one thousand litres Pure Water Produce Line with RO System

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One thousand litres Pure Water Produce Line with RO System

This Pure Water treatment with RO system is composed of per-filter of sand filter,active carbon filter,ion -exchanger and reverse osmosis

system and ozone generator.

It is applied for the prodution of pure water, mineral water, beverage product water and process water, high quality, easy operation and


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Q:Filling machine out of a two out of six what six mean
said how many heads, or how many bottles per hour production
Q:What is uht sterilization?
Of course, some fruits and vegetables, beverages, etc. can also be used for sterilization.
Q:What is the pressure sealing machine
When the machine is sealed, the stopper is placed above the finish, and the sealing is carried out by pressing it into the bottle at the pressure in the vertical direction of the stopper.
Q:What is the purified water equipment?
Purified water equipment is used to meet the needs of the industry to produce pure water equipment, used in medicine, chemical and chemical industry, the entire system of purified water equipment are also made of stainless steel combination, and before the water must be equipped with sterilization device
Q:How does the filling machine work?
Filling machine working principle According to the different filling objects, filling the principle and filling mode is also different, the following we will be different filling objects one by one and filling the principle of filling:
Q:What is the filter equipment used
For the liquid-solid phase separation technology in the classification of filtration equipment, the classification of more methods, and some according to the characteristics of the process points; some by the structural conditions to points; and some of the driving force in the operation to sub-points.
Q:What is the difference between soft canned sterilization equipment and general equipment?
if it is flexible packaging canned products, after the sterilization should pay attention to the process of anti-bacterial
Q:The working principle of the bottle washing machine
1.3 When the tank level below the liquid level when the automatic pay water.
Q:What is the disinfection equipment for water treatment?
remove the pool wall biofilm, so that the water has been zero, no corrosive, in the United States can be used as oral disinfectant.
Q:What is the principle of scale and descaling?
Can dissolve and absorb the scale, and drain in the drainage, therefore, in addition to the product to prevent the formation of scale, but also effective removal of old dirt.

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