Orthophthalic Unsaturated Polyester Resin for FRP Products

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Product description of unsaturated polyester resins


UPR196 is a common unsaturated polyester resin with medium viscosity and high reactivity,applicable to the manufacture of common steel glass products, cooling columns, containers of dilute acid etc.

Excellent appliication properties,short application time,good fiber wet,higher fiber content,very competitive prices,wide range application,good color resin


Specification of UPR

2.General pupose resin
3.Good impregnation to glass fiber and mechanical property

Technical Indexes of Liquid Resin






Transparent Sticky Thick Liquid


Acid Value








Gel Time








Thermal Stabilityility



GB7193 .5-87








Performance Indexes of Resin Casting Substance





Barcol hardness  ≥




Tensile strength  ≥




Tensile modulus ≥




Elongation at break≥




Flexural strength ≥




Flexural modulus≥




Impact strength ≥




H.D.T ≥




Note: Environmental Temperature for Experiment: 23±2°C; relative humidity: 50±5%


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a, ISO 9001-2008 quality control system;

b, Strict and regular quality control in production;

c, Inspeciation when loading into container before shippment;

d, Sample stock for one year for quality tracing and record.

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Our MOQ is one pallet.

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Q:Wax ribbon, resin ribbon and mixed base ribbon what is the difference?
The three kinds of ribbon together, and then pull out to the light ribbon, we can see that the black, almost opaque is wax base, the most transparent, light yellow color is resin, between the two is mixed, and the wax watch is black, and the mixed resin visible bar or other regular pattern coating, resin look ratio obviously.
Q:Principle of resin purifying water quality
What I know is that the ion exchange resin acts to displace the salt in the water. In fact, the replacement of salt is the two resin, respectively, the metal ions and acid radical replacement.The ion exchange resin is divided into cation exchange resin and anion exchange resin. Cation exchange resin can be metal ion exchange into hydrogen ions; anion exchange resin will be replaced by hydroxyl radical. The hydroxyl and hydrogen ions into water.In order to restore the exchange capacity, the failed exchange resin needs to be treated with strong acid and strong alkali respectively. The metal ions absorbed by the cation exchange resin are absorbed by acid, and the alkali solution absorbs the anion of the anion exchange resin. Treatment after water rinse liquid acid liquid residue on the line.Production process I have not touched, it should be the family can also operate, suitable for small-scale system, pure water equipment will not be too large. Now pure water plants are reverse osmosis membrane water production, large output, suitable for large-scale production, equipment costs are also large.I am a non professional. If there is anything wrong, please correct me.
Q:Can ion exchange resins remove nitrates?
Professional adsorption nitrate macroporous anion resin can effectively remove nitrate and nitrite, I will lend you a problem to illustrate my glory in addition to the use of parameters, the nitrate resin D890 Oh, you can when I do advertising, also is to answer such a professional problem when the cost of labor:
Q:Will the resin work fade?
Fading and yellowing are common problems with all artificial colorants, and the quality of colorants is a little smaller.
Q:What is the difference between polyester and resin?
Polyester mainly refers to a class of substances that contain ester groups
Q:How much can the epoxy resin floor be able to bear?
1.0mm thin epoxy floor coating: epoxy floor coating thin construction scheme can bear load performance of 1-2 tons, impact resistance, wear resistance, it is mainly for decoration such as: the office does not require transport, no mechanical equipment area, concrete foundation ground flatness, good strength, can choose a at the end of a two coating putty two surface thin epoxy floor coating process.Terrazzo, emery, ceramic tile foundation, as long as the decorative effect can be used: one bottom, two sides of the simple process. Concrete foundation ground strength, roughness is very poor situation, it is recommended to do a layer of cement leveling layer or self leveling cement leveling layer, and then laying epoxy thin coating floor process.
Q:How much is the epoxy floor?
Epoxy flat coating Floor contractor material, between 18-26 yuan per square metre;Epoxy mortar floor contractor materials, between 26-45 yuan per square metre;Self leveling floor per square meter offer is between 55-85 yuan; above only for reference, specific depends on the actual situation of the ground, construction technology and user requirements.
Q:What's the use of resin?
It is a mixture of a variety of polymers, so they have different melting points. Resin can be divided into two kinds of natural resin and synthetic resin.
Q:There are 80128200 models, two differences and their respective advantages
The Japanese version of model material generally are marked as cold resin cast kit cold, refers to the process of cold forming, that is to say without heating the molten material into the mold before. Other plastics (such as pvc/abs/) must be heated and melted before injection molding is possible. Resin is a resin, kit finger kit. So translating is the meaning of cold formed Cast Resin Kit, 2.8012, 8014, 8017 resin, these three kinds of resin are AB water more common model.
Q:What's the difference between epoxy and polyester?
Unsaturated polyester is an unsaturated carboxylic acid (anhydride or two yuan) and two yuan (or saturated carboxylic acid anhydride) composed of mixed acid and polyol condensation, the linear polymer with ester bond and unsaturated double bonds. In general, the polyester polycondensation takes place at 190~220 DEG C until the desired acid value (or viscosity) is reached. At the end of the polyester shrinkage reaction, a certain amount of vinyl monomer is added to the heat to form a viscous liquid. This polymer solution is called unsaturated polyester resin.

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