Oil-Base Acrylic Exterior Paint for All-Weather

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This high performance, solvent based, one component100% pure acrylic exterior finish can be applied all day and the lacquer film is rarely affected by weather. It has good dirt, alkali, mildew and chemical resistant characteristics.

Applicable to exterior wall of various kinds of architecture such as overpasses, factories, hotels, residential apartments and villas, etc.

1. Superior weathering resistant ability, Preservations of gloss and colors to prevent from fading and color changing.
2. Waterproof and ventilating to allow lacquer film to "breathe" like skin. 3. Dense paint film is strongly resistant to fungus, alga, chemical corrosion and aging.


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Newly stained red ink stains can be washed first, and then soaked in warm soap, until the color stains removed, and then washed with fresh water. Contaminated for a long time the red ink stains, first washed with water, then wipe with 10% alcohol solution to remove.
Q:Question about painting?
It is probably better to paint the trim. It is easier cutting in on the wall itself. The trim work (window and door frames) are generally in front of the walls so you may touch the wall. But then, when you cover the wall, you cover the mistake. You can also wait for the paint to dry on the trim and then tape over the trim work. Depending on the type of paint and the weather, it may be only hours. Paint the trim, go eat lunch, paint the walls.
Q:Anticorrosive paint and paint the difference
In the painting before the operation, we will be two sets of paint, respectively, with a dynamic mixer to fully stir evenly, add some special operations in the coating curing agent to help paint the concentration required for the construction of the curing agent when added , Add the side while stirring to ensure that the curing agent and paint can be fully integrated together.
Q:bathroom prep before painting?
a good quality one with a primer to be sure to cover the old paint. I would think a semi-gloss latex paint for clean-ability and water resistance. Also make sure the patch work will be water resistant once it sets or it may fall out after a short time.
Q:Brush latex paint cheap or sticky wallpaper cheap?
From the decorative effect, the wallpaper is certainly better, more rich patterns, and the film is good can be repeatedly rubbed, resistant to stains than latex paint strong.
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Q:What is the difference between paint and plastic?
Paint and plastic are nothing the same. Say the same thing, they are composed of high polymer, mixture.
Q:Master! What are the differences between the topcoats, the primer and the latex paint?
Latex paint primer, also known as alkali-resistant primer, its role is mainly filled with brush magnetic surface, there is a certain resistance to water and moisture; if most of the interior decoration does not require primer, the external walls must be primer The
Q:what does paint thinner do?
Get you high.
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