Oil Paint 1k Solid Color Paint 1k Color

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Product Description:

Product Description

1k Color Tinters Car Paint

Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

  • Main Raw Material: Acrylic

  • Usage: Car Paint

  • Application Method: Spray

  • State: Liquid Coating

  • Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

1L, 4L

Delivery Detail:

10-15days after order confirmation


1.Metallic effect automotive paint
2.Made from weathering resistant resins
3.Good hiding power.
4.Easy to apply.

One of most profession exporter & manufacture of car paint in China . Join Us!!!

MACAW 1K Basecoat Automotive Paint  
1.Made from Weathering resistant resins ,high quality automotive paint  with economic price .

2.Good hiding power and excellent metallic effect .

3.Available in solid ,silver and pearl colors, easy to apply .

Product Technical Data

Surface Cleaning: Remove wax,silcon and other contaminations with degreaser.
Macaw Oil Paint 1k Solid Color Paint 1k Color Tinters

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Q:How long will it take for a house to paint?
Certainly not at least half a month to live, but also good ventilation.
Q:Microsoft Paint?????
Microsoft Helpline Number@+1^800^782^3911
Q:What is the difference between the paint and the paint?
Water is a water thinner, no organic solvent coating, benzene, toluene, xylene, formaldehyde, free TDI toxic heavy metals, non-toxic non-irritating odor, harmless to the human body, do not pollute the environment, Paint is a kind of can be firmly covered in the surface of the object, from the protection, decoration, signs and other special purposes of the paint, Chemical mixture coating. Their difference is that the paint is more environmentally friendly than paint, no nasal taste, harmless to the human body. Morning sun water paint in this area to do more time, you can understand.
Q:acrylic paint or fabric paint?
Fabric paint will hold up through washings. To make acrylic paint suitable for fabric buy some fabric medium. You mix the medium with your color choice in acrylic and the paint will hold up through washings.
Q:What is the meaning of paint in Japanese?
Dyes and pigments
Q:What is the difference between paint?
Paint "==" paint is not correct
Q:What brand of latex paint is best
The country's best latex paint with a friend of paint, Dulux, Nippon Paint, Chinese lacquer paint these paint brand latex paint in the country are very famous. You can try to use
Q:The difference between the printer pigment ink and the dye ink
Dye ink has a good color reproduction ability, but the printed version of the waterproof, anti-light, poor antioxidant capacity, photos after long-term preservation, prone to fade phenomenon. The characteristics of the pigment ink is the opposite, print out the photo has a good waterproof, anti-light, anti-oxidation and storage performance, but the color reproduction capacity will be slightly worse.
Q:Paint pigment dyes What is the difference
Paint: Paint and pigment are the same, the pigment is a formal chemical name. Dispersed in the solvent (which can be water or organic solvent) was suspended in the coloring agent called paint, sub-organic / inorganic two, color calm, poor transparency , But the light / redox performance is excellent. Most of the paintings of Chinese painting or oil painting are paint.
Q:Is the lithium polymer battery or lithium-ion battery easy to explode?
From the structure, the polymer battery is generally flexible package, the shell is thin, relatively soft, lithium-ion battery using hard packaging, thick shell, relatively hard, from a security point of view, the flexible packaging of the battery once the sudden damage, such as charging Voltage is too high, the temperature is too high caused by the explosion, its destructive far less than the hard-packed lithium battery.

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