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All Steel Radial Giant OTR Tires

All Steel Radial Giant OTR Tires for Dump Trucks.

Different tread compounds for customers' requirements.

40.00R57 36.00R51 and 33.00R51 available

Hours guarantee and TKPH report available.

SizeTypePatternO.W.of inflationO.D.of inflationStar ratingMax SpeedLoading capacityInflation pressureStandard rimTread depthQTY/40'OT

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Q:Car tires will not be due to how much weight and the lack of pressure situation
1, the tire load capacity is the upper limit. Please refer to the sideways load index. 2, tire use is a tire pressure conditions. Please refer to the manufacturer's tire pressure recommended value.
Q:International famous car tire brand?
Michelin: high comfort, poor wear resistance. Bridgestone: the most wearable tires, control grip and comfort is very general. Hankai Kumho, Yokohama, not a grade, not comment. Goodyear: US goods, what All lots == low end, only price. Pirelli: my brother, Ferrari matching is patience is good. Porsche Cayenne is Hantai? The The You check the Internet to know. Pirelli supporting the driving force of the two kings one (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati)
Q:Audi q5 start moment there is a common earthquake is what the problem
The cause of the tire from the package include: due to lack of regular tire pressure, resulting in the tire inside the steel wire often over-bending, stretching and self-fracture; tire positioning is not correct, the tire side often wear and tear, the long run, this part of the wire wear and tear after the tread will be package.
Q:Taxes for cars that have been taxed for continuous production Why can not we deduct the consumption tax on outsourcing?
This is the provisions of the GST.
Q:What are the disadvantages of car tire pressure too high?
Winter, then there is no problem in the case of the summer, then the best standard air pressure recommended to put the tire nitrogen because the summer hot tires in high-speed driving (without the use of nitrogen) pressure will slowly increase the risk of puncture
Q:What is the meaning of the 91V above the car tires?
91 indicates the load index: The maximum load of the tire is 615 kg. Different load indices represent different maximum loads (usually in pounds or kilograms).
Q:Modified car tires to change what is good
The main advantage of steel wheels is the simple manufacturing process, the cost is relatively low, and the ability to resist metal fatigue is very strong, that is, we commonly known as cheap and strong. But the shortcomings of the steel wheel is relatively prominent is the appearance of ugly, heavy weight, inertia resistance, heat dissipation is also relatively poor, and very easy to rust.
Q:New Car Tires?
aH..... Thinking of going over to the Dark Side you are. Automobile tires are made with a much stiffer rubber. They have a flatter profile. If you ride mostly upright and put 20,000 miles or so a year on your motorcycle you may consider crossing over to the Dark Side. With an automobile tire you will get many more miles out of the tire. The cost, there is *always* a cost, is that you will have relatively pitiful handling. A motorcycle tire, in a turn, keeps a large contact on the road. A car tire, in a turn, will lift most of the tread off the road and you will be riding on just the edge corner of the tire. You lose a lot of cornering traction. But if you don't push it, don't lean far in the wet, you will most likely be OK. If I had a touring bike that spent 99% of it's time upright on the Interstate I would likely be on car tires. Instead, I ride city, regularly scrape pegs, ride in wet, over painted lines and steel manhole covers. I don't give up my safety to save a few bucks on a tire. I run Metzelers.
Q:Car tires with 2 years have a drum package, and with four tires all change it?
Do not need four are for, only need to also drum tires can be, if the conditions can be left and right tires are for.
Q:What is the difference between good and bad car tires
Car tires are an important part of the car. Car tire quality is good or bad, a direct impact on life safety.

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