Outdoor PE Wicker/Rattan Sofa CMAX-YHA079

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Material: Rattan/Wicker,Cold Rolled Steel Style: Modern Usage: Outdoor & Garden
Color: White,Red,Green,Yellow,Black,Purple,Blue,Orange,Grey,Ivory,Other Structure: Unfolded Customized: Customized
Height Adjustable: Unadjustable

Product Description:

[Product Details]

Outdoor PE Wicker/Rattan Sofa CMAX-YHA079


1. Synthetic PE rattan with steel frame 

2. UV-protection, all-weather, colorfast, waterproof, easy to clean, removable slipcovers for machine washing

3. Certificate: SGS & CE 

4. Warranty: 7 year frame warranty, 2 year warranty on all other parts (under normal using).





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Outdoor PE Wicker/Rattan Sofa CMAX-YHA079

Outdoor PE Wicker/Rattan Sofa CMAX-YHA079

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[Packing & Shipping]

 1. Furniture Packing: bubble bags or PE foam paper rapped up the whole furniture, export cartons outside

 2. Cushion Packing: PE bags

 3. Fittings Packing: PE bags, non-woven fabrics 

 4. Special Packing: Wooden Bracket, Steel Bracket and other options available.



1.What is your payment term?

   - T/T; 

   - L/C at sight;

   - Western Union (conditional, please contact us for more details)

   - Alipay (conditional, please contact us for more details)

   - OneTouch

 2. What is the warranty?

     7 year frame warranty, 2 year warranty on all other parts (under normal using).

 3. How to maintain the rattan furniture?

     - Wipe to clean the rattan;

    - Keep away from sharp objects (keys, knives, sharp metal pieces, ects) and fire(fire, flame, cigarette, ects);

    - Cover removes easily for machine washing, additional covers are available for change.

    - Maximum weight capacity is a suggested figure. 

 4. Can you make the product according to our requests?

       Yes. We can do customized designs, including dimensions, colors, shapes, different rattan materials,      frame materials, ects.

 5. Can you accept mixed items order?

     Yes. please send the items you are interested in to us.

 6. What is the MOQ?

      No MOQ required.

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Q:Do you like this sofa and coffee table together?
no okorder.com/
Q:Static on new microsuede sofa?
You have a static problem due to dry heat. If you add water into the air with a humidifier, the static problem will go away. You are right to think about using Static Guard. It will work wonders on the static electricity problem you are experiencing. If you shake the can well and begin spraying from a distance (24), the mist will cover the ara nicely. I would not use dryer sheets on the microsuede sofa.
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Q:cat wrecked leather sofa!?
neatsfoot oil - or any oil dressing cream for shoes. You may want to do the whole sofa to make it look like new.
Q:Thoughts on this sofa..?
The style is nice, but I don't like the light color, as it will show dirt. If you go with this color, your accessories will depend on the color of the carpet/floors, drapes, and wall color.
Q:What do you think of vegans who own leather sofas...?
Did a vegan police form without me knowing? I think people should mind their own business - I can't stand a pushy, holier-than-thou veg*n. People can be vegan for different reasons, such as, health concerns, religion, culture, or just a personal desire to not eat animal products. Being a vegan doesn't automatically mean you're concerned about the welfare of animals. It could be just a personal choice to avoid animal products in terms of food, but still prefer a leather sofa to decorate your house. It’s not like people pledged to believe in the same ideas and principles. It's ones personal diet choice. Some are vegans and are strongly against killing animals -- clearly those types would never have a sofa or anything made from a dead animal.
Q:Do cushions go on leather sofas?
I have a leather couch that came with two small cushions to put of either end, in the same leather as the couch. Then, I bought two small cushions that same size as the ones that came with the couch in dark, muted colors in wide stripes to put in front of them, it looks great.
Q:How good of quality are Broyhill sofas?
I have a Broyhill sofa I purchased in 1997 and still absolutely love it. It is a slipcover sofa--meaning it is upholstered in off white underneath the slipcover, which comes off and I wash it in the washing machine. The slipcover is of good quality and fits well, without being sloppy looking at all. It is also made well, I know because I am a seamstress. I love this feature because I have made another slipcover for a refreshing change. The arms, legs and joints of the sofa are still as sturdy as the day it was delivered. So, I have had good personal experience with Broyhill. I am also an Interior Decorator and when furniture shopping for clients, I push them toward Broyhill. They too, have no complaints. So, I would highly recommend Broyhill.
Q:My cat has fleas! Am using revolution now, should I use something else? Fleas came from sofas I got.?
Get some medicated powder and pour it on the sofa, I have a feeling the sofa still has them, you also can buy some flea powder. Put it on the sofa Fleas are something you just have to keep trying to get rid of, their eggs hatch over and over again. Vacuum the heck out of it. Get some lemons and peel them, take the peelings and place in a container, boil water and put the (2 cups of hot water per lemon peeling) in the container and allow to sit for 24 hours, Then strain the lemon water. Place in a spray bottal and spray your couch and wash the cat down starting from the head to the tail. Lemon water kills fleas dead in seconds. They also protect the cat from any fleas that want to jump back on, they HATE lemon smell.
Q:Do they do reclining sofa beds?
Yes, okorder.com/ You might find something there that would be interesting. They have wide selections of reclining sofas to choose from! Good Luck!

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