Outdoor Furniture Sofa Sets PE Rattan CMAX-WD0012

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Product Description:

Outdoor Furniture Sofa Sets PE Rattan CMAX-WD0012

Outdoor Furniture Description

The first feature you will notice is, of course, is our elegant and contemporary design. With a definitive and upscale look, our outdoor furniture will become a focal point that will welcome guests and create just the right atmosphere for entertaining. Whether it's a garden party, an evening BBQ, or just a relaxing day spent outside with the family, we have the perfect seating to fit your needs. 

Outdoor Furniture Features

Frame : aluminum frame with high quality powder coating.


Rattan: 3000h UV-Resistant, Weatherproof ,waterproof and colourfast.


Cushion: USA fireproofing standard , water resistant polyester fabric , high desity foam , removable and washable cover .


Tempered glass : clear , forested , silk-screen .

Outdoor Furniture Image

Outdoor Furniture Sofa Sets PE Rattan CMAX-WD0012

Outdoor Furniture Sofa Sets PE Rattan CMAX-WD0012

Outdoor Furniture Sofa Sets PE Rattan CMAX-WD0012

Outdoor Furniture Specification 

Outdoor Furniture Sofa Sets PE Rattan CMAX-WD0012

Outdoor Furniture Sofa Sets PE Rattan CMAX-WD0012

Outdoor Furniture Sofa Sets PE Rattan CMAX-WD0012

Outdoor Furniture Sofa Sets PE Rattan CMAX-WD0012


Why choose you?

We mainly deal in outdoor furniture for more than 6 years and export to many countries such as Australia, UAE, United States. 

What is your advantage?

We have good designs and quality. We provide one-stop purchsing service.

What is your minimum order quantity?

In general, we don't have MOQ, but in boom season, we hope you order one container.

What’s your payment term?

We generally accept telegraphic transfer, 30% down payment and the balance before delivery.

We also accept L/C at sight, D/P, western union, depending on your order amounts and pricing terms and credibility.

What's your guarantee for the quality?

Usually one year after shipment against manufacturing defect, but our furniture can be used for more than 10 years when properly maintained.

What’s the size?

Our standard size is as illustrated in the picture or as specified. We make also sizes as per requirements of our clients.

What’s the application?

Our rattan furniture can be used for both indoors and outdoors. It’s widely used in hotels, coffee shops, balconies, patios, sunrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, gardens, villas, near swimming pools, for leisure occasions, etc.

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Q:best way to remove urine on sway sofa?
upholstery cleaner vinegar/water solution carpet cleanser for pet problems * Pine Sol or liquid Spc N Span/water solution dry baking soda or pet carpet deodorizer then vacuum * professional carpet/upholstery company If urine got too deep into the stuffing; it will be next to impossible to remove without replacing the stuffing. When having children, etc.. sleeping on sofa, I bought a cheap curtain liner and lay on sofa under a sheet. Saved my furniture many times from sick, drunk adults to sleeping children and pets.
Q:Cat peeing on Sofa?
First of all, In my opinion, do not use a water spray bottle on your pet. It will only stress it out more as any physical discipline will. Second, cleaning the litter boxes daily may help. Cats like clean litterboxes. I prefer the scoopable litter. Makes cleaning much easier. Third, if your cat has already peed on your sofa, how did you get the scent out? Try using those enzyme cleaners which eat the odor causing bacteria, You do not want the cat returning to urinate or spray in the same place. It sounds like he is trying to communicate something. He is unhappy about something. Get a sisal rope scratching post sprinkled with catnip? This might get his mind off what is bothering him. Place a washable waterproof mattress cover with fitted sheet temporarily over your couch. The urine won't soak into your sofas fabric and you can wash out the accidents. Do you give your kitty attention for 10-15 minutes immediately when you come home from work or do you just ignore him? Try giving it more attention, toys, catnip, calm environment, and treats now and then. Maybe it is just seeking more attention. If he does pee on the sofa while you are home don't yell at it or punish it in any way. This will only create stress for him. Gently pick him up and place him in a just cleaned litter box and sroke his head afterwards. Reward his good behaviour when he does pee in the litter box with a treat, extra attention, or catnip and he may eventually learn that using the litter box is a positive experience. Also, I believe many things can upset animals, like household commotion, loud music or noises, harsh or toxic cleaning chemicals or room and carpet deodorizors. Do some more research online. there is a wealth of information out there and something will work. It just takes time, patience, compassion, and understanding. Good Luck.
Q:Which word is more posh: Sofa, couch or settee?
how about divan
Q:Which would constitute a more miraculous answer to prayer: finding change for a burrito in the sofa or...?
I've never had either happen to me. I would be pretty grossed out in either situation. A coin, which has passed through many unwashed hands, is in my food? A burrito in my sofa, God only knows how old that thing is, if someone passed gas on it before, or if some hair or animal fur is on it. Also wouldn't that burrito, if it has been residing in the sofa for some time, attract insects or possibly a small mammal? What is your sofa is home to a colony of cockroaches, or if a rat or raccoon has taken up residence in it and had several babies, seeing as the owner of the sofa carelessly leaves burritos lying around? Add: Apparently I can't read. I thought your Q said finding change INSIDE the burrito, not the sofa. lmao.
Q:Should I buy white leather sofa?
You should avoid white leather sofas in pace you can buy the garden sofas that would look amazing when you blend it with a theme.. you can keep them in your living room, room or in garden as well.. for more pictures and details you can visit the website link given below..
Q:What can I do? my dog chewed up my mom's sofas!!!?
Wow Well it is obvious you cannot trust your boyfriend with a simple Task so simple as to baby sit a little dog Hmm I mean Hello if this dog was left alone long enough to destroy 2 sofas Wow I think Your Pup and Boyfriend are in desperate need of some Obedience Training they both need to attend and as for how to deal with your parents Well you have no Idea what the cost of a sofa is I just paid $3500.00 for my sectional sofa so I can imagine there Fury when they seen there furniture I mean really look @ it from there point they have worked long and hard to be able to afford that and now your dog has destroyed it I think I would be Very Very up set also In My opinion the dog would go I am so sorry to say that as I am a extreme Dog lover but if you can not control it then it would have to go I think I would have put it in a boarding Kennel just to be on the safe side Good luck on this one Respectfully Yours Anne
Q:How do I get my dog to stop sitting on the sofa?
We make the couch and sofa unappealing to our dog by putting big pillows there or boxes or stuff around. Yes, we have to move them when we want to sit down but it's a small price to pay. Our dog has a big, comfy bed of his own that he will lay on.
Q:My dog keeps jumping on the sofa, how do I stop it?
If telling him no doesn't help, you should get him a really comfortable dog blanket. That way he will be comfortable on there and he won't want to come on the couch.
Q:sofa beds...?
You won't find a new sofa bed for $380. Check Craig's List, the Penny Saver or the newspaper.
Q:Moving sofa using dolly from second floor?
That would depend on how your stairs were built. If you had a lot of overhead space and the stairs had no turns, an appliance hand truck would work well. You could stand it up and strap it so that you could maneuver it right out the door. Or even just a piece of card board where you lay the sofa on it's back and slide it down. If you had stairs that turned you would probably need help carrying it. A sofa is one of the trickiest pieces of furniture to move. There is usually a lot of twisting, flipping, and turning when it comes to getting a sofa up and downstairs and through doors. You can let the dolly work for you when you get to a flat surface, but the stairs would be a bit more difficult because of the angles. In the end, you can use a dolly to the point when you can no longer use it. That time of uselessness will eventually come up, when talking about stairs. If it can get you down a majority of the stairs, than I say go for it. Just be aware that you might have to do some lifting during the process of getting the sofa out of the door. They do have specially made stair climbing hand trucks, but than again the effectiveness depends on the type of stairs.

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