Outdoor Furniture Rattan Sofa CMAX-WRA1151

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Material: Rattan/Wicker Style: Modern Usage: Outdoor & Garden
Color: White,Black,Yellow Structure: Unfolded Customized: Customized
Height Adjustable: Unadjustable

Product Description:

Product Details:   

Outdoor Furniture Rattan Sofa CMAX-WRA1151



Sofa 1: 225" W x 85" D x 72" H

Sofa 2: 105" W x 70" D x 42" H

Conversation table: 70" W x 70" D x 40" H


Why choose us:

1. We are professional manufacturer;

2. Rattan is made by ourselves. We can find high quality & reasonable raw materials in China, so we have a competitive price;

3. OEM designs are welcome.

Our advantages:

1.Green product, UV-Resistant, Weatherproof and colorfast

2.Excellent hand weaving technique with fashion design.

3.Small MOQ and mixed container are acceptable! 

4.High Quality with competitive price and timely delivery.

Outdoor Furniture Rattan Sofa CMAX-WRA1151

Outdoor Furniture Rattan Sofa CMAX-WRA1151

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More Detailed Product Information:

1. Material

    1)  PE rattan,  UV resistance, waterproof, 1.2mm aluminum frame, high density sponge of cushion ,all color is available

    Best quality fibers to create the rattan, 100% high density polyethylene, resist the elements, also being recyclable and nontoxic;

    2)  Cushion,  High density foam, with removable cushion covers for easy cleaning, resistant against UV rays, and anything else the weather could throw at them;

    3)  Fabric ,  SGS tested and approved,waterproof & prevent UV;

    4)  Frame construction ,  light weight but strong, spray with good powder coating, which resist the elements further and ensure furniture retain its good looks;

2. Colors and Usage

    Colorful rattan and cushion are optional;

    Suitable to use the products both in indoor house and outdoor place.

3. Package 

     1. Inner with very soft plastic protector(waterproof bag), outer with carton

     2. Strong export package foam + corrugated/kraft paper + PE film

4. Payment terms

1). West Union , fastest ,safe , takes only 15 mints ,working 24 hours .Just need the receiver's full name and the sender's full name and the money control number .

2). Bank wire transfer, I can send you my company bank account .T/T, 30% deposit before placing an order, the balance of 70% should be paid against the B/L copy.

5. Delivery time 

    About 15-45 days after deposit , in addition to busy time. 

    About hand weaving furniture ,too short time may bring more troubles for each other.

6. MOQ 

    Negotiable, over 5 Sets of each furniture is welcome.

7. Warranty  

     The period of our guarantee is 2-year warranty.

8. Quality Control

   Our QCs would control our quality,such as hardware, PE rattan, and handicraft art.

1). Before producing, all of QC will check the original material, especially hardware and PE rattan, and the process of controlling is very strict.

2). In the process of producing, every step will be check before next step.

3). When all producing process has been finished, the QC coming from installation will check PE rattan, iron pipe, and handicraft art, if OK, this garden furniture will be passed.

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Q:I'm thinking of getting a cat. How can I avoid stinky cat smell and scratched up sofas?
If your ONLY reason for getting a cat is to chase mice.... don't. Get plug in vermin chasers instead. If you're considering getting a cat because you love cats and want to add one to your home life and are willing to take care of it properly and give it a forever home and be responsible for it's well-being for the rest of it's natural life..... then that's a different matter. If you don't want your furniture scratched, supply good scratching post(s) and when the cat goes to scratch anything else say no! use your scratcher and point at the scratcher then take the cat over to the scratcher and run it's front paws down the scratcher and tell them scratcher, you scratch here... and learn to clip their claws... clipped claws do less damage. If your friend's house smells, it means they aren't taking care of the litter box. With one cat the litter needs to be cleaned daily... with more cats it needs doing more often. And what you feed the cat and what litter you use counts too. I use Arm Hammer essentials and a self-scooping box and I won't feed fishy food (stinkier in=stinker out). If you feed your cat on a set schedule (put 1/2 day's food out in the a.m. and 1/2 out in the p.m.) and leave it out for 1/2 hour and then remove it... you'll train the cat to eat during that period and you won't have to leave cat food out to worry about it attracting anything... but the electronic vermin chasers help with that too. As far as the fur on the furniture..... fur happens, especially in the Spring.... but regular brushing of the cat and the use of a sheddin' blade during shedding season can help keep that to a minimum. And the sheddin' blade is actually really good at removing fur from the furniture as well. If you do decide to adopt a cat, I hope it's as a pet and not just a mouse-chasing servant. Cats are wonderful funny, affectionate and full of personality... they can greatly add joy to your life... as long as you let them in to do it.
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Q:when is it the best time to buy a new sofa?
when you don't want to get home because you just hate it! hahahaha. The sofa is a very important focal point in decoration, so it may imply changing the rest of the decoration, which can be fun. It's always good to change. Look for the local sales. Avoid the do-it-yourself thing, it can get very frustrating. Have fun!!!
Q:how do i reupholster my sofa?
This is a really difficult task to accomplish even if you had some previous upholstery experience. The advice that anyone can give you without seeing your furniture might not be 100% accurate because different skills or techniques are required for different detailing. Piping and trim might or might not be required, your sofa might or might not have a skirt, roll arms are treated slightly differently than square arms or your model might even have wood arms, if the seat is one large cushion you have a different task ahead than if there are 2 or three smaller seat cushions... If you are determined to try this on your own, which I wouldn't recommend, go to your local library or bookstore and find some good books on reupholstering -- you can bookmark all the pages that are relevant to your situation, and keep it in front of you for visual reference while working. Having sofas reupholstered is quite expensive and not always worth it, to be honest. The fabric and other items required to reupholster a sofa often exceed $400 (not including labour). Repairing springs or sofa feet increases the cost even if you're doing it yourself. It doesn't make sense to spend $400 or more to reupholster an older sofa that you can replace with a new one of similar quality for $700. Good luck!
Q:What is the best sofa for my very, very rough family?
The very best sofa that you buy for a rough family is a vintage 1960s or earlier model from the thrift store. I went through a couple of $1000 sofas before I figured this one out, and finally bought some solid, old Early American thing at the thrift store for about $40. It has lasted through a houseful of kids ~ and is so solidly built that when the last kids leaves, I plan on reupholstering it :) Newer sofas are not as solidly built as the old ones ~ it's not the upholstery so much as it is the frame. Newer sofa frames (especially the budget lines) are made of thin plywood, soft woods, or plastic which just doesn't hold up as well. Older sofas had solid hardwood frames, which is why they are heavier and last for many decades. Yeah, they are dated looking but what-the-heck. You can always have them reupholstered into some a little more chic looking, and it will probably last for decades .
Q:How do you thoroughly disinfect a leather sofa?
Call a leather company or a store that sells leather furniture and explain your situation to them. They can give you probably good advise!
Q:How high should my sofas end tables be?
Seems have a large submit a person's life. The outward type of an individual is perfect in the eyes of the world when every function is assembled in flawlessness or very nearly there. Of them, height represents an important role.
Q:Hide-a-bed, Sofa Sleepers etc...what is the best?
Lazy Boy Hide A Bed
Q:what should I do about my sofa?
Frankly, I don't think you are going to get anywhere with this. I would try to see if they would give you some money instead of recovering the sofa. If you get it recovered, the recovered parts won't match the rest of it. I'd see if they will give you a cash settlement. These kinds of warranties are really not worth much! Ask for cash!
Q:My corner unit sofas connector is broken and always comes apart?
There could be two solutions to your problem: 1. Is the sofa under warranty? If so, return to the seller and ask what can be done. 2. Call the manufacturer and ask for the replacement part. Somewhere on your sofa, probably under the seat cushions, you will find the name of the manufacturer. I hope you have satisfactory results.

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