Outdoor Furniture Sofa Sets PE Rattan CMAX-WD0020

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Product Description:

Outdoor Furniture Sofa Sets PE Rattan CMAX-WD0020

Outdoor Furniture Description

Enjoy your backyard in comfort with this four-piece outdoor patio set. A rust-resistant aluminum frame and weather-resistant black PE rattan pair perfectly to create this durable, modern outdoor furniture. The double sofa and two single sofas come with a table topped with tempered glass that's ideal for holding drinks while you entertain guests. 

Outdoor Furniture Features

Stain resistant non-porous synthetic wicker

Easy to clean and mold resistant

Heavy and durable construction

UV tested / Won't lose its rich, beautiful color due to sun damage

Resistant to salt air / Won't crack or dry out

Comfortable, fully filled cushions guaranteed to hold their shape

Ergonomically correct construction for ultimate relaxation

Tempered glass : clear , forested , silk-screen .

Warranty : 3-5 years for products under normal using and care.

Outdoor Furniture Image

Outdoor Furniture Sofa Sets PE Rattan CMAX-WD0020

Outdoor Furniture Sofa Sets PE Rattan CMAX-WD0020

Outdoor Furniture Sofa Sets PE Rattan CMAX-WD0020

Outdoor Furniture Specification 

Outdoor Furniture Sofa Sets PE Rattan CMAX-WD0020

Outdoor Furniture Sofa Sets PE Rattan CMAX-WD0020

Outdoor Furniture Sofa Sets PE Rattan CMAX-WD0020

Outdoor Furniture Sofa Sets PE Rattan CMAX-WD0020


What is your advantage?

We have good designs and quality. We provide one-stop purchsing service.

What is your minimum order quantity?

In general, we don't have MOQ, but in boom season, we hope you order one container.

How long is your lead time?

Usually around 25-35days. Samples and stocks are as fast as 1 work day to 2 week.

Do you accept customized design?

Yes, OEM is welcomed. We could make also your logo or with your hand tag and carton printing, etc.

What's your guarantee for the quality?

Usually one year after shipment against manufacturing defect, but our furniture can be used for more than 10 years when properly maintained.

What are the materials?

Our rattan furniture is woven by hand with environment-friendly PE rattan on strong powder-coated metal or aluminum structure with soft cushions and pillows. The cushions are usually replaceable and washable.

1)PE Rattan/PVC Rattan/Poly Rattan/Synthetic Rattan: durable and UV and weather resistant

-- Round Rattan is usually more durable than flat rattan and more expensive.

-- Plenty of rattan colors are available for selection and the well-received colors are listed as follows: Changing Brown, Charcoal, Dark Brown, Cream, Beige, Grey, White, etc.

-- Rattan Size: Our common round rattan diameter: 2.4mm, 2.5mm, 2.9mm, 3mm, 3.3mm, etc. Our common flat rattan width: 6, 8, 10, 12 mm, etc.

2) Structure/Framework: Top Graded and powder-coated

--Strong metal structure is adopted if not asked. Aluminum structure can also be made at a higher cost. Aluminum structure is lighter in weight.

3) Cushions and pillows: water-proof and with zipper, replaceable and washable

-- Our common cushion thickness: 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 15mm, 18mm, etc.

What’s the application?

Our rattan furniture can be used for both indoors and outdoors. It’s widely used in hotels, coffee shops, balconies, patios, sunrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, gardens, villas, near swimming pools, for leisure occasions, etc.

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Q:Should I buy a regular bed or sleeper sofa?
You can't but any kind of decent sleeper sofa for $450. The best you could hope for would be a futon type of thing. We slept on a good quality sofa sleeper for a few years, and they are not good beds if you want a comfortable mattress. If you get a sleeper sofa, you also have to deal with the bedding every single time you convert it from sofa to bed. I would buy a new bed and maybe look for a used sofa, if you need both.
Q:Will a chocolate brown colored sofa look OK with a sea foam green carpet?
Cream sofa would call for chocolate accessorization, I think this would just bring it down be very pedestrian. You could also do navy or peach for accents with the cream sofa if you want an overall lighter look. So...after all this analyzation, I vote for the midnight blue...I think it would be easier to complete the picture with the midnight for someone who has difficulty with color. I hope I gave you some guidance for the project.
Q:anyone ever thought of gluing the remote to your sofa?
NO But I've thought of getting one of those keyrings that beep if you make a loud noise and attaching that to it.
Q:Which upholstery fabric to choose for sofas.?
Try to find fabric that will be durable since a sofa will get a lot of use. Here is a description of some materials: COTTON - durable, easy to clean. This natural fiber provides good resistance to wear, fading and pulling, but is less resistant to soiling and wrinkling. COTTON BLEND - sturdy, family-friendly. For everyday use, it’s a good idea to apply a stain-resistant finish. LEATHER - very forgiving, easy to clean. This tough material comes in many colors and finishes and develops more character and softness with age. LINEN - stays clean, absorbs moisture. This fabric is best suited for formal living rooms or adult areas because it soils and wrinkles easily. While it won't withstand heavy wear, linen does resist pilling and fading. SILK - delicate, soft. This fabric is only suitable for formal areas. Must be professionally cleaned if soiled. WOOL - water repellent, durable. Wool and wool blends offer good resistance to pilling, fading, wrinkling, and soil. Generally, wool is blended with a synthetic fiber to make it easier to clean. Blends can be spot-cleaned when necessary. Wool is warm in the summer and cool in the winter. RAMIE - stain resistant, absorbs moisture. Ramie fibers are one of the strongest natural fibers, a great eco-friendly alternative to using synthetic fibers or non-organic fibers.. Ramie can be up to 8 times stronger than cotton and is even stronger when wet. Hope this helps!!

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