Oilfield Back-Pressure Sustaining Valve/Oilfield Back-sostenedora de presión Válvula

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The check valve is also called or a one-way valve, its role is to prevent 

the backflow medium pipeline.The bottom valve of the pump suction 

off also belong to the check valve class.Open-close part by medium 

flow and power to open or closed, to prevent the backflow medium 

valve check valve.Check valve belong to automatic valve class, mainly 

for the one-way flow of medium pipeline, only allowed to medium 

flows in one direction, in order to prevent accidents.

Usually, the fluid under pressure to make the disc of the valve opening, 

and exported from flow inlet side to side.When the import side pressure 

is lower than the export side, the disc under the action of fluid pressure 

and gravity itself automatically to channel closed, to prevent fluid backflow.

Disc in different ways, according to the check valve is mainly divided into the 

lift, swing and butterfly 3 classes.Lift check valve body more similar to cut-off 

valve body, the fluid resistance is larger.This type of check valve for high 

pressure small, often using the disc and spherical shape.Swing check valves
on the fluid resistance is small, suitable for medium and small size, low pressure, 

large diameter pipelines, often on the channel baffle valve set up multiple disc, 

become more disc type.Similar to the shape of the butterfly check valve and 

butterfly valve.It has simple structure, small resistance for fluid.Check valve such 

as closing too fast, could cause a liquid in the liquid pipe, noise, and even cause 

the damage of valve parts.In order to avoid this kind of situation, when need can

 choose buffer function of the check valve, extend the closing time.



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Q:The difference between swing check valve and lift check valve
Standard light valve professionals answer the difference between the lift check valve and the swing check valve:Lift check valves: check valves slide along the vertical centerline of the valve. The lift check valves can only be installed on the horizontal pipe.
Q:What is the function of the check valve?
To prevent water flow is generally in the lower position, to prevent the above valve is not closed, the water back into the flow
Q:The check valve for the printer doesn't have any air in it, but it doesn't come out. It still doesn't work
Just change the CISS, change after dozens of photos. There is air in the pipe, the printing document is half a page, and then a check valve is installed. After it is finished, there is no air in the pipe, but it can not be played. The nozzle is not out of water any more. The ink in the ink box is full.When the check valve is installed, you can print the test paper color is correct, but the document is a piece of white paper. No more printing later. Say at least one cartridge problem. Where does the check valve open? No, there's a switchChasing the answerNot quite clear, you change the model, the general print cartridge does not leak, the ink box for the gas hole to open, hose without bubbles, you can print normally.
Q:What kind of check valve is used to prevent the return water?
You should be horizontal check valve, with pressure difference, water pressure is not lost; or a check valve inside where the card, must be a certain pressure to baffle back.
Q:The self-priming pump with check valve (check valve, water valve)?
Water inlet generally has a check valve, if not, then only in the suction port on the installation of the check valve. Of course, you can also install a one-way valve on the pipe near the suction port.
Q:How much is the 6 point check valve for the water pipe at home?
Different places, different prices, it is estimated that 20-30 copper. Complete check is impossible, and the effect depends on the actual situation,
Q:What does the H/F/P stand for in the check valve H41H/H41F/H41P?
Respectively, the valve seat sealing surface is made of alloy / fluorine plastic / stainless steel.
Q:What is the difference between the check valve rcvx and SFCV?
One way check valve is check valve, only for preventing all kinds of pipelines or equipment on the flow medium reverse flow one-way valve.Check valves are widely used and there are many kinds of check valves. The following are common water supply and heat check valves:1, spring: the liquid from the bottom up, rely on the pressure spring controlled valve, the pressure disappears, the spring force the valve, sealing liquid backflow. Often used in the smaller diameter check valve.2, gravity: and spring similar to rely on the valve's own gravity closed to prevent backflow.
Q:Is the check valve in or behind the gate valve? Why?
Pump outlet, check valve, gate valve.Gate valve plays a regulatory role, is the main pipe. Such a sequence can ensure that the water flow during power failure does not cause damage to the gate valve.
Q:Do you still need to check valve fittings for solar water heater installation?
Need to be installed to prevent hot water from flowing back.The hot water flow is mainly refers to the low pressure tap water (tap water pressure is insufficient to reach the roof) or tap water pressure is not stable and high and low, at this time, Sheung Shui solar water heater, the water heater on the roof, the natural water level drop, the water heater will flow to the water in the road, if there are many hot water heaters, not only not to cold water, the result will make the hot water flow, water reverse, hot water outflow phenomenon caused by the user in tap water downstairs. To solve the backflow of hot water, a check valve is installedIn the control of the water valve can be installed about.

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