Outdoor Furniture Modern Rattan Wicker Sofa Sets

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Product Description:

Outdoor Furniture Modern Rattan Wicker Sofa Sets


Description of Outdoor Furniture Modern Rattan Wicker Sofa Sets: 

1)  PE Rattan: UV resistant, colorfast, water proof, moisture proof , easy to clean, durable, elastic, environment-friendly

2)  Aluminum frame with powder coating: brand-new aluminum, not recycled. 1.2-1.5mm thickness, Strong structure and light weight with good powder coating.

3)  Waterproof Cushions: 100% polyester , UV and water resistance, color optional, colorfast.

4)  Wood: Plywood, powder coating Aluminum frame.

5)  OEM & ODM are welcome


Main Features of Outdoor Furniture Modern Rattan Wicker Sofa Sets:

1) Green product, UV-resistant, weatherproof and colorfast.

2) Excellent hand weaving technique with fashion design.

3) Perfect for casual dining and entertaining indoor and outside.

4) High range products with timely delivery.   


Product series :

1)  Chair series: patio chair, beach chair, folding chair, stackable chair, wicker chair, Rattan chair, wooden chair, cafe chair, 

coffee chair, Leisure chair, garden chair, Arm-chair, reclining chair etc.      

2)  Table series: Wooden table, rattan table, coffee table, wicker table, Garden table, patio table, dining table, picnic table, 

tea table, BBQ table etc.

3)  Sofa Series: outdoor sofa, indoor sofa, rattan sofa, wicker sofa, two seat sofa, three seat sofa, combination sofa, single 

sofa, love seat, corner sofa, leisure sofa, sofa bed, round sofa etc.

4)  Others:Couch,canopy,gazebo,swing,hammock,footrest,bench,lounger,chaise longue, sun umbrella, garden furniture in 

sets, cane furniture etc.


Q 1. How do you guarantee the quality when choosing materials?

A 1. Strong powder-coated aluminum frame, SGS tested PE rattan


Q 2. Why such materials are workable for outdoor situation?

A 2. Good UV radiation, high temperature resistant, weather resistant, color fadeless.High quality & waterproof cushion, 

washable, flexible, corrosion-resistant.Both suitable for indoor & outdoor place.


Q 4. How do you make sure to meet personal enquiry?

A 4. Customized models, rattan designs, fabric colors, sizes all available.Popular and modern design.


Q 5. How does the furniture made of?

A 5. 100% hand-woven by skilled craftsmen



Pictures of  Outdoor Furniture Modern Rattan Wicker Sofa Sets:

 Outdoor Furniture Modern Rattan Wicker Sofa Sets

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Q:How to get rid of electrical heather stain on a white leather sofa???
explain electrical heather please
Q:Is $597 a good deal for a microfiber sofa and love seat from rooms to go?
The price is right but the quality wont last. A decent couch alone runs around $1000-$1500 and that is on the low side. Save for a good set or purchase a neutral colored chair for this amount of money.
Q:The average size of a sectional sofa?
Sectional Sofa Dimensions
Q:Is it worth to professionally repair a leather sofa?
It depends on the quality of the sofa, and the cost of the repair or recovery job. Go price new stuff of the same quality, and then ask a reupholsterer what it would cost to repair it.
Q:Where is vine art better? How about rattan furniture
Including rattan stools for shoes, flower racks, shoe rack, book rack, table, swing chair, sofa, chair, chair, basically daily necessities can be made of rattan
Q:How do I get the habit of the dog lying on my sofa?
It's hard to break old habits in dogs. I guess you should wait until you get a new sofa to start training him because it will smell and look different so he won't feel as confused about you not wanting him up there. Think about it from his perspective and you'll understand. Start by getting him a new, fluffy and cozy bed at the same time you get the new sofa. Throw in an old blanket or worn sweater that smells like you (kind of like the old sofa). Lure him to his bed and when he takes a nap there, give him a treat and praise him. Every time he tries to go up on the sofa, tell him off or no using a stern voice. When he gives up, praise and treat. He might learn quickly. Now if you really do not want him to sleep there when you're not around or when you're asleep, you may have to confine him to certain areas of the house with his new bed, at least until he learns. Good luck!
Q:What is a good reasonably priced brand of sofa / sectional?
I've purchased several sofas and sectionals from Z Gallerie (they carry a variety of brands) and I've always had great luck with them. You might want to check them out. Their prices are fairly reasonably for the quality and they tend to last longer than most which gives you greater value in the long run. In general, avoid sofas and sectionals that have sewn-in cushions. Since you cannot flip and rotate the cushions you cannot maximize their life. How often does anyone actually sit in the middle of the sofa, right? A good salesperson will be willing to unzip the cushions and show you the construction going on inside. I recommend foam cushions that are wrapped in a blanket of down for more comfort and loft; also the down blanket can be [somewhat] fluffed.
Q:why is my cream leather sofa turning green on the arms ?
its the builed up of oil sweat and dirt i mena we use the arm rest for our arms right? so there goes your answer so start cleaning it frequenlty b/c if you dont it'll just get worse.
Q:How do you clean a sofa bed?
Most futon beds have a zipper on the side. you take that of and wash it and febreze the hell out of the inside. or take a rug doctor to the whole damned thing
Q:Where can I find inexpensive, good quality, modern sofas or living room furniture.....?
Have you actually been to the IKEA store? Or just looked in their catalog? Because they tend to advertise the white and cream stuff, but actually offer lots of options to have their couches is deep darker colors.

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