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Excellent traction capabilities; Long tyre life; Available with either cut-resistance or high-speed capability; High protection in harsh conditions; Designed for trucks.

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Q:Tire Rotation?
the front 2 cross over to the back and the back 2 switch to the same side just the front.
Q:Are snow tires better in the rain than all season tires?
Personal experience tells me no. I had snow tires on a vehicle during rain and it was hard to stop. The tread design was made to grip snow but not take away the water from rain.
Q:After the car tires are broken, what are the methods of tires? What is the principle of each?
External fill, in the leak at the plug, only tread. Fill, any place, polished post patch. Make up, do not hurt the tires ~
Q:Why do car tires go nitrogen
Gas chemical properties are relatively stable, even in the vehicle at high speed when the tire under high temperature and pressure conditions, it will not react with the carcass rubber chemical reaction. Germany Dili Witt (DWT) Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. produced PneuLife nitrogen generator produced by the nitrogen, purity 95% -99% adjustable, after multiple filtration and treatment, to remove the air a small amount of water, suspended oil droplets And other impurities, from the internal protection of tires from oxidation and corrosion, to extend tire life, reducing the possibility of puncture.
Q:Flat Tire? sound funny ?
YES With the rim trying to cut through the tire.
Q:sOoOo tired!!?
not long after i found out i was pregnant. but then again, i get sleepy easily. i will fall asleep just on a 15 min. car ride.....when im without my kids, but usually, my hyper kids keep me up
Q:Can the car tire break the insurance?
Tires are not covered by insurance. But when you buy a new tire, ask the dealer to see if there are reasons for quality can be returned. The quality of the reasons are born by the individual.
Q:Does the car tire have an explosion-proof, anti-nail?
There is a self-made tires even if the tie nail is also the price of your point
Q:Modified car tires to change what is good
The main advantage of steel wheels is the simple manufacturing process, the cost is relatively low, and the ability to resist metal fatigue is very strong, that is, we commonly known as cheap and strong. But the shortcomings of the steel wheel is relatively prominent is the appearance of ugly, heavy weight, inertia resistance, heat dissipation is also relatively poor, and very easy to rust.
Q:What is the problem with the car tires?
When the car is running or running, the engine and other parts of the operation, vibration will sound. This sound can be divided into normal sound and abnormal sound. The so-called normal sound refers to the slight noise that is allowed to exist, such as the friction between the piston ring and the cylinder wall in the engine, the splash of the oil, and the sound that is allowed during the operation of some other cars.

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