One-touch dialing elevator phone ( Elevator Phone)

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One-touch dialing elevator telephone is compatible with most analog or digital telephone PBX. Suitable for voice communications of various working environments, and enables point to point (one-touch) calls in a public communications network or private network.

1 Features

one-touch dialing

switch the monitor screen

Caller flash tips

Talk time limit

automatically hang up

High waterproof, dustproof performance, all SUS304 stainless steel casing, protection grade IP65.

high durability, wire using Teflon wire, anti-oil, anti-acid, anti-alkali, strong anti-oxidant meets military standard GJB-773 and UL1332 requirements.

 Telephone line powered, no additional external power supply, easy to install

2, the application range

  For elevators, highways customer center, railway stations, airports, terminals, banks, residential areas, stadiums, shopping malls and other dial calls

3 Technical Data

       Temperature: -35 ~ 75 Relative Humidity: 10% ~ 95% Atmospheric pressure: 86 ~ 106 Kpa Environmental Noise: 60dB (A)

       Ringing level: 70dB (A)

       Pulse dialing: Dial pulse intermittent ratio: 1.6 ± 0.21.0

          Dial pulse speed: 10 ± 1 times / sec

Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) dialing:

Offset: 1.5%; LF group level: -9 ± 3dB; frequency group level: -7 ± 3dB frequency difference between high and low combinations: 2 ± 1dB; such as total harmonic distortion at least below the fundamental level is low 20dB

Call Transfer Index: SLR12, RLR-1, STMR10, output impedance: 600Ω

Electro-acoustic characteristics:

Sending loudness rating + 2dB + 12dB

Accept loudness rating -8dB -1dB

Sidetone masking assessed value + 3dB + 10dB

4, Features:

     Automatic dialing: Press the emergency button, after 3 to 5 seconds, then automatically appropriated for you to specify the number.

       Switching the monitor screen: Once you press the emergency button, the machine generates a signal, the monitoring host will be switched to the emergency call screen position.

       Caller Flash Tip: When incoming phone calls, high-brightness LED starts flashing, indicating a call comes.

       Talk Time limit: a connected phone automatically starts 7 minutes time, time to hang up the machine automatically. Prevent prolonged conversation occupation line resources (factory preset function).

     Automatic answer: automatically answer incoming calls, number of rings optional

       Automatically hang up: After the caller hangs up, the machine detects a busy signal, hang up automatically.

        Take the election process. Backstage press * or # line forced to close the line.

5, the installation

    Wall-mounted, wall to be installed in the appropriate space reserved, wall walls, with three M5 stainless steel machine screws can be fixed

6, Packing

Machine size: 130 * 200 * 50 (mm)

Carton size: 230 * 170 * 80 (mm)

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Q:What does the voice call mean?
In fact, still call, and now a lot of software can call the network, and I now use a cell called the software, both to the plane to call, but also to the mobile phone users to play, and is free, you can also with their own The friends to build a voice circle everyone chat together is very good.
Q:Voice phone, artificial phone, what is the difference?
Voice is the machine automatically, artificial is someone to answer for you
Q:Is there a difference between calling and qq voice?
A big difference is that the phone is used to call, QQ voice burning is the flow. In addition, if the network is not a good place QQ voice is often not clear, do not know clearly. This time must be on the phone
Q:Micro-voice calls a minute how much traffic
Microcomputer phone book in the 2G / 3G / 4G network for a minute to consume about 300K flow; standby consumption of less than 1K / hour; successful registration for the first time after the automatic backup contacts need to consume a small amount of traffic (backup 300 contacts about 60K traffic ); Add / delete / modify contacts will automatically back up the changes in the information, a single contact consumption of traffic 0.2K.
Q:What is a voice message?
A new type of telephone communication service business. Using the telecommunications network and computer processing system storage, transmission of voice information. The user applies to the telecommunications department and handles the voicemail number and password. Others can dial this number message, I dial this number and enter the password to listen to the message. Similar to the voice of a telephone service, when you can not answer the call in time, you can transfer calls to voicemail, so that callers left "soundtrack" message. When your voicemail has a new message, your phone will receive a short message. You can also record your own voice mail greeting, so that your phone becomes an automatic answer to the recording phone.
Q:How to check the voice of the phone call record
If your phone has a recording software, and then call the manual recording, you can find the voice recording. Otherwise not found.
Q:Use qq voice and call directly which cheap?
Depends on the network if the data you package the flow of the package, then QQ voice better
Q:Unicom package in the 3G voice phone how to use?
As long as the use of the card call are considered in this voice call!
Q:Your phone is not in the 3G service area, call the voice call?
Tell you, from the contact where the phone call, if the head of the call is to choose the 3G call, 2G call (voice) should choose to click on the number of calls, everything is resolved. Haha!
Q:Use qq voice call ten minutes about how much traffic
Voice words will not be a lot, 10 minutes should not exceed 10M hope to adopt!

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