Online UPS, CE certificate 19 inch rack-mount

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Product Description:

Online UPS, CE certificate 19 inch rack-mount



1,UPS, online UPS rack mount type, 
2,Wide input range dual conversion 
3,IGBT technology, Advanced PFC technology 

Rack Online UPS, CE certificate


UPS, online UPS rack mount type, wide input range, dual conversion, IGBT technology, Advanced PFC technology, self-detection, provide reliable uninterruptible power to your instrument.




1.19 inch rack-mount

2. High frequency and dual conversion online technology

3. Advanced PFC technology

4. True sine wave output with less then 3%THD

5.Self-detection when UPS start-up

6. Advanced battery management

7.Cold start feature(DC power on)

8. Automatically charging batteries in UPS off mode

9. Lighting and surge protections(surge energy rating 1050Joules)

10. Short circuit and overload protections

11. Fun speed automatically changes as load varies

12. Optional external battery pack

13. EMI/RFI noise filter

14. Shutdown and restart schedule


Product Series

Bs-R Series Rack Mount 1~6kVA


Bs-R 1K

Bs-R 2K

Bs-R 3K

Bs-R 6K

Rated Power


1kVA / 0.7kW

2kVA / 1.4kW

3kVA / 2.1kW



Nominal Voltage



Voltage Range

115 ~ 300VAC/60~138 Vac

176 ~ 276VAC

Frequency Range

46 ~ 54Hz(default), user adjustable within 40~60Hz

46 ~ 54Hz

Power Factor




IEC320-10A inlet

IEC320-16A inlet

Terminal Block



220VAC/110vac ± 2%

220VAC ± 1%


46~54Hz or 50Hz ± 0.2Hz (Line mode)
50Hz ± 0.2Hz ( Battery mode)

46~54Hz (Line mode)
50Hz ± 0.05Hz ( Battery mode)


Sine Wave

Overload Capability

108%~150% for 30 sec., ³150% for 300 ms

105%~130% for 10 min., ³130% for 1 min.

Current Crest Ratio



Automatic Transfer

on overload and UPS failure

Before UPS Power-on

Default NO, user adjustable to YES


Voltage Range 

80~264VAC (Default), user adjustable within 80~286VAC

176 ~ 261VAC

Transfer Time

0 ms; less than 4 ms from inverter to bypass and vice versa


LED indicators


Load level / Battery level, Battery , Utility Power, Inverter, Bypass, Overload, Fault

Audible Alarm

Bypass, On battery mode, Battery low, Overload, Fault


RS-232 Serial Interface

Intelligent Slot;
OPTIONS:  WEBPOWER SNMP/WEB card, AS400 card or WinPower CMC)

Network Surge Protection

RJ45 I/O port available for network or Fax/Modem


Operating Temperature

0 ~ 40°C

Operating Humidity

20 ~ 90% non-condensing

Main Unit

Net Weight (Kg)





Dimensions (W x D x H) mm

482.6 x 450 x 88 (2U)

482.6 x 600 x 130 (3U)

Battery Pack


Internal Batteries

External Battery Pack

Nominal DC Voltage




Backup Time (Full load)

5 min

9 min
(with 1 BP)

5 min
(with 1 BP)

7 min
(with 1 BP)

Net Weight (Kg)


Dimensions (W x D x H) mm

450x482.6x88 (2U)

450x482.6x88 (2U)

482.6 x 600 x 130 (3U


Online UPS, CE certificate 19 inch rack-mount


                       Online UPS, CE certificate 19 inch rack-mount

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Q:Ups uninterruptible power supply for example
Simply said there are the following: 1, you can delay. 2, can be regulated. 3, this is not well known: UPS works is the exchange of DC and then switch to exchange, So he has a very important role is: you can put the majority of the electricity grid Noise, interference and surge absorption filter, the output pure AC, so that can be better Protect the equipment in the fragile control system, so that its work more stable and extend the service life.
Q:Ups uninterruptible power supply back - up and on - line difference is what does anyone know?
Backup UPS is also known as non-online UPS   Backup UPS: usually in the battery charge state, in the event of an emergency switch to the working state of the inverter, the battery provided by the DC into a stable AC output, so the backup UPS is also known as off-line UPS. Backup UPS power supply advantages are: high efficiency, low noise, the price is relatively cheap, mainly applicable to major fluctuations in electricity, the power supply quality requirements are not high occasions, more suitable for home use. However, this UPS has a switching time problem and is therefore not suitable for use where critical power supplies can not be interrupted. But in fact this switch is very short, usually between 2 to 10 milliseconds, and the computer's own switching power supply in the power failure should be able to maintain about 10 milliseconds, so the personal computer system is generally not because of this switching time problem. Backup UPS can only continue to power a few minutes to tens of minutes, mainly to let you have time to back up data, and as soon as possible the end of the work, the price is low. For computer applications that are not too critical, such as personal home users, they can be equipped with a low-power backup UPS.
Q:Technical indicators
3. Why are you equipped with UPS? According to IDC statistics, 45% of all computer failures are caused by the power problem; in China, the average number of major city power outages 0.5 times / month, medium city for 2 times / month, small cities or villages and towns for 4 times / month, There are at least nine problems with the power grid: power off, lightning spikes, surges, frequency oscillations, voltage ripple, voltage ripple, frequency drift, voltage drop, impulse interference; therefore, from the point of view of improving power quality, Very necessary. In addition, the sophisticated network equipment and communication equipment is not allowed to intermittent power to the server as the core of the network center to be equipped with UPS is self-evident, even a regular computer, the use of three months after the data file And other software value has exceeded the hardware value, so to prevent data loss is also equipped with UPS is also very necessary.
Q:Can UPS power be used to power off frequently?
It is recommended not to use the computer when the UPS is best off, because the UPS internal battery, if the battery is over a long time will affect the state of life. Off the switch is only a little effort to develop habits to benefit infinite, if it is thunderstorm weather does not cut off the power, the computer may have the risk of lightning, as the loss is even greater. I have the pain of being destroyed by the power. So please the landlord is best to cut off the power as well.
Q:Is the uninterruptible power supply UPS included in the total load during load calculation?
No, what do you mean when the UPS is powered by the load, and then calculate the total load when you add the UPS capacity to the load? Can not be calculated, UPS is only the transmission part of the electricity, UPS own load should be (1 - output power) * UPS capacity
Q:What are the UPS burns?
Large brand of UPS beyond the input voltage range will not burn, with a large percentage of load will not burn. Because UPS has a self-protection function. Voltage, load out of range UPS does not work. 90-270 access 380UPS does not work. Will not burn. Unless you sell fake. General burn is the aging of components, or internal dust, static and other UPS internal reasons. Cottage UPS I do not know. 380 input with 220 electricity will not burn, the voltage is too low when the battery-powered UPS work properly.
Q:How the UPS power supply sounded
Look at the contactor is not inside the contact is not good
Q:3K UPS, need to delay half an hour,
How much battery you need depends on what brand of UPS you choose, because the different brands of UPS battery voltage is different, and the battery voltage is a single 12V battery series in series.
Q:Can drive a desktop computer ups power how much money?
A computer with a half of the ups power supply on the line, although the rated power is more than 400w, but with Lu master or hardware master test, the peak is also about 200, half of the enough, like your case, Mt500, k500 or tg500 will do,
Q:What does UPS mean?
Uninterruptible power supply, is a small box, one attached to the AC, a computer and other computers need to continue to do when the power to save the work of electronic products, which charge the power, the ordinary UPS can also be used when the power 2-20 minutes or so.

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