Okorder Fire resistant Door Handle Lock Body HY-FHS-4

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Product Description:

Product Description

Product Name:   Okorder Fire resistant Door Handle Lock Body HY-FHS-4

Lock case: galvanized steel, Anti-finger print ,thickness:1.5mm

Deadbolt / Rollor / Follower/Forend and striking plates: SS304

Package:  Carton

Material:  brass cylinder body/Alum shell and brass core cylinder body/ brass key

Color: Black (as Picture).

Finishing: Stainless Steel Brushed.

Our Advantages:

A) Variety types for selection

B) Competitive price (China mainland manufacturer)

C) Good quality (years experienced technical )

D) Excellent Service ( +10 years of export experience)

E) Prompt delivery

F) Different designs are available according to customer requests.

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Q:Car remote control keys can not lock the door can not open the lock is what the situation caused
Hello there! May be a remote control! It is recommended to replace the battery ... [car problems, ask the car master. 4S shop professional technician, 10 minutes to solve. To
Q:The life of the door lock (the piece of shackle that links the door lock)
If the care points, with the soft point is basically not bad
Q:Car children lock on how to open, which also can not open, the outside can not open
May be in the lock in the state, in the central control unlock, from the outside can be on the back seat of the child lock the door to open the child lock button or small hand is generally under the back door lock a child lock Set; if the control can not unlock the back door lock state, it is best to first 4S shop or repair shop to detect circuit obstacles.
Q:Car problem? Control lock will not automatically lock?
It does not matter, is the brake contact switch can not be a good contact, resulting in electronic settings can not detect your brake signal. Unless he moved the hands and feet of your car, generally not the case
Q:What is good for car door locks?
Car door lock lubrication should be fully synthetic lubricating grease, with the following properties: (1) low temperature; (2) long-term; (3) colorless and transparent; (4) low odor. Lubricant Grease for lubrication and sealing lubrication, this high technical content of grease, can produce many enterprises, commonly used models include: tiger hotolube full synthetic grease grease; Great Wall of the special 221 grease; Burk Kluber L641 Grease; huskey LU221
Q:What is the speed of the door automatic locking system
Is the speed to a certain value, four doors will automatically lock, when you turn off the fire automatically unlock
Q:BYD f3 lock lock on their own opened how the matter
Hello, check the latch is good [car has a problem, ask the car master. 4S shop professional technician, 10 minutes to solve. To
Q:Is the remote control door lock an electromagnetic wave?
Yes. Principle: The infrared signal or electromagnetic wave signal from the transmitter is accepted and delivered to the door lock remote control unit. The remote control module compares and receives the signal received by the receiver, and if it is the correct code, the door opening or lock gate signal is alternately input to the automatic door lock control assembly through its internal output circuit, and the door lock motor or the electromagnet To complete the door opening or locking action, if the continuous input through the door lock remote control components identified as incorrect code, the remote control control components through the lock-in time within a certain period of time to stop the input.
Q:Electric car electric lock line how to connect?
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