Outdoor Landscape IP65 1000mm 18W 24W 36W RGB LED Wall Washer

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Product Description:

Outdoor Landscape IP65 1000mm 18W 24W 36W RGB LED Wall Washer

Specifications :


Led sourceEpistar, CREE
Input voltage110v 220-240V available
Led current350mA/w
Beam angle5/15/25/3045/60/90/120 °

100-110lm/w    white        

90-100lm/w    ww

Waterproof degree:IP65 waterproof
Working wet10~90%RH
Power factor0.85
Temperature-4º F to 122º F(-20º C to 50º C) operating temperature
LED Source Life50000 hours
Warranty3 Years


LED Wall Washer Light Source:

1. High brightness 1-3w high power LEDs.

2. 50000 hours long life under normal operating conditions.

3. Warm white ,pure white ,cool white,red,green ,blue,RGB color optional .

4. No UV / No infrared.


LED Wall Washer Controller:

1.Automatic changing.

2.RF remote control

3.Switch Power On/Off

4.RF remote + Switch power On/Off

5.External controller (Can get the RGB color changing synchronous)

6.DMX512 (Can get the RGB color changing synchronous)

LED Wall Washer Features:

1.CE, RoHS standards.

2.Color temperature: 2,700k-7,000k

3.Input voltage: DC24V or AC85-265V

4.Working temperature: -20 to 45 degree Celsius

5.Color range: warm white/pure white/cool white/RGB

6.Stable quality LED driver

7.High transmittance lens

8.High uniformity, pure color rendering and color quality for better visibility 

9.Over current / over voltage protection.


LED Wall Washer Pictures:

Outdoor Landscape IP65 1000mm 18W 24W 36W RGB LED Wall Washer

Outdoor Landscape IP65 1000mm 18W 24W 36W RGB LED Wall Washer

Outdoor Landscape IP65 1000mm 18W 24W 36W RGB LED Wall Washer

Outdoor Landscape IP65 1000mm 18W 24W 36W RGB LED Wall Washer

Our LED Wall Washer Advantages:


1. Color effects:  7colors shifting , jumping, fading, chasing, changing, running, 256 grey scales.

2. Beam Angle: High efficient PMMA optical lens for best light effect. degree avaiable.

3. Control modes:Internal control ,RF,IR,DMX control.

4.  Projection Distance:15-30M

5. Energy saving, environment protection and long lifetime. Use constant current to drive.Low working voltage, secure, and reliable. Energy saving up to 89%.

6.  16.3MM toughened transparent glas, high temperature resisting.

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Q:Buy Engineering led wall washing lamps, which should pay more attention to?
Buy LED wash wall lamp, one is to see if there is no brand, or formal company name, address, don't buy products.
Q:What are the differences and uses between the LED light projector and the wall washer lamp?
LED wallwasher also called linear LED light and so on, because the shape of strip, some people call it LED lamp, is mainly used to do decorative lighting in a large building, and used to outline contour, its technical parameters and LED light similar circular structure relative to the LED light, heat sink strip structure LED wall washing lamp is more a good deal.
Q:LED can wall washing lamps keep water plants?
Of course!! when I had shrimp cylinder is the use of LED lights, LED lights with a personal feel better than the general lamp, color also looks bright, but not too hot, causing deterioration or deformation of plastic holder, of course it will not affect the temperature in the cylinder. Initially worried about the use of water will affect the oxygen content of the water, but after the official use of fish and shrimp looks still as healthy as the original, so it seems that the use of LED light source on the oxygen content of water has little effect. Above is personal experience, please refer to it!!
Q:Can the LED wall washing lamp be used for indoor lighting?
Yes, like the lights in the hotel and KTV, but personal home is not recommended
Q:What is the LED wall washing lamp? What is the function of the wall washer?
Will have a fatal impact on the lamp, LED finished lighting 100 thousand hours life is the high-end CREE chip theory released by the U.S. Cree company, maximum life, for the middle and high-end LEDThe working life of the chip, scientific theoretical value and measured value is in 20 thousand to 50 thousand hours, as for the low-end market, the status quo can be imagined. Our company produces LED products in materials, processingAssembly, testing, packaging and other aspects of all strive to be rigorous, pragmatic, strict control, positioning high-end LED products market, adhere to the quality of peers.
Q:LED how far can I wash the wall lamp?
General wall wash lamp can illuminate 1-9 metersSmall power wash wall lamp using the patch lamps, power can achieve 10W, 12W, 15W, 18W, irradiation distance of 1-1.5 meters
Q:LED the role of wall washing lamps
LED wall washing lamps, as the name suggests, let the lights wash the walls like water, mainly for building decoration, lighting, and for the outline of large buildings. Because LED has the characteristics of energy saving, light efficiency, rich color and long life, the wall washing lamps of other light sources are gradually replaced by LED wall washing lamps in 2013.
Q:What's the difference between a wall washer and a light projector?
Su lighting street lighting manufacturers for you to answer, first, the shape of different general light projector as a prototype. Usually, it can target any direction, and the structure is not affected by weather conditions, is specified on the illuminated surface is higher than ambient light illumination, also called the spotlight.
Q:What are the ten brands of LED wall washing lamps?
Single building, historic building, exterior wall lighting. Exterior lighting and interior lighting in the building.
Q:What is the price of the LED wall washing lamp in general?
Wall washing lights, if you want more than two years warranty on the expensive

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