Office Sofa Office Furniture 2015 High Quality Leather Office Sofa 8206

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Office Furniture

Specific Use:

Office Sofa


Racing Chair


 Genuine Leather/PU/Lether Fabric




All color are available








Chrome,Nickle Brushed,Stainless Steel



General Use:

Commercial Furniture,office chair,office furniture,for executives/directors/presidents


5 sets

Payment Term


Delivery Time

15-20 days


We specialized in office desk and office seating .Our factory has been engaged in office furniture for more than 10 years. Our factory is well-known in the high quality and competitive price of our products. Therefore, we completed in specifications and win warm praise from customers. In addition, the design of our products is deft, modern and beautiful. There are many types and colors for your selection. Our goods are easy and simple to handle and durable in use.

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Q:How did the sofa fall off?
First need to repair the renovation of the sofa area using leather cleaning agent cleaning → → dry or dry → → use anionic leather repair cream leveling crack and drop skin → → use the skin sealer will repair the coating again (with Adhesive effect; and block the surface and air contact; to prevent the skin to continue oxidation) → → dry or dry → → secondary repair leveling → → use 800 # water sandpaper to the surface slightly polished to smooth smooth Color (leather color refurbished agent) to the desired color → → adding fixative to start spraying → → with film-forming function Toner will form a layer of color film in the leather surface (as to put a new clothes on the sofa) → → dry or dry → → Finally with the sponge block to the sofa once again hit the leather brightener; sofa renovation is done!
Q:Life tips: how to maintain leather sofa
In the enjoyment of high-end sofa to bring the fun of life, can think of how to maintain a good sofa, dirty in the sofa after how clean, so that the enjoyment of this life will continue forever. Maintenance of leather sofas need to do the following two points
Q:The basic knowledge of leather sofas
The first layer of leather and the second layer of leather: the level of leather points, there are the first layer and the second layer of leather, of which the first layer of leather grain surface leather, repair leather, embossed leather, special effects leather; Layer and cattle two layers of leather and so on. Grain leather: in a lot of leather varieties, the whole grain side of the top, because it is less trapped by the finest raw material processing, leather surface to retain the intact natural state, the coating is thin, can show Out of the natural skin of the animal skin. It is not only wear-resistant, but also has good permeability.
Q:Milk infiltrates the leather sofa to leave a mark on how to remove it
Vinegar: vinegar is the main component of acetic acid and organic acids, can dissolve oil, but also sterilization, mold, remove the smell. Mix the vinegar with an equal volume of water evenly into the jug and spray it on a glass, mirror or tile, and wipe it with an old cloth. Add a tablespoon of white vinegar to the half-basin water and mix thoroughly, the wipes soaked, wring dry glass wipes, can not afford static electricity, not easy to stick ash. Sponge dipped in white vinegar to clean the stainless steel table, can restore the original luster.
Q:That toothpaste to clean the leather sofa tips, specifically how to operate?
The second step, with a towel to the sofa body toothpaste wipe clean. The third step, in accordance with the texture of the sofa body with a multi-functional shoe oil to play the oil once the sofa.
Q:Does the leather sofa need every day?
Simple way: wipe with the egg white dirty leather sofa can be a clean flannel dipped in some egg white wipe, can remove the stains, but also make the skin bright as ever.
Q:Leather sofa and fabric sofa, which is more practical?
Leather sofa, cleaning trouble but better than the cloth, style atmosphere, but not good-looking. The price is big. Choose the sofa I will, of course, is the fight of the leather, the whole leather of the expensive, the beginning of the leather sofa than the cloth in the living room to be style, but the leather sofa to maintain a long time will fade, and can not change, summer does not open Air conditioning, the skin to sit for a long time will be hot, open the air conditioning will be too cold, if the mat will be scratching the surface of the mat, a bad leather sofa on the end of the winter, then the leather is too cold and blanket, Sitting in the living room.
Q:The leather was caught by the cat
My house is renovated in May last year, because the decoration is their own and her husband to do, when buying a sofa also took a lot of effort, pick to pick also read a lot of brands, I and LG like the skin Sofa, just friends home has a dark red leather sofa, I and LG are very beautiful, asked friends after a friend said that the sofa has been for several years, and looks almost the same, and do The feeling of super good.
Q:Is there a leather sofa in Qingdao?
See: first of all from the leather pattern, pores and other aspects to identify, in the natural leather surface can see the pattern, the pores do exist, and uneven distribution, the opposite of animal fibers, side sections, the level of visible, the lower layers of animals Fiber, with a fingernail scratch test will appear leather fiber upright, there is the feeling of raising, a small amount of fiber can fall down, and synthetic leather can see the opposite side of the fabric, no side of the animal fiber, the general skin without pores, but some Imitation skin artificial pores, there will be no obvious pores exist, some patterns are not obvious, or have more regular artificial pattern, the pores are quite consistent.
Q:My family's leather sofa is too dirty, how to clear? The
If there are holes, broken, burning phenomenon, please ask the professionals to clean up.

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