ects.

 5. Can you accept mixed items order?

     Yes. please send the items you are interested in to us.

 6. What is the MOQ?

      No MOQ required.

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Q:has anyone recovered there sofa?
yes, recovered our own sofa several years back. those that pay otheres to do it are usually lazy and have no odea what to do w/ tools. the materail is readily available at placeslike JoAnns and such. they sell it by the yard. make sure when you remove the fabric to keep it as close to its original size as possible so you can replicate it. you'll need: a staple remover (a cats paw, or screwdriver) a knife /razor (to remove ol peices of fabric) and a stapler...ot tacks and a tack hammer FIRST! assure the structure of the sofa. broken boards and springs will make for more of a project than is worth (unles this is an heirloom) Second: choose your material carefully. remember it is going to be sat on. and check the foam inserts while youre in there. learn to do hospital corners, and youre good....shold cost about $200 or so if youve already got the tools. and a weekend. WAY cheaper than a new sofa! at least a good one....$200 retail sofas are usually junk andlast about two years....weve had our sofa for 17, w/ a plopper for a teenage son....weve spent about $1200 over 17 years thats less than a bill a year. and were not puttin a bunch o junk in a land fill...
Q:tan carpet, what color sofa?
It depends on your style. What other things are in the room- do you have any pictures/art you like that you can pick colors from? Tan generally looks really nice with black (maybe leather), reds, other vibrant but earthy colors. I wouldn't put it with blues, oranges or yellows. whites or greens would be okay, depending on the rest of your room. Also, I recently bought 2 sofa sets- one tan and one green, both microfiber. we had them sprayed with the protectant, but they are still horrible to clean. water leaves more marks than the original stain. I had to call the warranty people to clean them. Just thought you should know if you are considering microfiber, in my case, it hasn't been easy to clean. Good luck!
Q:where can i find a small ish pink sofa for my room?
Hope okorder.com/
Q:Will a regular sofa cover fit on a three seat box cushion sofa?
hun measure your sofa, then look at the package of the sofa cover, on it it should tell you what size it will cover...at times they even have a picture on them. If you cant get one any other way, go to a dressmaker and have her make you one, the exact size you want
Q:Two furniture movers are pushing a sofa across a carpet. They observe that they exert more force to set the sofa in motion?
D. The coefficient of static friction is greater than the coefficient of kinetic friction. Explanation: Force needed to start moving the sofa is: F₁ = k₁ * N, where F₁ is applied force, N is normal force (equal in intensity to weight of sofa, if the surface is horizontal) and k₁ is coefficient of static friction. Once the sofa is on the move, coefficient of dynamic friction is what determines the force necessary to continue moving the sofa: F₂ = k₂ * N, where F₂ is applied force, N is normal force (equal in intensity to weight of sofa, if the surface is horizontal), and k₂ is coefficient of dynamic friction. Since the question states that F₂ F₁, it follows that k₂ k₁.
Q:DISASTER SOFA: can leather be bleached lighter!?!?
Yikes!!! I'm not going to be much of a help becuase I'm not sure of that one... But if worse comes to worse you could always put the sofa up for sale on OKorder or something like that..... getting your money (or maybe even more) back to buy a sofa you really like.
Q:Where to buy sofa bed?
Your best bet would be to check your local stores. Look for 'specials' and 'going-out-of-business' sales for the best deals. There are stores online that sell sofa beds, but when you calculate the shipping costs, the price becomes exorbitant. Good luck. If you live near a JC Penney's, their prices and quality are good. They also have great customer service.
Q:Will the table overpower the sofa?
You put the height of the back of the sofa..... I would be concerned if the height of the table was higher than the cushions..... that would be bad.... otherwise, I think it will work fine.....
Q:How to stop my husky jumping on the sofa?
Use a clicker and train him. How?: Clicker and treats. Whenever he gets off the sofa, press the clicker and tell him a compliment and give him a treat. Keep practicing while saying OFF or NO. As you do that get the clicker and keep repeating. As you do this for a while, WITHOUT treats or clicker, he'll get used to it. OR make sure he gets full exercise and gets TIRED. Then, he might be too tired to get on. If he begs for treats, use a hand signal for SHH, and a hand signal for OFF. Maybe a signal for NO, just in case. Hope this helps!
Q:Cleaning Leather Sofa?
Step1 Dust your leather couch with a feather duster or clean dry cloth on a regular basis. Crumbs or pieces of food and dirt can get rubbed into the leather, creating unsightly scratches. Step2 Purchase a good leather cleaner and rub it into the couch in even circular motions. Make sure the couch is free of anything that could scratch it while you clean. Step3 Follow with a leather condition that works much like a car wax. Polish the couch with the conditioner, let it dry and buff to a clean shone. Step4 Wipe spills as soon as they happen. Use a damp cloth to blot spills. Then blot dry very lightly with another clean cloth. Step5 Try homemade leather cleaning tips. Some people recommend inexpensive leather cleaning processes, like baking soda or salt. If you experiment, first try it on a small corner in the back of the couch, in case your particular brand of leather does not react well to the treatment. Step6 Stick to the recommended manufacturer's cleaner. Many leather furniture companies produce and sell their own brand of cleaner and conditioner. To stay safe and guarantee a positive outcome to your cleaning job, use proven cleaning products that are designed to work best with your furniture. **************************** Tips : Never use a hairdryer or other electrical dryer on a leather sofa. Do not use saddle soap on a leather couch, as it is too harsh for furniture. Do not let spills or water to dry; they can penetrate the dye in the leather and leave a spot.

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