one thousand litres Pure Water Produce Line with RO System

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One thousand litres Pure Water Produce Line with RO System

This Pure Water treatment with RO system is composed of per-filter of sand filter,active carbon filter,ion -exchanger and reverse osmosis

system and ozone generator.

It is applied for the prodution of pure water, mineral water, beverage product water and process water, high quality, easy operation and


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Q:Drink equipment of the washing machine
This machine is suitable for bottled drinks, mineral water, cola and other liquid filling production, the plastic bottles for cleaning, can be used to provide large and medium-sized production plants can also be used stand-alone.
Q:Ultrahigh pressure sterilization equipment
Company, Sweden ABB and Germany Uhde and so on.
Q:What is the purified water equipment?
Thus creating a favorable condition for the subsequent disinfection process.
Q:Aquaculture water treatment equipment which is better
Water quality of incoming and outgoing water (effluent quality to meet the "livestock and poultry industry pollutant discharge standards" (GB18596-2001)}.
Q:What is the heat sealing method of hot pressing sealing machine?
2, roller-type heat sealing: roller-type heat sealing is the use of continuous rotating roller pressure by a pair of rollers in one or two rollers to achieve the plastic film sealing.
Q:What are the advanced sterilization techniques and equipment
(UHT) sterilization process.As a result of the use of high temperature and high pressure water vapor and low temperature milk direct contact with the milk in the rapid temperature sterilization at the same time, inevitably part of the water vapor is also condensed to the
Q:How to choose the cooling tower water treatment sterilization equipment
Cooling tower which often have a lot of sticky mud, the traditional method needs to be washed after the addition of special water treatment sterilization algae pharmacy, it is troublesome.
Q:What is the difference between a lubricating oil filling machine and an oil filling machine?
lubricate the engine lubricants generally include solid lubricants (butter) and liquid lubricants
Q:What are the main water treatment equipment used in the industry?
, Urban construction (precipitation water treatment), food (purified water), laboratory (analytical water) and so on.
Q:Fresh water products on the market more complicated, should the water machine and water purifier distinction.
Taiwan's quality is better, domestic pump quality is also clearance, basically no problem, or can.

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