Office Scissors Stainless Steel Office Stationery Scissors

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Product Description:

Office Scissors Stainless Steel Office Stationery Scissors

Product Description:

Nail Scissors

The sharp, curved blades follow the shape of your nails to give your edges a smooth finish.

Cuticle Scissors

The pointed tip makes it easy to trim any overgrown cuticles.

Nose Hair Scissors

With rounded tips to avoid nicking and cutting the delicate skin on the inside of the nostrils. It’s suitable for trimming nose hairs.

Nail Nippers

For men, elder or someone who has ringworm of nails to use. The sharp, curved blades follow the shape of your nails to trim.

Cuticle Nippers

To cleanly remove the softened cuticles in both the corners and curves of the nail bed.

Nail Clippers

To keep cutting edges sharp and rust-free.

Nail Clipper With Magnifier

Cutting the nail is a difficult work for the poor vision people. It is extremely convenient for them after the nail clippers with magnifying glass appear. The nail clipper is with a 2x magnifying glass and the magnifying angle can be adjusted up or down. It's a good helper for the poor vision people. We enlarged the body and increased a catcher for the nail clipper with magnifying class, even the people are with slightly bad eyesight and trembling, but also can use it easily. After cutting, the nail will falling into the catcher automatically and it can be directly poured when you do the cleaning. The catcher bottom is with nail file, it's convenient to trim it after cutting.

Nail Files

After trimmed nails, you can use it to gently grind down and shape the edges of nails.


Use to pluck hair from the face or eyebrows.

Cuticle Trimmer

With a sharp razor at the end that is used to trim off dead skin at the cuticles or to cut off hangnails.

Cuticle Pusher

It pushes the skin from your cuticles back and away from your nails to help your nails grow stronger.

Ear Cleaner

Use to clean the ear canal of earwax.

Office Scissors Stainless Steel Office Stationery Scissors

Office Scissors Stainless Steel Office Stationery Scissors


Suggest you to put your hand in warm water for 3 to 5 minutes before you use it. This step makes it easy to trim the nails and cuticles.


Steps of trimming


Trim Finger or Toe Nails

(with nail scissors, nail clippers or nail nippers)


Trim Cuticles

(with cuticle scissors, cuticle trimmers, cuticle nippers)


Shape Nails

(with cuticle pusher or nail files)



Product Care:


l  Do not sharp scissors, in case of damage.

l  Do not drop on the ground, in case of damage.

l  Due to personal hygiene, it should be exclusive.

l  Do not put it under the sun or in moist place.

l  Keep away from the baby, in case of getting hurts.

l  Clean it after used, can extended products life.

Office Scissors Stainless Steel Office Stationery Scissors

Office Scissors Stainless Steel Office Stationery Scissors


Office Scissors Stainless Steel Office Stationery Scissors

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Q:The characteristics of Chinese paper cutting
The paper-cut art features: because of its simple materials, low cost, effect Tatemi, wide adaptability, style in different poses and with different expressions, vivid image of the universal popularity; even more because it is the most suitable for rural women of leisure, not only for practical things, but also beautify the life. Paper cuts can be seen all over the country, and even different styles and schools have been formed.
Q:How can I disassemble the scissors?
General civilian scissors want to disassemble, use only the grinding wheel to grind off one end of the shaft rivet, and then assemble to replace the rivet.
Q:Scissors rust how to do? How to rust?
Small pneumatic or electric derusting. Mainly use electric or compressed air as power, assemble proper rust removing device, carry on reciprocating movement or rotation movement, in order to adapt to various occasions derusting requirements. As the angle grinder, wire brush, pneumatic needle beam device, pneumatic derusting and chipping hammers, tooth type rotary descaling device, which belongs to the semi mechanized equipment, light weight, high flexibility, can thoroughly remove rust, old coating, the coating for wool processing, greatly improve the efficiency than manual derusting. Up to 1~2m2/h, but cannot remove the oxide skin, the surface roughness is small, cannot achieve high-quality surface treatment quality, work efficiency is low injection processing. The utility model can be used in any position, and is widely used in the ship repairing process.
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You have to cut it into the video in the video track find you will start pruning the video, in the time axis corresponding to the click will see a white line here, and then move the cursor to the video, the cursor "+" type, and then put on a white line, right click inside a partition the material point once you will find a complete video is divided into 2 parts.
Q:Is scissors considered a control tool?
Other similar single blade, double-edged, triangular Knives: tip angle less than 60 degrees, blade length of more than 150 mm of single blade, double-edged and multiple cutting edge tool.5, the other tip angle greater than 60 degrees, blade length of more than 220 mm of single blade, double-edged and multiple cutting edge tool
Q:What are the structures of the scissors? What are the names of the scissors?
Great improvement. But from the extant relics, the scissors used by the people in the Song Dynasty are almost close to modern. There is a museum of ancient tombs in Luoyang from the Northern Song Dynasty Xining five years (AD 1072) unearthed in the tombs of the scissors, scissors have very similar appearance and modern. This shows that China's scissors model has been used for at least 1000 years now.
Q:What is the number of shear planes in the ordinary bolt problem of steel structures?
Double shear: when connecting three plates, the middle plate acts on the two shear planes of the bolt.
Q:The characteristics of paper cutting
Regional style paper-cut itself is: North South paper-cut is rough, paper-cut delicate. Different style, different features. There are two kinds of color and monochrome paper-cut paper-cut. At the moment, and monochrome paper-cut carved, engraved, color paper-cut silhouette of yin and Yang. Divided into dyeing paper-cut, lining color paper cutting, coloring paper, color paper cutting the color, color paper cutting, paper cutting, paper cutting, paper-cut color laminated color variety.
Q:What if the scissors are stuck with 502 glue?
The least effort: let your husband do it, and do not damage the scissors and affect the beauty. Do not buy new ones. Men always have a way. The most wasteful way: throw away the new most cruel way: burn five minutes with a gas stove; the glue can be carbonized at 300 degrees Celsius, but the scissors are horrible.
Q:What's the difference between pet scissors and upturned scissors?
Pet dog scissors Alice to repair most of the hair, such as limbs, torso, legs and so on, according to the dog's own radian trim out the desired shape, is very simple, not easy to appear bumpy, not professional people can also trim.

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