Office Mesh Chair with Adjustable Height CMAX1013

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500 set
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40000 set/month

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Product Description:

Office Mesh Chair with Adjustable Height CMAX1013

Structure of Offcie Chair Description:

Chair with adjustable neckrest    

Adjustable lumbar support    

4D Adjustable armrests

Mesh or fabric for back and seat, sliding waterfall design  

Synchronised-tilting mechnism with 5 level locking

Aluminium base with PU castors    

SHS Grade 4 gas cylinder for height adjustable

Main Feature of Office Chair:

Office Mesh Chair with Adjustable Height CMAX1013

More Photo for Office Chair:

Office Mesh Chair with Adjustable Height CMAX1013

Office Mesh Chair with Adjustable Height CMAX1013

Office Mesh Chair with Adjustable Height CMAX1013

Office Mesh Chair with Adjustable Height CMAX1013

Office Mesh Chair Mesh Color Selection:

Office Style Mesh Chair with PP Arms and Adjustable Height

Office Style Mesh Chair with PP Arms and Adjustable Height

Office Mesh Packaging deails:

Office Style Mesh Chair with PP Arms and Adjustable Height


1. Current delivery time: 7-30  days  after the receipt of deposit.


2. MOQ: Small order can be accepted. 


3. Payment terms: T/T in advance (30% deposit before production, 70% balance before shipment)


4. Quality: high quality and trustworthy QC staff, strict quality control in all process


5. Customer'design: Customer's design and logos are welcome


6. Packing: we could accept special packing according to customer's requirements


7. Loading seaport: Guangzhou or shenzhen

8.We also supply:office chairs and sofas.

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Q:What do you think of this chair...?
Great deal
Q:question about baby booster seat & space saver high chair?
I have the Space Saver. I also have a booster seat much like the one you are looking at. Herein is the difference: The Space Saver is EXACTLY like a full-sized high-chair, except, since it straps onto a chair, it leaves less of a footprint at your table. Great for people like us who have a tiny dining room. I love that this chair has all the features of one of the huge high chairs. The padding is really cushy and comfy, and hella easy to clean. It does have a multi-position infant recline feature, but to be honest, you really aren't going to use that much. The only time I used it was when my daughter was *really* little and I was doing dishes or making meals. I'd put her in her high chair, recline it back, and she'd fall asleep while watching me. The Space Saver also converts into a toddler booster seat. Really though, my daughter is 1.5 years old and we still use it as a high chair. The booster seat you're looking at is great for when they're a bit older and can sit up on their own for long periods of time. Pretty uncomfortable bit of plastic to sit on,though, but really nice to quickly pack up and travel with. (the Space Saver is travelable, but isn't as quick to pack up). Personally, I've used all 3 things you're looking at, and own the two strap-on seats. Out of all of them, I adore the Space Saver. It's the tops. You definitely get your money's worth, and then some.
Q:where can i get one of these chairs?
It depends whether you want to buy online or at stores. Also what state you live in because some states might not have that particular chair. 1)For online you can always check on Ebay or Amazon, I provided websites for the exact chair you are talking about. 2) At stores I think it is rare to find, or just not labeled on the websites. It is probably at my best guess at the furniture store. I would first go to your local furniture store and ask them if they have Aarnio-Eero-Style-BALL-CHAIR-White-shel... Red interior They will locate it for you. If you want to just buy it online than just follow the two websites that I provided which is from Ebay or on Amazon whichever you like better. Hope this helps
Q:anyone on here know about antique chairs?
Not knowing where you are at, I've had luck locating items on craig's list. Sign on, and post your question. Usually someone will respond quickly. I can't email you because no address was shown. If what you are looking for is a vintage, or antique childs chair or school desk type chair, you may have to get out and visit your local antique shops in your area. Next time you post, add a photo, or sketch that shows what you are looking for.
Q:Chair covers and sashes?
we had my daughter's wedding out side in this structure that looked likr roman arches and it was great...seriously lovely and then she had a 3 peice instrument violins, cello and it was beautiful and we rented chairs and the only problem was that after the event what do to with the chairs? we ended up having one or two people stay and pack them...(they were the best) and then the chair company picked them up...and yes $2.00 was the price have you considered the arrangments of chair pick ups? or is this something that you provide? in our case it wasn't really a thought of theft but we did not want to chance having to pay for 'x amount of chairs just walking off ...good luck sounds great and i like the idea of having the sashes match a host of dress colors
Q:Dying cotton chair covers..?
The only way to do it at home is using the stove top method described on most of the packaging of dyes. But to do a chair cover you will need a huge container in order to get the dye to saturate them and not have areas that remain white where there are wrinkles in the fabric. Most laundry mats in my area specifically have rules against using their machines to dye fabrics. But, there are a few dry cleaners in my area that will do it for you, but it is expensive. I had them dye a throw a while back and I remember it cost around $80.
Q:Selling Barbers Chairs?
There are also options such as Pay Per Click advertising. The most common is Google Adwords. Be very careful here. Mastering them is not easy and you can lose a lot of money before you realise it. There are many resources available online about this so read up on it first. Finally, be patient. It's not like opening a shop on the high street and people will come in. It all takes time. If you put the effort in you will get the rewards but it may not be for a few months. Good Luck
Q:Prove this chair isn't here?
it's already proved! not only the chair but the whole world doesn't exist at all :) all u see is an illusion, made by the movement of particles, and particles are basically made of super stings, and ... in the end there is nothing but energy, which comes from data,... the truth is that all u see is just an image in the mirror which doesn't TRULY exist :)
Q:Which Chair should I buy?
Q:Best baby high chair?

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