Outdoor Funiture Garden Dinning Set with PS / WPS Plastic Wood & Texitilene

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Product Description:

Outdoor Funiture Garden Dinning Set with PS / WPS Plastic Wood & Texitilene


Main Product Of Outdoor Funiture Garden Dinning Set with PS / WPS Plastic Wood & Texitilene:

It combines quality, style and comfort to give you the ultimate in patio dining. This modern Aruba dining set, 

part of the Atlantic line, allows you to keep the wood looking sharp without having to worry about maintenance.

· Set includes: Round table and four stackable chairs

· Made of high quality extruded polystyrene, also known as 'Faux Wood'

· This set is constructed on quality aluminum frames designed to be beautiful and durable

· Technical innovations allied to the design give quality and durability

· Free Gordon Feron protective sealer 

· Rustic design 

· Durable, weather-resistant construction 

· Materials: Wrought iron and polystyrene

Product Specifications of Outdoor Funiture Garden Dinning Set with PS / WPS Plastic Wood & Texitilene:




1. Strong 1.2 Aluminum cube with high quality powder coating or polishing

2. High quality new material: synthetic plastic wood-like board. Instead of solid wood

3. Stackable design, save cbm to save shipping cost, easy to be stored.

4. New choice  to expand outdoor funiture business market




1. Chair: W45*D60*H2200px

2. Table: Dia. 80*1800px


FAQ of Outdoor Funiture Garden Dinning Set with PS / WPS Plastic Wood & Texitilene:


Q1: What is Plastic Wood?  

A1: As the name show, Plastic wood products made of strong toughness, anti ageing, PE import PP, PS plastic 



Q2: What is the features of the Plastic Wood?

A2: Plastic wood products have the characteristics of harmless to the human body, no cracking deformation, not moldy, no pollution and durable, the hardness of the product than wood, and the wood texture, wood grain looks with ring surface.


Q3: What is the use of the Plastic Wood?

A3: The product is suitable for use in open space, hydrophilic landscape, the path along the cliff, outdoor terrace, villa 

landscape decoration, wall panels, wall panels, outdoor tables and benches, railings, decking, wide range of uses, the 

market is considerable, is the preferred replace rattan outdoor furniture materials, the majority of outdoor furniture 



Images of Outdoor Funiture Garden Dinning Set with PS / WPS Plastic Wood & Texitilene:


Outdoor Funiture Garden Dinning Set with PS / WPS Plastic Wood & Texitilene

 Outdoor Funiture with PS / WPS Plastic Wood

 Outdoor Funiture and Indoor Funiture with PS plastic and polymerization

Faux Plastic Wood Dining Funiture Set with Table and Chair

Dinning set Plastic Wood Outdoor Furniture

Dinning set Plastic Wood Outdoor Furniture

Dinning set Plastic Wood Outdoor Furniture


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