Optical Zoom Telescope Camera Lens With Tripod For Iphone 5S 5G 4S 4G

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Product Description:

Product Description


  • Optical Zoom Telescope Camera Lens with Tripod For iPhone 5S 5G 4S 4G 
    Perfect fit for your mobile phone, precise cutout for the screen, buttons, ports, and camera lens

  • 100% brandnew high quality optical magnification zoom lens cellphone telescope for iPhone 4S 4G(iPhone is not included)

  • Overcome the short coming of camera cellphone that can only near sighted, it also makes distant view for you

  • Ultra thin compact, lightweight, unique stylish design, trendy and comfortable feeling

  • Suitable for watching match, concert, travel, animal observes, fans, newspaper-man shoots remotely, forestry manages, port dispatcher of the railway, traffic

  • Administrative department to collect evidence, public security organs to enforce the law and collect evidence

  • The new design to run of rays can effectively avoid the contortion of image, and makes the super wide angle

  • The larger luminous flux, the higher visual acuteness

  • Good for color reduction, which makes the high quality of photography

  • Magnification: 12x

  • Viewing angle: 70 degrees

  • Minimum focus distance: 3m

  • Product dimension: (D) 30 x 75mm

  • Lens weight: 45g

  • Color: black and silver

  • Including: 

    • Long focal lens, 1 pc.

    • Univseral Holder, 1 pc.

    • Mini Tripod, 1 pc.

    • Protecion Case , 1 pc.



Packaging & Shipping


  • Each in bulk; 30pcs/ctn; Meas: 50*40*44cm; G.W: 22kgs

  • Port: FOB Shenzhen, other condition is negotiable. 



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Q:What is the SLR camera lens motor?
Generally installed in the camera motor has several roles, the film over the film, drive the focus, drive zoom. And now the digital age over the chip has long been useless, so there is no, the focus motor installed in the fuselage and the lens of the two drive, electric zoom only in some individual brands of SLR models appeared, now Has no one used As for the Nikon machines that eunuchs do not need to be too much emphasis on the problem, Nikon is the first to use the body-driven focus mode, and the old lens is not built-in drive motor, the use of the fuselage motor drive, I think you buy this machine Too likely to buy the old lens why do he have no body motor? And the best digital camera to buy a new type of lens, the old lens can not be considered temporarily, then do not affect the use of Do not worry
Q:What is the foot ring of the camera lens? What do you use
4, the position of the tripod ring for the camera after the camera and the lens near the center of gravity, so to ensure that the camera's center of gravity is stable, no tripod ring, with the camera's foot hole will be heavy foot, the lens is easy to shake, Will damage the camera tripod hole, so some of the lens in order to shoot the need to reproduce the tripod ring. 5, the actual use of the lens when the camera hanging in the neck can not stand, you can take the tripod ring, like to take the same dumbbell carrying, comfortable.
Q:Can a film camera lens be used on a digital SLR?
It is estimated that Tenglong then ring of the old manual lens, the key is to see your lens with the wild ring is what bayonet, PK is Pentax bayonet, Pentax available. CY belongs to Yaxika card mouth, no digital SLR match. If your packaging box has two above said wild ring, then at least one is the PK port, and certainly can be used for Pentax SLR. If the bayonet does not match, and then install a adapter ring, it is not worthy of this lens with a single anti-body.
Q:Who knows the camera lens on the m, ft What does that mean?
Ft is the foot abbreviation. M is the abbreviation of rice for focusing.
Q:SLR camera lens 18-135mm and 18-200mm What is the difference?
Look at your needs, you do not need to use the theme of the 135-200 this focal length. If you really need to choose 18-200. But my personal comparison is recommended 18-135
Q:SLR camera to replace the lens when how to operate?
2, when the lens is necessary to allow the camera hanging in the neck, bayonet to face down to prevent dust fall.
Q:Shoot macro, what camera and lens to buy?
To take a good macro picture, choose a suitable macro lens is more important, there are three main categories: Focal length of 50 ~ 60mm standard macro lens, shorter focal length so that the focus distance shorter, suitable for close to the subject to complete the shooting. Do not deliberately open the distance from the shooting of the forest, botanical garden, etc. can play its strength. Because it is able to shoot around the subject, but also very suitable for indoor still life close-up, easy to carry. Focal length of 100mm macro lens, it is also referred to as 100 micro-lens, can not be very close to the macro shooting. The telephoto macro lens with a focal length of 180 to 200mm is suitable for telephoto macro shots that are close-up or close to the subject. Suitable for shooting insects and small animals such as unreasonable close to the subject, but also to enlarge the flowers on the branches in full bloom. There is also a macro zoom lens zoom lens, the subject can be enlarged 1 times to several times the macro photography dedicated lens. Able to the general macro lens is difficult to capture the microscopic world ideal imaging. Not only can the small insects local close-up, but also suitable for shooting small pieces of jewelry and so on. Full-frame + professional macro lens, is a very professional, money method, but for some ordinary players, there are some ways to compromise, you can shoot macro images, such as:
Q:Film SLR camera lens on the aperture ring is how to use it?
aperture. The The You bought the film, sure to know. No longer say. 22 16 11 8 4 2.8 2 1.8 is the shutter value. The smaller the value, the bigger the shutter opens.
Q:There are several camera lens, Canon
Among them, more than 300mm above the ultra-telephoto lens. Telephoto lens perspective is small, perspective is weak, the scene deformation is small, suitable for shooting things can not be close, such as wild animals, stage, etc., you can also use telephoto lens blurred the background of the role of shooting portraits. Zoom lens because of its focal lengths change, bad general. Assuming its focal length in the wide-angle, medium coke, telephoto of a period or between the two changes, can also be called wide-angle zoom lens, medium-length zoom lens. Can be found in
Q:Camera lens material problem
Are generally made of glass Resin is worse than glass Camera parameters and lens material has nothing to do, but the lens glass is good or bad affect the image of this lens color dispersion, purple edge of these reasons At present, Canon's use of fluorite lenses and Nikon Sony's ultra-low dispersion lenses are used for better house lens dispersion and color.

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