Outdoor Furniture Sofa Sets PE Rattan CMAX-WD0002

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Product Description:

Outdoor Furniture Sofa Sets PE Rattan CMAX-WD0002

Outdoor Furniture Description

A modern twist on an old-fashioned staple, Patio furniture delivers chic, contemporary styling blended with the traditional appeal of woven wicker. Crafted using durable, flat or round weave wicker, these all-weather pieces provide high-style and luxury to your backyard, patio or garden. Using traditional frames and weaving techniques fashioned with up-to-date silhouettes and upholstery, Patio wicker furniture CMAX-WD0002 is supremely stylish and sensible at once. 

Outdoor Furniture Features

Frame : aluminum frame with high quality powder coating.


Rattan: 3000h UV-Resistant, Weatherproof ,waterproof and colourfast.


Cushion: USA fireproofing standard , water resistant polyester fabric , high desity foam , removable and washable cover .


Outdoor Furniture Image

Outdoor Furniture Sofa Sets PE Rattan CMAX-WD0002

Outdoor Furniture Sofa Sets PE Rattan CMAX-WD0002

Outdoor Furniture Sofa Sets PE Rattan CMAX-WD0002

Outdoor Furniture Specification 

Outdoor Furniture Sofa Sets PE Rattan CMAX-WD0002

Outdoor Furniture Sofa Sets PE Rattan CMAX-WD0002

Outdoor Furniture Sofa Sets PE Rattan CMAX-WD0002

Outdoor Furniture Sofa Sets PE Rattan CMAX-WD0002


Why choose you?

We mainly deal in outdoor furniture for more than 6 years and export to many countries such as Australia, UAE, United States. 

What is your advantage?

We have good designs and quality. We provide one-stop purchsing service.

What is your minimum order quantity?

In general, we don't have MOQ, but in boom season, we hope you order one container.

How long is your lead time?

Usually around 25-35days. Samples and stocks are as fast as 1 work day to 2 week.

Do you accept customized design?

Yes, OEM is welcomed. We could make also your logo or with your hand tag and carton printing, etc.

What are the materials?

1)PE Rattan/PVC Rattan/Poly Rattan/Synthetic Rattan: durable and UV and weather resistant

-- Round Rattan is usually more durable than flat rattan and more expensive.

-- Plenty of rattan colors are available for selection and the well-received colors are listed as follows: Changing Brown, Charcoal, Dark Brown, Cream, Beige, Grey, White, etc.

-- Rattan Size: Our common round rattan diameter: 2.4mm, 2.5mm, 2.9mm, 3mm, 3.3mm, etc. Our common flat rattan width: 6, 8, 10, 12 mm, etc.

2) Structure/Framework: Top Graded and powder-coated

--Strong metal structure is adopted if not asked. Aluminum structure can also be made at a higher cost. Aluminum structure is lighter in weight.

3) Cushions and pillows: water-proof and with zipper, replaceable and washable

-- Our common cushion thickness: 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 15mm, 18mm, etc.

What’s the size?

Our standard size is as illustrated in the picture or as specified. We make also sizes as per requirements of our clients.

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Q:how do i reupholster my sofa?
This is a really difficult task to accomplish even if you had some previous upholstery experience. The advice that anyone can give you without seeing your furniture might not be 100% accurate because different skills or techniques are required for different detailing. Piping and trim might or might not be required, your sofa might or might not have a skirt, roll arms are treated slightly differently than square arms or your model might even have wood arms, if the seat is one large cushion you have a different task ahead than if there are 2 or three smaller seat cushions... If you are determined to try this on your own, which I wouldn't recommend, go to your local library or bookstore and find some good books on reupholstering -- you can bookmark all the pages that are relevant to your situation, and keep it in front of you for visual reference while working. Having sofas reupholstered is quite expensive and not always worth it, to be honest. The fabric and other items required to reupholster a sofa often exceed $400 (not including labour). Repairing springs or sofa feet increases the cost even if you're doing it yourself. It doesn't make sense to spend $400 or more to reupholster an older sofa that you can replace with a new one of similar quality for $700. Good luck!
Q:Who here thinks they are sofa king cool?
Definitely me too.
Q:Are a loveseat and loveseat sofa the same thing?
Check out this website
Q:I want leather sofa but dont like sticking to it?
Most of the people who has used the leather sofas has the same complain about it. But not all the leather sofas are like that so if you have tried the Italian leather sofas you may feel different on it. It was so easy to clean on it.
Q:How to stop my kitten scratching our leather sofa?
I am SO glad to see a question like this where you didn't ask about declawing your kitten! Bravo to you! There are several things you can do. 1. Buy him a scratching post or cardboard scratching box. When he scratches the sofa remove him immediately and put him on the post/box. Always praise him when he scratches on the scratch post/box. Once he starts going to the scratch post/box on his own, use a water bottle to spray him when you catch him clawing on the sofa to deter him from scratching on it. 2. You can put clear double sided tape on the sofa where he scratches. They don't like the feel of the sticky on their paws and it will deter him from scratching that area. 3. You can purchase claw covers that you place over his claws at most pet stores. He is still able to scratch himself, but cannot damage your couch. 4. Keep his claws trimmed. My own cats get their claws trimmed every 2 weeks. It's easy to do and saves a lot of furniture lol. 5. You can also try buying cat pheromone spray and spraying around the sofa. They also sell it in a little plug in like an air freshener. Don't worry it doesn't have a smell that humans can smell. Best of luck with your kitty, hope some of this helps!
Q:What's the difference between sofa and couch?
I liked this answer I came across: The couch/sofa example is different, I think. It's true that there are many ways of framing the semantic (or at least pragmatic) difference between couch and sofa (e.g. a sofa seats 4 and a couch 3), but I sense a consensus is emerging at least around here (the Midwest) in which sofa is defined as a nicer / fancier couch. This is easily confirmed by the fact that furniture stores only advertise sofas. I've never seen a couch advertised (except in the classifieds) even by the low-end furniture retailers. Seems to make sense to me. Oh, sofa comes from suffa in Arabic -- and a divan has no back, just cushions against the wall, but sofas usually do have backs, but do not necessarily have beds in them, those are sleeper-sofas.
Q:How to clean leather sofa ?
Hi okorder.com
Q:Will Sofa Fit through Storage Room Door?
Take it through the door diagonally by tilting it 45 degrees creating the narrowest profile.
Q:How to retain the brightness of my sofa fabric.?
Well while it is on your sofa get some scotch brite in the red can and spray it , it will protect it from stains and fading as well . My mother bought a red sofa 4 years ago and to this day it still looks new and she just always uses the scotch brite on it , and every so often she has to do it again but it is so worth it Also when you wash the cover always wash it in cold water with wool lite or a mild detergent , and dry it on the air dry setting , and it should keep its color .
Q:I'm moving house, should i get a sofa bed or a normal bed?
Get A Real Bed--More Comfy And Can Decorate Better. Cream Walls--Lime Green Bedding-With Lots Of Pillowes in Pink- Orange-Lime. Paint Side Table Yellow.---Add Accents Like Lamp--Candles--And Art In All Your Colors Mixed.

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