OTG USB Hub +Card Reader Camera Connection Kit for Samsung S3/S4/Note2 from dailyetech

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Product Description:

Item: OTG USB Hub +Card Reader Camera Connection Kit for Samsung S3/S4/Note2 from dailyetech


Model: DE-MPCB-0174


Main Features


  • Suitable for Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/Note2.

  • Supports read/write large capacity SD(HC)//MS/TF/M2 memory cards.

  • 3-Port USB support HI-Speed USB devices,USB Mouse,USB keyboard,USB disk,etc.

  • Can connect large current USB devices.

  • All USB devices connected with phone working at the same time.

  • Specifications:

  • Interface: Micro USB male for connect phone

  • SD slot *1 

  • TF slot *1

  • MS slot*1

  • M2 slot*1

  • USB A type female*3

  • Operation temperature: 0~50°C

  • Storage temperature: -10~85°C

  • Enclosure: Plastic

  • Color: Black

  • Wire Length:around 13cm

  • Package content:

  • 1 x OTG USB Hub and Card Reader


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Q:Unable to view photos on an SD card reader?
Well the good thing is that is sounds like the photos are alive and well on your friends computer. The truth is that SD cards aren't that good at transferring information. They are very likely to malfunction. Get your friend to put the files on a portable hard drive or email the photos to you.
Q:Can you help me to use the built-in HP multi-card reader?
While you SHOULD be able to remove the card with no problems, some computers are set up to cache data and write it in one go to disks. There is a possibility you will loose data, but it is a very small chance. When you click to safely remove devices, are you closing down the right device? I can click on a specific card to safely remove just that card, rather than than closing down the whole card reader. I hope it helps you a little?!
Q:What is a 13 in 1 Media Card Reader?
It's a card reader that accepts different types of flash based cards such a SD, Compact Flash, Memory Stick, etc. The most common use of them is by digital camera users. They can just take the card out of the camera and stick it in the card reader, rather than having to connect the whole camera up to the computer. I recommend that you add it to your system, theyre inexpensive and you may need it someday. UPDATED RESPONSE: Some card readers have an integrated floppy, others do not. Most don't. Check to see if Dell does it that way. Even if they don't, in most cases, if there is room, you can have both.
Q:How do I use the Multi-in-1 card reader on my laptop?
you seem to have a miniSD or microSD most likely from a cell phone which requires an adapter to use in most card readers to include most multi card readers. you can find an adapter at wal-mart, radio shack, or even your cell providers store
Q:What is the input / output current and voltage of the charger?
For example, iPhone charger input 100-240v 50-60hz 0.15A max output 5v 1A
Um, computers don't normally have credit card readers so where exactly did you put your credit card? I'm guessing you either put it in the CD-ROM slot or possibly an ExpressCard slot. The ExpressCard slot isn't all that deep so you should be able to get it out, but if you put it in your CD slot that's a whole different problem. Honestly I'm not sure how you would get that out without totally taking the drive apart or risk damaging it by putting things in to get the card out.
Q:tarot card readers interpretation please?
If the card is 9 of pentacles reversed, than my interpretation is no. This card means lost, deception, voided project.
Q:How do I fix my card reader/writer ?
Is it a multiple card reader? Like a 5 in one or a 7 in one card reader. If so the different slots you insert the cards to are actually identified as different drives or I/O devices. This is how your Operating System recognizes them. You can rename them, But you can't get it to be recognized as one drive or I/O device. How are you trying to rename them ? You should be able to open My Computer then right click on the device and click on properties. Rename it and click on apply. As long as you do not unplug the card reader from the computer it should retain the name for the device.
Q:I have an 18 in 1 card reader, where do i put the m2 into?
Place it into the M2 Slot. Either search for M2 slots on Google images, or keep trying to place the M2 in each slot on the card reader. Eventually you will find the right one because it fits snugly into place.
Q:What is the working principle of the card reader?
Card-reader (Card-reader) is used in the computer, the multimedia card as a mobile storage device to read and write interface device.

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