onion bags for your onions! shinny color! good strength! competitive prices!

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Product Description:

onion bags for your onions! shinny color! good strength! competitive prices!

Quick Details

  • Material:Plastic

  • Plastic Type:PP

  • Bag Type:Mesh Bag

  • Industrial Use:Agriculture

  • Use:Vegetables

  • Feature:Security

  • Surface Handling:Aqueous Coating

  • Sealing & Handle:Drawstring

  • Custom Order:Accept

  • Place of Origin:Hebei, China (Mainland)

  • Model Number:pp 0073

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:50 bags as a bundle, 40 bundles in a bale. so 2000 pcs in one bale
Delivery Detail:for a 20's container, within 25 days since deposit effectuated


onion bags
1.passed SGS and ISO
2.18 years' manufacturer
3. best quality and prices
4.your reliable supplier!

Name:onion bags
Following is the brief introduction of our products and our company.
A.about products
1.Size: we can produce various sizes of leno mesh bags, our regular sizes are
of bag
We also accept customerized sizes.
2.Color: as the client's request.for example, red, green, yellow, orange, violet,
milky white etc. We guarantee all the colors are bright and beautiful.
3. Drawstring:tough quality!
4. Hold capacity: from 10kg to 50kg
5. Raw material:
PP tape+PE wire or PP tape+ PP tape.
6.Bottom: fold once, sealed with one or two stitiches.
B. Shipping details.
1. Delivery time: within 21 days upon the reciept of 30% deposit.
2.A 20'' container could load about 12 tons of mesh bags with the size 50*80 cm,
that is about 420,000pcs. A 40'' container could load about 25.5 tons with
the size 50*80 cm, that is about 920,000pcs!
3. Usage:for packing various kindsof vegetable and fruit. Such as potato, cabbage,
onion, carrot, garlic, tomato, eggplant and lemon, orange, apple, pear etc.
4.Environmental friendly, non-toxic component,durable and good appearance.
5.Samples fee and time: free, within 3 days!

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